A terrible incident happened at the Apolia Palace. The sound of torture and fear resounded throughout the palace, with many knights and soldiers becoming soulless bodies falling into a bloody space. The gentle Empress was killed that day by a rebel who was one of the knights in the royal guard. Still, he was caught and executed just two days after the incident.

In order not to scare the public, news of the Apolia Palaces shocking massacre and the disappearance of the sole heir prince has been kept secret. Only the soldiers and knights within the task of searching were aware of it. The news revealed that the Empress died only from a severe illness that could not be cured.

Even looking for the son who is like the cornea and heart throughout the kingdom as if turning the land, he couldn even find a trace of him. A month later, the emperor finally gave up and gave up the search. A year passed after that. My mother married the emperor and became the current empress ever since.

As for my father, my mother used to say that he had sacrificed his life to keep the secret message while serving the hidden message between the emperors of the two kingdoms only two months before my birth. The only information about Father is that I know. Because my mother never told me about my father. I don even know what kind of person he is. What is his face look like? Even the photos of the interior of the Brooklyn Manor before moving into the palace were none of my fathers. I thought Mother would be very saddened by my fathers passing and did not want to show anything about him. It would be like resurrecting an old, painful wound because I didn want her to feel pain. So I didn ask any more questions about my father.

Until I am now 16 years old, all these ten years in my heart, I still think of the influential person who has disappeared without a trace. And only hoped that he would still be alive somewhere safe. If possible, I would like to see him one more time. Will he be fine?

”Your highness, today had an Alibia banquet, ” A small voice called me awake from my reverie before the sound of knocking on the door. I replied understood briefly. Before the door opened, a woman dressed as a black and white maid walked into the room with a breakfast tray. Her sweet face which always adorned with a bright smile. She is Lucy, the palace maid who had been with me since entering the palace, and she was one of the people I was closest to and very important to me.

Because the Alibia banquet is quite important, after breakfast, both the morning and the afternoon were busy with skin nourishing and dressing that it could not be chosen. However, for me, any outfit can be worn. But Lucy is known as my best friend and as if my second mother. She wanted me to look the best and stand out of the night. So I had to try on that outfit over and over again.

Until dusk time, everything was done. I walked to the banquet venue, which is located in the Southern Hall of the palace. The event began with the music playing. Many of the nobles invited to the event enjoyed the atmosphere with drinks in hand and having fun talking. Some of them walked in to greet me with gifts and greetings. Until the moment everyone has been waiting for is dancing. People began to match up and moved into the central courtyard before the music started to play again at a different pace. I slowly stood up to take in the quiet breeze on the balcony instead with a dessert plate in hand.

”Why did you come out here alone? ” But a familiar voice called me from behind. I turned around—a young man with orange-brown hair. Bright blue eyes and a face always adorned with a smile is walking toward me. He is Rion, the only son of Duke Tomme and Duchess Rionna. Since the emperor was afraid that I, who had to study in the palace, would be lonely, he had ordered him to come and learn in the castle with me since I was eight years old. Rion has become my closest friend ever since.

”I don like busy places, ” I replied, scooping my favorite sweets into my mouth.

”So am I, ” he replied before reaching for his fork-holding hand and taking the Milfei, or my most favorite dessert, and acted as if ignorant. I pouted my face in displeasure and immediately moved the plate in my hand away from him. Rion is always getting on my nerves every time we meet. No, even from the first time we meet. even if Rion seems bugging and bagful. There were always girls around, one of whom was none other than Lucy or my close maid.

The music in the celebration was played among peoples bodies swaying to the melody. I stood looking at the night sky that was all glittering with the half-moon that lit up the sky. Today is the day I turn 16. In Apolonia tradition, 16 is the entrance to real life. Both the good and the bad will gradually come into life more, both happiness and suffering, but we have to stand against it until the end, even if it has to disintegrate. Therefore, the people of Apolonia often hold birthday parties for their children who turn 16 years old in a big way.

What will my real life be like?

My real life began after this. I wish I would be happier than unhappy, No matter how hard it is. I hope I can keep going over it and get through it. And the last thing, even if not wishing for myself but… I hope Ish is still alive and living somewhere happy.

This nights wind was a bit colder than usual due to the overlap of the season. The leaves gradually faded and withered from the tree to adjust to the next season. This atmosphere was like that day ten years ago before that person disappeared, but he never disappeared from my memory…

Ten years ago, at the Oroitz flower garden in the Apolia Palace area

There were four flower gardens within the vast palace grounds that the emperor built for the empress, who was very fond of flowers. One of the flower gardens in the Apolia Palace area is the Oroitz flower garden, or memorial flower garden, full of colorful roses. There is a reasonably spacious courtyard in the middle of the Oroitz flower garden. It was where the emperor and empress came to drink tea together to watch their only son.

But because time never stops, With work duties and problems that need to be solved more and more every day, The emperor and empresss visits here were less frequent. Only two girls and boys were left playing together by the knights guarding and guarding against a distance.

A boy with hair dark blue as the night sky. His emerald green eyes sparkled with beauty. A face is as beautiful as a precious statue. He was the emperors only son, and a girl with naturally wavy hair was dark brown. Her eyes were as red as blood. There was always a smile on her face. She was the only daughter of Duchess Camellia. At this moment, The two are drawing together in the courtyard of the Oroitz flower garden.

”Ish, ” a small girls voice called out to the boy drawing in front of her. Before moving closer to see what he was drawing on paper. But then the boy closed his painting and immediately moved away from her. The boy has initially been a talent for drawing. Both his parents and the little girl in front of him always praised and looked forward to his work. But it seems this time to be especially difficult to appreciate his work this time. The girl tilted her head questioningly, with blood-red eyes filled with doubt. ”What are you drawing? ”

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