”Don look at it, ” replied the boy, covering his paper tightly lest the girl in front of him saw the painting in his hand.

”Please, ” The girl continued to pursue. As for him, he hurriedly moved further away. Seeing that, she placed an upside-down curve on her lips and immediately began calling him solemnly, ”Ish. ”

”Asura, its A-Su-Ra di Quirinus Labencis. ” actually, Ish wasn his name. But the girl in front of him called him Ish from the first time they met. It was probably because his real name was too long for her at that time, who was only three years old, to call him Asura. It was too difficult to pronounce and speak clearly. Since then, It seemed that the girl was wontly calling him Ish instead of Asura.

”Ish! ” The girl raised her voice slightly. Her sweet face softened, hoping for the boy in front of him to give her his paintings to admire. But the result is not so. He knew she wanted him to send her a picture. He hurriedly folded the paper in his hand several times before shoving it in his pants pocket as if the painting he had just drawn earlier was worthless. Seeing this, the girl immediately looked like an abandoned puppy.

”Blah, okay, I am Ish. ” The boy sighed. He didn care what she was asking at all. But he was more interested in the name she used to call him. He gave up on her. No matter how many times before, he told her to call him by his real name. She continued to call him Ish. The boy took off his navy overcoat before nudging closer to the lonely girl on the grass. ”Hey Star, the weather is getting cold… ”

”Called, Darling. ” the girl showed a grimace, folding ones arm over the chest.

”… ” He was silent for a moment before asking the girl in front of him. ”Do you know what does it means? ” Indeed, Asura was a seven-year-old boy. But his knowledge and abilities were beyond his age. He had been able to read at the age of four, and now he could speak three languages. Therefore, the lessons he had learned were higher than those of the same generation. Because of the habit of reading from the Empress, He would often go to the palace library most of the time he wasn with Starling.

”I don know, but calling Darling looks much cuter than Starling. ” A sullen face quickly turned into a smile. His blood-colored eyes turned into a crescent moon.

”Darling is for calling lover, ” Asura scold slightly. But it seems to be more teaching the girl in front of him.

”Well, Darling loves ish, ” Starling said with a bright smile. This caused the boy to stand stiff as a stone for a moment. That smooth white face immediately started to turn a little red. When she saw that the person in front of her was silent and didn have any response, the sweet face showed a sorrowful expression as tears welled up in her eye sockets. ”I… Ish doesn love Darling? ”

”Uh, no, its not like that…. ” Asura was helpless. It wouldn be the first time Starling had cried in front of him. But this time, he didn know how to comfort her. Previously, she often cried caused of her naughty run or him who took Milfei or her favorite sweets. But this time, its different, and he feels like he can comfort her the old way.

”… ” Red eyes stared at him with tears streaming down the rim of her eyes as waiting for an answer.

”L…love, I love you. ” Even though he didn want to use this method, but he had already used it. The boys face was slightly reddish, averting the gaze of the girl in front of him who was about to cry. As soon as he heard the sentence a moment ago, The sweet face turned to give him a big smile and lunged toward him for a hug. ”put this on ” As the weather was getting colder, Asura changed the subject before hurriedly covering the girls body with his overcoat. He had to bring Starling back to the palace quickly. If they stay here for a long time, both of them will get sick.

”Really? ” Her small face looked up at the person in front.

”Aha, stop crying. Father will come and see and say that Im bullying you. ” He wiped the little girls tears with his hands before moving his hand to hold hers to take her back to the palace. But a warm touch appeared on his cheek, and he immediately knew it. Because it was something, his mother would always do to him. Asura immediately put another hand on his face. ”Star… Darling! ”

”Eh? ”

”You are forbidden to do this to other people. Only Duchess Camellia can get it, do you understand? ”

”But Mother said to do this. Its an act of love, ” Starling replied puzzledly. She didn even know what she was doing was for family and lovers. Starling immediately asked. ”Can I do that with Ish? ”

”No! ”

”But Darling loves Ish. ”

”E…Enough Im going to read a book ” Asura immediately let go of the girl and started walking. The weather was starting to cool down, but his face was red as if it was summer.

”Wait for me ” The girl immediately ran after him, holding the boys hand as usual. Usually, when the two of them hang out together, Ish always held her hand. Because Starling always wanders off course, make it not reach the destination.

It didn take long to arrive at the Apolia Palace. The two of them entered the palace library. Asura took his drawing paper from his pocket and set it on the table before heading to the bookshelf to find something to read. Every time a boy enters the library, His mind is always focused on what to read and completely forgets that a curious girl is following him. She unfolded the sheet of paper. It was a young womans figure with a face as beautiful as an angel. She was wearing a long white dress and a large bouquet of roses in her hand. She had seen a virtual portrait of an empress wearing a similar petticoat. Like this, standing with the emperor, ”Huh? A woman wearing a wedding dress? ”

”I told you not to see it. ” Hearing the girls voice, He immediately turned around. Found that she was looking at a picture he had drawn. He hurriedly walked back to take it away. But it came back more straightforward than he thought. Starling handed it to him with a smile. ”Hurry up and finish your homework. ”

”Ish, did you draw me, right? also wearing a wedding dress, right? so beautiful! ” Starling asked. She was causing him to freeze. She knew that the girl in the picture was her. Because the red flower embroidered on her hair now and in the drawing looks the same. Also, the long wavy hair stretches to the middle of the back.

”… ” because he couldn find any excuses. made him want to go back to his room now

”Well… I don know whom you will marry in the future. ”

”Its you. Ish! ”

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