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“When I was in the academy, that guy kept saying stuff like ‘Women don’t need to study,’ ‘Why don’t you bow down when you’re just a woman,’ and that I got good grades because I flattered the teacher… Argh, just remembering it makes me angry!!”

“Ah! There was that guy, I remember!! That pitiful guy who couldn’t understand Melsa’s charm at all!”

Well, it seemed that he was an acquaintance from the two’s academy days.
Though Leonard forgot who he was even after he met him face to face.

“To think he pushed through his own business even though my cute Emma was sick and unconscious, he is still as rude as ever!!”

Melsa couldn’t contain her anger as once she remembered one thing, the memories continued to pop into her mind one after another.

“Eh, M-Mother, I’m, um, fine, though?”

Emma’s words didn’t reach Melsa at all.

“Regarding this incident, as Count Stuart House… no, I will have Mother help, so from the Duke Sullivan House too, I will personally make a formal protest!!”

“M-Mother? …I’m… fine, you see?”


Uh oh.

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Melsa, who always told Emma to not cause any trouble, be quiet, and not stand out, was about to throw dynamite to the already fueled fire.






In this indescribable atmosphere, hurried footsteps approached Emma’s room, which was supposed to have been cleared out of people, and a knock was heard on the door.

“I thought I already told everyone to not come near this room?”

Leonard opened the door to see the servant.

“Pardon me! There’s a visit from H-H-H-Hi-His Majesty the King!”

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The servant was gasping for air with a pale face as he made a shocking report.

“Now… is it?”

A Count house was not in a position to be visited by the King.

Leonard asked, thinking he must have misheard.

“His Majesty the King is i-in front of the mansion gate and asks to be allowed inside!”

The servant once again reported to Leonard in an easy-to-understand way.


How did it become like this!?

This was as shocking as a volcano that suddenly erupted behind my back just before the dynamite was thrown.


Emma’s uproar at the banquet, just how big it will become…

And so, The Tanaka family meeting was concluded by the King’s visit, without them actually doing any substantial talk.

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