Why is this household only a Count rank when they have been the one dominating the security and economy of the Kingdom up until now?’ The diplomats were confused.

“Ahhh, even His Majesty too… Please raise your head, Your Majesty.”

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Leonard was flustered.

Melsa’s scary when she’s angry.
It’s more troubling because Oliver never learned even though he had received Melsa’s wrath a lot since their academy days.

“No, well, considering the Stuart House’s contribution to our kingdom, I should give you a higher title after all…”

The King began to bring up the rewards they had refused to take before.

“No, Your Majesty.
I can’t accept that!! It is really enough as it is now!”

The well-built Leonard tried hard to resolve the situation in an even more flustered and panicked manner.

He had a huge body but couldn’t come out strongly because of his original peace-loving personality.

“Hm, then as I thought… right here, I should decide on my Edward and Emma-chan‘s engageme…”

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“Emma won’t become a bride!!!!!”

Leonard, who had been fidgety until then, stood up and shouted in an accusing manner before the King could finish his words.

He looked down at the King murderously, and because it’s important, he repeated it again with an exceedingly low voice,

“Emma won’t become a bride, understand? Even if there’s a royal order, she definitely won’t.”

Leonard’s murderous aura, which had been honed from burying so many monsters, wasn’t something the diplomats with zero combat experience could bear.

Still prostrating, they could do nothing but tremble.

Both of their eyes started tearing on their own, but they also couldn’t stop it.

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When their tears fell on the drawing room’s carpet, they became water droplets that decorated the white carpet instead of soaking into it.

The diplomats still noticed it even between their fears.

The carpet covering every part of this large drawing room… Pure white and fluffy… This soft touch, waterproof material… It’s one-horned rabbit fur that’s very popular in the royal capital and highly priced because of its rarity…!

When their wives and daughters pestered them to buy a coat last year, they saw the price and shouted, “Are you kidding me?!” It was that very one-horned rabbit fur… carpet?

The whole floor… is covered with… one-horned… rabbit… fur…!?

Please, somehow, let me out of this drawing room quickly.

The diplomats all felt the same thing, but they were so scared that their bodies wouldn’t move.


Author’s words: What should I do… The talk isn’t progressing at all (wry smile).

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