At the palace dyed with blood, Periodically, screams of pain rang out as the soulless bodies of the Knights Guards gradually fell to the ground one by one. A man with indigo hair as the night sky. sparkling emerald green eyes. His face was expressionless. Could not even know what he was feeling or thinking. The white costume with red robes draped across his broad shoulders was covered with bloodstains, and the symbols on the robes indicated that he was one of the guard knights of the Apolia Palace. A cold gaze swept across the area as if searching for someone. But when knights like him tried to intervene, The light blue ice crystal tip of the sword swayed as the bodies of those unfortunate ones stagnated.

Just the sound of calm footsteps in the hallway made the figures of the knights in front of them raise their swords to tremble in fear before falling to the ground with blood flowing from their bodies. The man is walking in the hallway. No matter how many doors he opened and his gaze swept through, he could not find any trace of the person he was looking for. It wasn until the last room that this room seemed to be the most heavily guarded. But no matter how tight the protection was, the tip of the Ice Crystal sword flickered. Many soldiers and knights had turned into the soulless body.

The large door slowly opened as if prolonging the persons life in it. The man did not hesitate to step into the silent room. As soon as he saw the target person standing, his back against the wall with the tip of a sleek silver luxury sword pointed at him. as he seemed the fearful expression of a straight person, the man stretched into an eerie smile. The footsteps slowly walked towards the person in front of him, whose face resembled a sheep. indigo hair as the night sky same as including the emerald eyes of both of them staring together

The middle-aged mans trembling body in front of him made him shake his head lightly with a burst of pitiful laughter. If anyone saw it, they wouldn want to believe that the person in front of him was. Indeed, the emperor of the Apolonia Kingdom, his footsteps moved closer and closer. Until his body touched the tip of the silver sword, ”I used to die. No matter how many times you stabbed me, it doesn matter. Your majesty ” The young mans body did not stop there. The footsteps continued with the tip of the sword gradually. It stabbed in the body until the swords direction reached his back. However, his face did not show pain but instead an eerie smile, unlike the person in front of him whose face was pale and fell to the ground. ”I died because of you, wasn it? Emperor of Apollonia ”

”D…please do not approach me ” The end of the sentence from the person known as the emperor. The persons emerald eyes flashed bloodthirsty and savage, with a cold smile before the tip of the ice blade mercilessly stabbed into the persons throat in front of him.

He smirked victoriously.

The vengeance was accomplished, and it was over.

He doesn need to be here anymore.

He turned around to leave this blood-dyed palace without forgetting to pull out the silver sword still lingering on his chest. The sound of the blade falling to the ground, but his eyes glanced at the figure of a person peeking at him from a distance. From a large stone pillar in the room, The man immediately shut and smiled. He shouldn have let this woman survive and, seeing this, became resentful. And that resentment will make her one day have to kill him for sure. So limiting her along is the best way.

The footsteps sluggishly walked towards the woman hiding behind the pillar. Her body was trembling from fear and was unable to move at all. Bloody-red eyes with tears streaming down his smooth cheeks stared at him as if begging for mercy. But the person in front of her was no longer the young man she knew. His lips moved, ”Goodbye, Darling, ” before the tip of the icy crystal sword was lifted before stabbing into her left chest…


”Ish! No! ”

Dream… Dream like this again. The pain in my left chest felt real, as though he had actually been stabbed. Until I had to hold it tightly while relaxing my tired breath, that dreamy mans cold smile lingered in my head, giving me fear and goosebumps. But I don remember the mans face one bit, and it seems that before waking up, I said his name, but I don remember either. It was as if the dream had been erased from my memory.

Who exactly is he…?

I had always dreamed of this after entering the Apolia Palace and taking the title of Princess of Apollonia Kingdom. Because my mother married the emperor nine years ago and was given the title of Empress of the Kingdom of Apollonia. So, we both moved into this palace.

During the previous period, Mother was one of the nobles or duchess who were in charge of the area in the Brooklyn area in the kingdom, located in the north of the domain. Therefore always came in to send reports to the emperor. But on one occasion, I begged to come over and meet the Emperor and the former Empress for the first time. They both seemed warmer and kinder than I expected, and they also had only one son who was loved and cherished more than anything. their son, and I was about the same age. He was only a year older. After that, both of them allowed me to come often and play at the palace to be friends with their sons.

A four-year-old boy whose hair was as indigo as the night sky. sparkling emerald eyes, A face that resembled the emperor was even more solemn. But at first sight, I couldn help but stare as if it was a beautiful and precious painting. ”Ish ” was the name I said the first time we met. After that, I came to play at this palace every day. Our relationship grew closer. We played together like children, full of laughter and smiles. Even if there are quarrels, some teasing, including doing something prank, often secretly go out to play outside the palace. We Caused the emperor to have headaches countless times. No matter how many times he was punished, he was never afraid. He has become a key figure in my life and my best friend ever since. But those memories were filled with unforgettable happiness until the moment he was seven years old.

The moment filled with smiles disappeared…

Everything in the front was dyed blood, and he disappeared without a trace.

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