If one has power to execute justice, then, he/she is obliged to do the same


This time it was a beach, a beautiful one, but due to lazy writing, it also had asuras. These were bigger and perhaps more modern. Instead of swords and shields, these carried shotguns and crank bows, and chunked on cigarettes. Whats more, these creatures had four arms and two heads. At that point of time, the group, what remained of it, had hypothesised that the number of arms and heads were proportionate. Thats not the case.

”How many? ” Zoey asked Jack, who had just scouted a hoard of Asura not many minutes away.

”Too many, ” he replied.

”Use the lighters then? ” Zoey asked Ayu, who shook her head.

”Theres only one way, ” she said, then walked to a corner of the beach.

She returned with three little sticks in her hand. She raised it as if offering the wood to the other two.

”The one that plucks the larger stick, would distract them, ” she said.

They nodded. Jack took the first try and plucked the piece which Ayu claimed was the largest.

As honourable as a Knight, he went and disappeared in the forest, to misdirect the creatures.

Seconds later, Tabu too, washed up on the shore.

Ayu had reservations, but Zoey took the little beast, carrying him in her arms as they ran in the opposite direction of Jack.

In the end, Jack suffered two arrows in either shoulder, one knife below the throat, and a shotgun wound shattering his right knee.

I know this is a weird book. I had to follow some stupid guidelines while writing it. You too will have also have to follow them. When the time comes, when you are the one holding the pen, write truly. Be precise. Make sure you don reveal anything you don want to. You are allowed to make simple mistakes. You can make everyone sound like British or Javanese. I have gone mostly with the British. Or more like a parody of British. Well, you are allowed to have fun. Try to be truthful, and at most times clear.

And, above all, make sure you deliver your book to the right person. Because the wrong one wouldn understand.

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