Because of the Prince’s Princess Carry…

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A princess carry from the Prince…

This was a situation every dreamy girl would yearn for, but…

Unfortunately, the girl who was being hugged, Emma, had her scary grandmother following closely from behind, making her drenched in cold sweat.

No matter how many times she asked the Prince to put her down and let her walk on her own midway, he wouldn’t listen.


“Emma, are you still hurting somewhere? Do you feel nauseous or cold?”

Hilda worriedly asked how Emma was feeling, but other than abnormally sweating, she was extremely healthy.

The scars never hurt from the beginning, and she’s never said that she was in pain in the first place.
Instead of feeling nauseous, she was just hungry.
Cold? She wasn’t cold but was just trembling out of conditioned reflex because she felt guilty.

It’s sad that she had missed the chance to eat other Imperial Japanese dishes besides the rolled omelet, which was almost like Japanese food.
Perhaps they would even serve rice.

I want to eat rice…

…no, no, it’s not the end.
If I give up here, it will really be over.

There’s still hope.

“Excuse me… Please don’t worry about me.
I’m truly alright.”

I have caused that much commotion, so returning to the banquet might be difficult.
But still, at least, I want to eat the food.

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‘Looks like you’re feeling better.
Rest first for a while, if you feel like you can eat, I will have someone bring today’s dishes to your room’… was what Emma hoped the Prince would say.
Although sadly, the Prince didn’t utter any word along the way and only gave her a smile full of concern.

Since their faces were closer than usual in this princess carry position, Emma stared intently at the Prince, intending to send her thoughts through telepathy, but the Prince suddenly looked away.

Telepathy failed.
Emma’s eyes didn’t convey much as her mouth.


The Prince’s face is a little red…

I can somehow hear his heart beating loudly.
Well, if we’re this close, I guess it’s just a matter of fact I can hear his heartbeat, huh…



No, no.

Could it be, the Prince…?


To think that I haven’t noticed it…

How insensitive of me!


“Umm, Prince, please put me down after all.
I’m… heavy… aren’t I…?”

Even though Emma’s stature is smaller and thinner than average, it wasn’t like she wouldn’t be heavy when someone lifted her alone.

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Well, his face turned red, and his heart rate went up, too.

Her well-built father could easily lift her up, but for the Prince who’s close in age, the load Emma must be heavy.


“!! You’re not heavy.
If anything, Emma, you’re very light.
You should eat more.
It makes me worry.”

The Prince didn’t know that Emma always had seconds in the cafeteria because he returned to the royal castle to work every lunch break.

To think that I make people worry just because I’m being princess carried… Does it mean that this is my talent? Perhaps I was born with the ability to make others worry.
Well, you know, reincarnation usually comes with some kind of lame skill, after all.


In the end, the Prince didn’t put Emma down, so Emma curled up obediently in the Prince’s arms.

When Emma was thinking about how the Prince had gotten sturdier in a year after she met him, a royal castle’s maid approached them in rushed steps.

Reporting that the room she could rest in was ready, the maid showed them inside.

As expected of a palace maid, she works… fast.

“Um, I’m really sorry.
I have increased your work on such a busy banquet.
I apologize for the trouble.”

Emma apologized while staring at the back of the maid who walked ahead of them.

Emma still remembered having worked at a company before, so she felt unnecessarily sorry towards the maid.
Days with non-routine work were always busier than usual and became very hectic if trouble occurred.

Although it wasn’t her intention, being taken care of because of a feigned illness made her feel bad.


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“I’m unworthy of such words… Please don’t mind it.”

As if surprised that Emma talked to her, the maid turned around, stuck out her hands, and waved it in a fluster.

How cute.
That has calmed me down.
Thanks for the healing, Maid-san.


“T-This is the room.
We have sent a messenger to Count Stuart House, so please rest assured.”

When Emma was just soothed by a real-life maid’s cute gestures, she was struck by something that made her break in cold sweat again.

Unexpectedly, they contacted her parents…

“I will be with Grandmother and won’t cause any problems today!” was what Emma declared vigorously when she stepped out of the mansion, but in barely one hour and a half, some trouble already happened.

The saying “hardly out of one’s mouth” precisely refers to this situation, huh…


Whether it’s from the shock or the desperation, Emma’s whole body suddenly went limp, forgetting that she was currently being princess carried.

“Ah, Emma! Are you alright?”

“Your Highness, please quickly carry Emma to the bed!”


‘Oh no.’

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Emma thought to herself, although it was too late.
Before her strength could return to her body, the Prince already put her down gently on the soft fluffy bed.

“Emma, are you conscious!?”



Hilda, the Prince, and the maid called out Emma’s name one after another.

Sorry for the misleading action, but I’m really, completely healthy.
Why does nobody believe me…

“I’m alright.
Forgive me, Prince.
I just feel a little weak…’

“Was I heavy?” Emma wanted to ask but got interrupted by the Prince’s shout.

“D-Doctor, call a doctor!! Quick!!!”

The maid hurriedly ran outside the room.



Others were the ones who caused an uproar, but maybe Emma was naturally talented in making it many times bigger.
No matter what she did, no matter what she said, it only backfired.


Is today… my unlucky day?

Author’s note: “Let’s increase the Prince’s appearance.
I want an episode where the Prince looks cool!” was what I was thinking when I wrote this chapter, but… it developed into something that made me wonder “um? was the Prince cool?”

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