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“Then, Emma and I are in charge of choosing the black fabric and tailoring the dress, George is in charge of the flower decoration, Leonard will do the embroidery, and William the beads.”

” ” ” “Roger” ” ” “

“Then next, let’s go through the twins’ matching dre…ss…!?”

” ” ” “Yes!!” ” ” “


Forgetting about the main subject, the whole family got too worked up about Emma’s dress designs.

Emma had caused a big distraction accident.

Everyone had unconsciously strayed towards the fun stuff and escaped reality.




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Emma? From when did you become able to speak Imperial Japanese(?) language?”

Leonard was torn for a moment whether to continue the talk about dress designs just like this or not, but thinking that he shouldn’t leave the situation last night unexplained, he brought the topic back to the right track.

‘Haahh,’ Emma sighed and replied as if she already resigned to her fate.

“Imperial Japanese language, you see… as far as I can hear, was Japanese.
The imperial dishes served at the banquet were also like Japanese food.
I was only able to eat the rolled omelet, but… it tasted like kombu dashi and was very delicious.”

Emma once again recalled the taste of rolled omelet she hadn’t had for a long time in a daze.
The rolled omelet left a stronger impression on her than the fact that Imperial Japanese was Japanese.

“Eh!? Then, could there be rice? Do they also have rice?”

“How about soy sauce?”

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“O-Or something like miso soup!”

George, Melsa, and William leaned forward excitedly once they heard ‘Japanese food.’

“I had only seen the appetizer, so I don’t know about rice or soy sauce, but they have miso.”

‘Grilled eggplant with miso paste… Oh, how I wanted to eat it…’ Emma became a little sad after thinking about it.

“Miso soup! Yay!”

George and William high-fived as they were joyed that there was their missed miso.

“If there is miso, I can make not only miso soup but also simmered mackerel with miso, miso udon, and meat miso stir fry.”

(T/N: simmered mackerel with miso, miso udon, meat miso stir fry)

Melsa began listing her specialty dishes in their past life.

“Ah, I want to eat! I want to eat mackerel… mi…so? …!?”

” ” ” “Yeah!!!” ” ” “

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