this fact, but a cover made of Emma Silk was much more valuable than the many furnishings in the room.

As even the King hesitated for a moment before sitting, the diplomats didn’t dare to sit on it.

Not only that, they also couldn’t bring themselves to touch the served tea because the tablecloth was a lace fabric made of Emma Silk with a delicate pattern (Leonard’s work, time taken to finish: 25 minutes).

The diplomats’ experience on international exchange wasn’t little, but it could be said that this was the first time a drawing room had made them this nervous.

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Over at this side, after the King dismissed their bow and introduced Imperial Prince Tasuku, Leonard started feeling anxious because the difficulty of fooling the other party shot up inexplicably.

He had lightly thought he could just say some perfunctory stuff since the other party was from a foreign country he didn’t know well, and it would work out somehow.
The arrival of some Kingdom people was really unexpected.

Leonard already lost his confidence to skillfully deceive them.

His only hope, Melsa, had been in a bad mood from the moment he saw Oliver.
They had really been on bad terms since back then.

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“You must be surprised by this sudden visit without any prior notice, right? Actually, I wanted to come alone, but it turned out like this.”

His Majesty the King started speaking in this solemn mood.

After hearing that Emma collapsed because of his action last night, he felt so sorry and worried that he couldn’t stand still, so he pushed his work to the two princes as he planned to visit Emma.
But right when he was about to leave the royal castle, he was found out by the Imperial Prince and the diplomats.

“Your Majesty, if you had ordered me to come, I would have visited the royal castle immediately…”

Why? did the King move personally? Leonard also wondered about that during the coup d’etat.

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