it’s a reincarnation in another world, so there should be, um, that? status panel thingy that appears, right?”


” “!!” “


The cliché reincarnation trope, [Status].


Now that William mentioned it, they had never tried it.
Emma and George looked at each other’s faces at William’s words.
They were surprised how they could forget about it until just now.


“Eh? Then if we open [Status], we can use magic and items we got when we played in our previous life?”

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They had tried using magic before but had totally forgotten about [Status].
It’s possible that to use magic wasn’t to shout out the spell, but like in RPGs where they chose the magic in the status panel.


Perhaps their reincarnation cheat… would begin now.


“No, no, we have never played games like otome games, haven’t we!?”


William regained his composure.

When he first realized he reincarnated, he already confirmed that fact.


“It’s too early to give up! I have played the Takeda Shingen capture game before, you see.”


(T/N: Takeda Shingen capture game was once mentioned in chapter 4.
It was a real-time tactics smartphone game based on the life of Takeda Shingen (one of the most famous military leaders in historical Japan).
Emma mistook capture game, as in “knocking down enemies,” as one kind of otome game, that is “capturing love targets”)


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Minato had never played a Western otome game, but now that Imperial Japan with a Japanese taste appeared, maybe they reincarnated in the world of that smartphone game “Sengoku Otome History ~The Warlord’s Love is Full of Ups and Downs~.” Just that they somehow fell into a twisted pattern of reincarnating in a different country by mistake.


Now Emma felt regrettable that the capturable warlords other than Takeda Shingen were only youths around 20 years old and hadn’t accomplished anything.

But if that’s so, it might be possible to summon the Takeda army with the strongest item, “Samurai Banner Flag.”





It didn’t have any purpose even if she had it, though…


No, if she had “Mt.
Koshu -the large toilet with an all-ranging function,” she could use a comfortable toilet… anytime anywhere… But what for?


Even if it’s that smartphone game… would it be alright? Maybe they didn’t really need any items…


“We can’t tell unless we try, right? Let’s do it once?”

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