Chapter 8 – The Tea Party Invitation

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The tea party invitation from the Stuart count family reached influential figures in our Palace territory and families who govern the neighboring land three days after our family meeting…

Far from the royal capital, the Stuart count family is middle-ranking in the aristocrat society… but starting three years ago, the quality of silk fabrics has improved dramatically, and sales have also increased rapidly along with the quality.
Furthermore, it has expanded its market overseas, and now the kingdom is called the Palace Silk Country.

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Similar goods also appear to some extent, but whether it’s because the thorough information management or skilled technology, there were no products that could even reach the threshold of our Palace’s finished silk goods.

In other words, the financial status of Count Stuart is extra rich.
There’s even a rumor that this kingdom can be bought off by Count Stuart.
Isn’t the rumors are too exaggerated…

A tea party invitation from such Stuart family spread in the twinkling of an eye.
Its purpose is to search for fiancees, not only for the eldest son George but for all the three siblings …was specifically written by Mother, and it furthermore increases the number of those wishing to participate.

Feel free to invite your friends… was also written, and so noble children throughout the kingdom were heading for Palace territory.

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My mother, Melsa is selecting the letters from the participant candidates while chuckling to herself every day.

“Since there is this many, it will surely be decided! My children’s marriage!”

At this point, the mother still doesn’t know.

That inside those letters there’s also one who belongs to this country’s prince and princess.

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The three siblings still don’t know.

That it will not be settled with only one tea party.

The father Leonard was thinking.

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Before the children, he wants to find a wife for his younger brother Arban.



Author’s note: It seems it’s going to be a matchmaking party in the name of a tea party

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