diplomats’ frantic babbling was Hilda’s deep, deep sigh.
Something that could make young ladies who’re learning manners tremble and even make the King freeze for an instant, the Manner Demon’s sigh.


“Oliver, and then those behind you, Connor, Robinson, Blanc, Mason, Kristen, Morrison, Austin… Haah… If you, the parents, have no manners to this extent, I suppose I also can’t expect anything from your daughters? I heard that it’s about time… for your daughters to find a fiance…? Seems like it’s going to be a hot topic in the upcoming tea party.”

“A-Are you threatening us!!?”

Any young lady the Manner Demon is displeased with has no hope of getting married.

“You are the ones who have been threatening me with the country as an excuse.
I did nothing but personally try to figure out which family has bad manners, did I not?”

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” ” “Hiii!” ” “

” ” “W-We are terribly sorry—!!!” ” “

Except for the man in the lead, the diplomats scattered and ran.

“H-Hey, all of you! Don’t run away! Oi!”


The diplomat who was left alone stood still in front of the door and glared at Leonard.

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“Sorry to say, but my daughter is incomparably more important to me than the Kingdom.
If I am to be punished for this, I will accept as much punishment as you like.”

The diplomat quivered as Leonard looked down at him smilingly from above.
He continued to receive pressure just like that and fell on his bottom.

Leonard was smiling, but the air around him was tingling with tension.

“I would greatly appreciate it if you could understand.”

Not minding the diplomat who fell on the ground, now that the blocked door was opened, Leonard went out of the room, bowed to the Prince and Hilda, and left the royal castle.

.  .  .

Emma, who just woke up refreshingly, would know much later that Leonard had made the turmoil even bigger by picking her up.

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