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She then slowly gave the bundle in her arms to Eros as he gave her a firm nod. Knowing his importance in the plan, it had him nervous, but he knew he could do it successfully. All those years of hiding his energy to sneak peaks on ladies in baths came in handy after all. But as Perceus remained quiet in his arms Chaos could only stare at the two as Nyx waved her hand and teleported them away.

This left only Order and Eros in the room as Order turned to him and waved his hand, a dim gray light spread over Perseus effectively sealing his aging for the time being. With that he gave Eros a nod and then Eros quickly flew away leaving Order alone.

Order then slowly turned to the window facing the destructive cloud in the distance. With that a deadly white glow covered him, even his eyes turned completely white as sparks of lightning danced around him. His energy instantly destroyed the room around him, reducing everything to dust from its mere presence. With that he shot forward with a yell heading right for the deadly battle before him.




Two people sat a couple across from each other in complete silence, the only noise was the muffled traffic outside. The mood was that of overwhelming sadness that would make anyone feel affected. The man hung his head in silence as his hands held one of her trembling hands as the other used a tissue to dry up her tears that never seemed to end. She had been crying so long her eyes were long puffed up and red, her sobs only that of a small hik every now and then.

She had received news that would drastically change her life forever. It was new that nobody wanted to hear. After a while of listening to her cries the man finally slowly raised his head, his own eyes filled with tears. His hands also seemed to shake just as much as hers. His sea green eyes locked with her sparkling blue ones.

”Listen, we can fix this. I will try anything to make you better I promise. Hecate magic potions are known to work on mortals. I am sure she can whip up something that will fix this. ” He said with great worry as she shook her head causing her long brown hair to go from side to side.

”It is what it is, there is nothing that I will do to change this outcome. Though it is a bad hand it is the one that the fates dealt me. You are always going on about how mysterious fate is, so there must be a reason behind it all. I will not take any magic potions of Hecates. Gods help me if you try to slip me something. I swear on Styx I will send you to Tartrus and you will never see me again. ” With a firm tone she stated as a distant rumble of thunder sounded in the room that caused the man to frown slightly.

However as he looked at her stern gaze behind her reddened eyes he could only let out a heavy sigh and nodded. This caused her to smile a little as she dabbed her eyes with the tissue. She then reached forward and grabbed his face that hid under his neatly trimmed beard and shared a soft but intimate kiss with him. Their trembling hands seemed to finally settle down as the kiss slowly came to an end.

You may be wondering who these two are, or you might have already guessed. The woman was Sally Jackson, a simple woman who currently worked for a sweets factory in New York and the man sitting across from her was Poseidon ruler of the seas and god of Olympus. An odd pair some might say but the love they shared was genuine and pure.

However Sally had just gotten the news that changed her future forever. After 3 long years of trying to have a child with Poseidon with no results she went into the doctor and got a checkup. Thats when she received the news that brought her to a state of violently sobbing.

She was tested to be infertile, she couldn have a child naturally or even through artificial means. But the two of them were currently trying to decide what to do with this new information. Sally had already shot down any magical means Poseidon provided. He had to admit the woman he fell in love with was infinitely more stubborn than most gods.

”What about adoption? ” Sally suggested, however Poseidon furrowed his brows slightly at the idea. It was not unheard of for a god to adopt a child but Poseidon never thought he would do such a thing.

”I don know. ” He said with slight hesitation, he hated to admit it but he wanted a blood child with Sally. But he also knew that this was the only option if they wanted to have a child together.

”I know it sounds weird to you. After talking with you so much I know you better than you do sometimes. But you can use your godly powers to make him your true son. That way he would still be your son. ” She said enthusiastically, hoping for him to agree.

He slowly thought over the idea, it was true that he could do such a thing. His powers were that of the gods and adopting a child at an extremely young age would bathe them in the gods powers and turn them into a demigod of that god. His annoying rival Athena had done such a thing several times to his knowledge.

He couldn help but internally agree with Sallys plan, anything to help her he would do. Even if he was not used to such an action. But he also couldn help but admit he was a sucker for her. She was more of a queen to him than Amphitrite ever had been to him in the last 1000 years. He wanted to make her happy no matter what.

”Okay I agree. I will adopt a child with you and make him my true son. But I don want to bring an innocent mortal into our dangerous world. So how about we look for a demigod baby? ” As he finished a brilliant smile blossomed on her face as she quickly nodded her head.

”I agree I don want to bring any more normal people into this world. Mortals like myself who can see through the mist already have it hard enough, demigods even more so. Lets go looking in a week alright. It will give me time to regroup myself and do a little research. If that is okay with you. ” With a little laugh she wiped her eyes again as Poseidon nodded quickly. As he did he locked eyes with her and felt a wave of happiness overcome him.

”I love you Sally. ” He said as she smiled and leaned forward and shared another kiss with him.

”I love you too Seaboy. ” She said with a giggle of happiness.



From the sky, unnoticed by everyone in the area, a man with wings so white they didn seem to be real slowly landed in New York central park. When his feet touched the ground the wings folded to his back, he then took a couple shaky steps as if he hadn used his legs in a while.

His attire was that of a simple purple shirt and white shorts with tennis shoes. Covering his mesmerizing purple eyes were a pair of glasses. However he was currently holding a small bundle in his arms that seemed to throw off his attire. Inside the small bundle was a sound asleep baby that didn seem to have a care in the world. On the other hand the man looked completely exhausted as he stood on shaky legs. Almost like he had just run a marathon while not drinking any water, on one leg, and blindfolded.

He soon found the cleanest park bench he could find and sat down to catch his breath. Still nobody around him seemed to notice him in the slightest as they even seemed unable to approach the bench with him on it. The cool night air seemed to help him a bit, but with the chill in the air the baby in his arms quickly retreated further into the bundle to get away from it. This caused the man to jump a little, the baby hadn moved at all on the entire 36 year journey on his way to Earth. After he got the baby to calm down, he slowly began to decide on what to do.

I can stay on Earth for long or HE will find me and the child. I could go to Tartarus, he wouldn be able to find me there. But Im sure Chaos doesn want her baby boy to be raised in such an awful place. There were so many options but he only had so much time. As he gave it a thought something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention as he turned to see three old women knitting a large sock across from him.

He was surprised to see these old women here and now. He couldn help but frown at their appearance. The fates were mysterious even to him, since the birth of Chaos and the creation of life the fates seemed to be work outside of her domains. They were able to control fate and destiny, however some events were outside even their hands. Trying to change such powerful fates or destinies would cause them to cease to exist entirely and if such a thing happened who knows what would happen to this universe.

But as he was about to speak up the one old woman in a cotton dress slowly put a finger to her mouth in a shushing motion. This caused him to stop talking and to remain completely silent. With that the fates continued to knit but a person blocked Eross view of them. But that instant was enough for them to disappear. In their place was a piece of paper blowing in the wind that did not exist before.

Eros simply caught the paper out of the air and looked around, finding nothing else around him. He then slowly read the words on the piece of paper, on it was the direction he needed to take for all their sakes.

After an hour of searching he finally found the place he had been looking for. Its name was Saint Patriks Orphanage. He only stared at the neat and tidy building as he let out a long sigh. He then with the utmost care slowly set Perseus down right before the door. He just stared at the sleeping child as thoughts clouded his mind. After a long while he slowly extended his hand above the sleeping child and spoke in a soft whisper.

”I, Eros, give Perseus, son of Chaos, my full blessing. Let my blessing boost his natural charm and give him an understanding of love and relationships to deeper understanding. Also may his endurance in bed reach that of a primordial god and to know what his partners will want in bed and in a relationship. But may it only activate the day he turns eighteen. ” After he finished this Perseus aura began to glow.

Black, white, and sea green auras quickly began to intermingle with the purple one being blessed on him. However the aura did not intermingle for long as it seemed to bury itself deep in the other auras, hiding away for a time further in the future. As he looked at this Eros nodded with a knowing smile, this kid was gonna have to beat women and probably some guys off with a stick in the future. Chaos may have his head but he didnt care.

As he got ready to leave he quickly conjured a name tag and a credit card and a few other items and laid them besides Perseus. He then put his hand on Perseus head and focused, he quickly performed the last command Order gave him. He carefully cast a spell on the baby in front of him effectively sealing the childs power. This was so that if he had a tantrum or something similar the house he was in wouldn explode. But he made it so that his powers would slowly open up as he got older.

He also conjured a note as well and laid it besides the other items with the baby. The note read like this.

The black credit card is for the childs adoptive parent or parents. Thank you for taking him in, there is another white credit card under him for him while he lives here to pay for any fees until he is 18. Keep any change if he is adopted earlier than that. Again thank you. I must leave the child here to keep him safe. His name is Perseus, his birth certificate is with the cash under his blanket.

Thank you thank you, please keep him safe.

Mrs. C.

After Eros finished up he took one last look at his… uncle? Great uncle? Immortal families were weird. But he knocked on the door with 3 solid knocks. He then waitid for a second until he heard someone walking to the door as he ran off. Quickly his wings opened up as he flew into the air and waited. Soon a woman came out of the door to find the bundle with the baby in it. She then carefully picked him up and looked around searching for anyone that might be close by.

Not seeing anyone she let out a sad sigh and then turned back into the building with the baby. As the door closed Eros nodded and then turned to the sky, his destination where Chaos was.



Sally and Poseidon were walking around town searching for an orphanage that Sally had found. Poseidon had actually talked to Hermes about it and discovered there were quite a few demigods that made their way through its doors as well. So it was the optimal choice for them.

The building read Saint Patricks Orphanage on the front. Sally took one look at Poseidon, with a smile from them both they then walked into the building.

The first thing they heard were children screaming in joy and running around. Hearing the voices made the two smile but suddenly a couple of them rounded a corner and ran to them both. A younger girl quickly grabbed onto Sallys pant leg to hide from one of the older child who quickly followed behind.

Sally could only lightly chuckle as she bent down and picked up the small child and rested her in her arms.

”Hey there, what are you doing sweetie? ” Sally said to the girl as she pointed to the other children.

”Thewe being mean to me! ” The words seemed to stumble out her mouth as Poseidon just laughed at the scene.

”Are they? ” Sally slowly eyed the boy who was standing still, currently in shock that he got caught.

”Yeah! ” She yelled. Sally walked over to the little boy and bent down. This caused him to hand his head a little, knowing that he was in trouble.

”Now, you be nice to her, okay. Or Ill tell the headmistress. ” She said as fear covered his face.

”Okay. ” He whispered. an embarrassed blush soon covering his face.

”Now go play you two. ”

”Okay. ” They both said in unison. She then set the girl down and patted their heads. They then ran off to play. Seeing this Poseidon couldn help but think he made the right choice falling in love with this woman. Soon they found themselves at the reception desk where the headmistress sat.

”Hello! What might I do for you today? ” She said with a smile, though you could see she was slightly stunned by the appearance of the two very attractive people that stood hand in hand. It was fairly uncommon to see something like this here.

”Hello, we
e looking to adopt a child today. ” Poseidon said as he squeezed Sallys hand.

”Ah! I see! Im assuming you got the background checks completed? If you do, I will need that information before I even start. ” She said as the two nodded. Sally quickly handed over an envelope that Poseidon had provided her prior to entry. Orphanages just didn give away kids you know.

After taking a look to make sure everything was in order the lady nodded and happily smiled. ”Are you looking for a male or female? ”

”Male. ” They both said in unison.

”I see, do you have an age in mind? ” As she typed into her computer.

”Do you have any newborns? ” Sally asked as Posedon nodded.

”Yes! We do, but we only have one right now. He was actually dropped off here, not but a week ago. He wasn even a day old. ” She said with a voice filled with sadness as she rested her head in her hand and continued to look over her computer.

”Oh my, that is so tragic. Would it be alright if we take a look at him? ” Sally asked as the women smiled and nodded.

”Also, if I may ask, does he have a name? ” The women simply nodded to Sallys question.

”He does, when we found him he did have a real birth certificate. It said his name is Perseus. No last name though sadly. So if you two decided to adopt him I suggest legally changing his last name to yours. ” As she finished they finally made it to the babys room. Poseidon couldn help but raise his eyebrow at the name, a bit on the nose if you were looking for a demigod.

The room was a simple eggshell white with paintings of bees and butterflies. In the room there was nothing special, a couple of cribs and toys in a corner. But only one crib was currently being used at the moment, a rocking chair beside the crib as well for whoever was to watch over the baby. It made the room seem lonely in Sallys eyes.

When they got closer, they finally saw a baby boy that was currently a little fussy in his blankets at the moment, currently trying to find a better position to sleep. The lady picked him up slowly and gave him a few rocks in her arms. Sthe then looked at Sally and motioned for her, Sally quickly received the child and secured him with her arms. But the movements seemed to have woken him up as he let out a big yawn and opened his eyes.

Sally was surprised at the two irises that looked back at her. They were swirls of black and white with a ring of sea green around the retina and flicks of a dark purple in the swirling colors as well. She couldn help but be mesmerized by his eyes as he seemed to smile and gurgle at her in joy as he saw her face.

She let out a brilliant and loving smile and started to coo him as he gurgled some more. Poseidon looked over Sallys shoulder and knew instantly that this child was indeed a demigod. He couldn quite tell whos at the moment but he felt a hint of familiarity in the child as well. But as he listened to Sally and the baby his heart melted all these thoughts away.

After listening to the pair continue to make their funny sounds Sally looked up at him with a smile and nodded. Her eyes filled with passion and love, it was easy for him to see that this was the one for her. Getting the message he turned to the headmistress and nodded.

”We would like to adopt him today if possible. You mentioned he had a birth certificate with him, was there anything else he was left with? ” He asked as she nodded.

”Absolutely all we have to do is fill out some paperwork since you have all the necessary arrangements on your side. Also he had these with him. ” She said as she handed him the note, a black credit card, the birth certificate, and finally his blanket. Poseidon raised an eyebrow at the note but quickly read it over as he quickly understood.

”Thank you very much. Have you checked how much was on the card? ” He asked out of curiosity.

”No, it was securely locked. I couldn even check the balance. But the man at the bank I spoke with said there was a special feature on it. All you have to do is go in with his proof of adoption and fill out a bunch of paperwork and then it should unlock it. But that was only the basics of it. But for now you have your own paperwork to fill out here. If you two will come this way. ” She said as the pair and the new baby quickly followed behind.



After a monstrous amount of paperwork that made even Poseidon sweat they finally finished up. The orphanage was even nice enough to sell them a baby carrier and some necessities for the ride home. After that they hailed a cab as they went back to Sallys current apartment. When they were in the cab Percy (sallys nickname for him) decided to throw them their first curveball and pooped his pants.

The driver had seen this before many times and took action quickly as he pulled over and just waited for the cleanup to begin. After a quick change and powder, courtesy of the orphanage necessity bag, they were back on the road with funny looks on their faces.

However once they arrived Sally seemed to have a light bulb go off in her head as panic seemed to spread on her face.

” I just realized all I have is a crib! I never planned on adopting until a few weeks ago and never prepared a room at all. I don have the money to get his room done so soon. ” Poseidon quickly shook his head and smiled.

”Don worry yourself for another second. Ill handle this alright, just give me a moment with the room. So don fret okay. ” Leaving her with a kiss on the lips we went to the room and closed the door. Under the door a wave of sea green light appeared leaving a very curious Sally as she waited outside with Percy.

Soon Poseidon walked out of the room with a large grin on his face as she motioned for Sally to enter the room. What she saw made her gape from the drastic change of the once barren room. The room walls were now a light sea green color with decorations of sea creatures on them. There were plenty of toys for him, though most were sea themed. The crib was a simple hand carved wooden one that was actually not from Poseidon, it was one that Sally had inherited from her deceased parents.

But there was now a sea themed carousel rotating above the crib. There was a changing station that had, according to Poseidon, an unlimited supply of diapers. Everything had a bluish tint to it or sea them. There was even a rocking chair in the corner. A bookshelf that had childrens books on it and a dresser over by the window that had a baby radio on top.

After analyzing the room and listening to Poseidons explanation of said room and its magical features. Sally could only look at Poseidon while on the verge of crying from happiness. He saw this and he wrapped her and the baby in his embrace, a warm comfort spread to the two as Sally cried a little in his arms. It seemed like a perfect family, but knowing the fate of any god with a mortal he could only internally sigh.

He slowly let the two go as Sally and Poseiodn locked eyes with one another. Poseidon raised an eyebrow and then wiggled them with a smirk on his face, as Sally rolled her eyes. This fish for brains god. However, knowing Poseidon like she did, she instantly knew where this look was going. But with her emotions running high, she didn mind at the moment per say. Plus with the now asleep Percy in her arms it was an opportune time. A woman had needs you know.

Sally quickly returned Poseidons smirk right back at him, the man himself couldn help but blushed for a second. Slowly, not to wake Percy, she put him down in the crib to sleep peacefully. Seeing the baby remain asleep Sally quickly grabbed Poseidons hand and dragged him out of the room, not without grabbing the baby monitor first.



The instant she closed the door to her bedroom and set down the baby monitor she felt Poseidon wrap his arms around the waist. A blush spread to her neck as she felt him start to gingerly kiss it, she took short hot breaths as she enjoyed the feeling of her lover. As he continued his hands began to work their way across her body. One found its way to her breast and the other down her legs. With the sensual movements of his hands and the light kisses on her neck Sally let out a much hotter breath and light moans.

She turned her face to Poseidon and was quickly met with a kiss. They lightly started to kiss each other by the second it started to get rougher and rougher until he licked her lips asking for entrance. She allowed entrance with ease, enjoying the growing heat her body felt. Their tongues fighting one another for dominice, Sally soon found herself exploring Poseidons mouth as she let out moans of ecstasy. Poseidon could only grunt and moan himself under such a barrage from her. But air was an issue which soon broke them apart gasping for air.

Their kiss was a bit messy leaving a trail of saliva between the two. Sally took full advantage of the situation to mess with Poseidon. She wiped the small string up with her finger and licked it off of them as seductively as she could. The sea gods eyes flashed with hunger as she tried to kiss her again but she put her finger to his lips and then leaned into him against the wall. Her decent sized breasts pushed up against him as she felt his already erect penis through his shorts as she smirked.

”Lets continue this in bed. ” She whispered to him in a tone that made his spine tingle. She looped her fingers in his shorts and effortlessly pulled the god to her bed. Swaying her perfect ass side to side to get him even more riled up than he already was. When they got to the bed Sally layed down onto the bed and then rolled over and just laid there letting Poseidon soak up the image. With a come and get me grin from Sally Poseidon couldn hold it in anymore.

”Lets dig into this fine meal shall we. ” As he strode forward to her.


However fate had other plans for the two. Just then thunder ran across the sky and shook the house. Poseidons face dropped instantly as Sally looked at him curiously and then a babys cry could be heard from the baby monitor. Sally quickly shot up from the bed leaving Poseidon to sulk as he flopped down into the pillows. After a few minutes Sally came back into the room to see him sitting on the side of the bed.

”Sally, I must go. Olympus calls, well technically Zeus, but apparently it is important. I am needed there. Ill try to visit you as soon as possible. ” With sadness written all over her face she couldn help but node as the two shared a quick kiss.

”Try to hurry back if you can. But I do understand if you can make it back so soon. But don forget to visit Percy alright. ” Seeing the look in her eyes he quickly nodded.

”Absolutely, also I will send protection for him as well. His scent will grow and he will need it in the future. So if you see a few cyclops, don freak out. ” He said with a chuckle as she smiled.

But as Poseidon was about to leave he stooped and realized he had forgotten something. He walked with Sally to Percys room, seeing the adorable baby who was somehow asleep again he put his hand over Percy. As he did, a sea green glow covered his hand as it spread itself over Percy.

”I, Poseidon Lord of the seas and earthshaker, officially adopt Percy Jackson as my son. May he be seen as a true son of Poseidon and develop powers fitting my lineage. ” After he said that the sea green aura sunk into Percy and slowly disappeared. Sally smiled brilliantly at the site as Poseidon nodded his head as he also felt happy at the site.

Unknown to Sally and Poseidon, Percys full aura was hidden with the seal put on him from Eros. So it looked completely natural to them. But internally the sea green aura seeped into the already sea green proportion and made it grow until it took up almost 1/7 of the total color. The other portions take over by black and white.

”I am needed on Olympus now, I must hurry before Zeus loses his cool. I will see you as soon as I can. ” He said with a kiss on her lips as he exited her front door. Only a quick flash of light was left of him that she saw under the door, Sally could only let out a small sigh at the site. She then sat in the rocking chair and watched over Percys sleeping form.



Internal note 2736, Father is just as annoying as Aphrodite is in love with herself. He had called a meeting out of the blue, though it was marked as urgent it was still annoying. I couldn even think of a reason as to why he called this one. Maybe it was to discuss something about the child hes trying to hide from us? HA! Lets just say he isn doing a very good job of hiding the poor demigod, or should I say demigods.

But to leave my hunters in the middle of a graduation hunt for our newest hunter was infuriating. Such an important event should have their goddess present, it was a large milestone for them. But no! He had to call it right now!

I could only grit my teeth a little as my face grew a little more chilly. Apollo said I appeared like an ice goddess when I was angry. But understanding my sudden mood change I couldn help but blush a little.

Internal note 2737, don let my teenage forms emotions control me or my actions.

You already made that internal note miss smartemis.

Shut up Diana! Also don call me smartemis! I roared in my mind, the only response I got was a light laugh from the other me.

Quickly my form changed from a teenager to that of a woman on the cusp of her 20th birthday as I continued on my way to Olympus. Hoping the meeting would be finished quickly so that my hunters don get into too much trouble with themselves. Last time nearly put them all out of commission for a week. Who knew food poisoning could have such an effect on demigods.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts as I entered the throne room to find only a few present. Quickly I took my throne and waited, none of us partaking in conversation. Finally the remaining of them showed up. Poseidon was the last to show up, from the look of frustration on his face I could tell that he was about as happy about this as I was.

However, father still did not speak as we all turned to him only to hear another enter the throne room. He turned in surprise to see Hades forming himself in the corner of the council room. Seeing my pale uncle was surprising to say the least, normally he would never be up here unless it was the winter solstice. I guess this meeting was important.

”This emergency meeting was called because something important has happened. Though you have your duties and lives, Olympus comes first and I believe this will affect Olympus. A presence that felt very similar to the one thirty six years ago has appeared again. Though it was not nearly as strong it was incredibly similar. ” He said as the room quickly filled with chatter

”But before it could be pinpointed exactly where it was it disappeared completely. However from what I can tell, whatever the signal came from has not left the planet. Ive also determined that the being is somewhere in the USA right now. ” Hearing such news caused a sour reaction from all the gods, myself included.

During the previous time, 36 years ago, when we chased that mysterious being was a shitshow to say the least. Wherever we found traces of the energy and pinpointed it a trap was waiting for us. But not deadly ones in the least. Like the being had said he was not here to hurt anyone, he just wanted to finish on his business and be done. However the traps were disastrous to our egos.

Take Aphrodites case for example, when she sprung her trap. It made it so that she had no way of having sex or any form of self release for a full year. Apparently anytime she tried the part of her body she would try to use would simply vanish. It was a good year indeed. Unfortunately the day she got them back she **ed everything in sight until all that was left was a seemingly dryed up corpse. Ares took a full month to just recover from her.

Mine was even worse than Aphrodites in my opinion, for a full year, I could not use any tools to hunt. I couldn run without tripping, anything I tried to hunt got away, and I couldn speak to animals either. I was a goddess of the hunt without the ability to hunt. My hunters more or less made me their team mascot for that time. It was nerve wracking to the extreme. Some nights it was so bad that I had to cuddle with my loyal lieutenant Zoë just to catch some shut eye.

Disregarding my embarrassing thoughts from my mind I cleared my throat as the other gods seemed to also be coming out of their flashbacks. From what I could see we all had the same opinion, we don want to go searching for this energy signature. Even if it was different from the original, we didn want to risk it. However knowing my father I knew that he would chase after anything that insulated him like before.

”What is your plan for this situation, father? Even if the energy does appear to be weaker than the previous one, I believe I speak for us all when I say that we do not wish to go through what happened before again. ” I said as everyone nodded as Zeus however nodded as well.

”The plan is very similar to before but it is different. I assure you, I plan to make use of the demigods in both camps this time with minimal support from the gods. Based on our past experiences if there are traps it will not injure them. I will give both camps 3 weeks time to search everywhere they can. Talk to the other gods and have them issue quests and you may issue some yourself. If they are to find anything it is to be reported to us. ” He said as I had to admit it was a well thought out plan.

Though annoying, father was still the leader of Olympus for a reason. It may be mainly for his extremely strong powers and mindset to alway put the gods first. But his pride and anger issues were not so subtle marks on his track record. Treat him right and he would be your best friend, insult him and you might find yourself turned to ash.

After thinking over the idea for a bit the first to speak was the strategist herself Athena.

”I don see anything wrong per say, though we will have to tell them the reward for the quests if they are successful. Though some might do it for glory, momentary gains are appealing in their eyes. Just as long as we keep both camps away from each other as they search, I see no problems that can occur, at least major ones. ” As she said this everyone nodded thinking the same.

However as everyone started to think of what she said I felt eyes begin to land on me as I looked up as nearly everyone was looking at me. Then realization dawned on me, I was the solution to the separation issue. Well my hunters actually were per say.

”Artemis, seeing as your hunters would have nothing to do in such a situation other than searching themselves. I believe it would be best to use them to act as an intermediate for both camps should anything arise. ” Athena said as Zeus nodded as I inwardly sighed. She was correct… as always.

Sigh, how dare she be so smart all the time.

Hush Diana. I thought to myself as I finally spoke.

”I agree with your plan. However, I know that my hunters cannot be in every place at once so try to keep your children in order with your quests. Also should any need arise with monsters or teams that need help please let me know. They are but children and I would hate to see such young heroes persih. ” I said as they nodded, I do admit I have admiration for such young children accomplishing such tasks.

”I believe we can all agree on that. ” Demeter said as everyone nodded.

Thank you Cheerio lady I thought as Diana giggled in my head. Soon preparations began to be made and everyone was beginning to depart. But I had an additional mission right now, I quickly walked over to find Poseidon who was finishing up a private conversation with Zeus. After a minute the two now angry gods separated as I quickly walked over to Uncle.

”Uncle I wish to have a word with you, in private. It is about your… situation. ” He remained quiet but I could feel his nervousness turn into a deep pressure that bore down on me as a threat. However I simply ignored it as we waited until everyone left until it was only both of us.

”I have no ill intentions Uncled you can put away your pressure. ” I said as he just looked at me silently. But he nodded slowly and put it away. Internally both me and Diana were sweating from it however.

”Ill cut to the chase Uncle, I know about you and Sally Jackson. I know of her situation that makes it so she cannot have children. My domain is sensitive to children and I sensed you adopting your new son. Though you are playing a dangerous game with the pact between you and the other two. But that is no excuse for any of your future actions. All I am saying is to be sure to treat her right, you are better than that. Don be like Ares and ditch half the women he impregnates. ” I said as Poseidon quickly nodded.

”I believe Zeus is already suspicious of my actions with her already. He even accused me of siring another child just a minute ago. Though technically he is incorrect. ” He said I slowly nodded. Father was the god of the sky, he saw much from up there. Also add hypocrite to the list of Fathers flaws.

”So what is your plan? ” I asked as she shook his head in sadness.

”I cannot visit them ever again, if Zeus catches me it will be over. I can protect them if he finds out but I will be in hot water. My duties will increase and my power in the council will drop. Worst case he decides to kill them both but then all hell will break loose. ” He said as I could feel the massive power radiating off of him, truly if father did do such a thing. Olympus would have a civil war on its hands.

What if you just expose all three of them? Asked Diana.

It might work… if all big three ended up having children pop up at the same time it would be balanced. All three would be at fault and thus Zeus would be pushed into a corner and would be forced to not take any action. But the time isn ripe yet, let fathers demigods be discovered first as it is only a matter of time. Then it could work in favor of Uncle. Sorry dad but Uncle Poseidon deserves a win over you.

”Well for now just contact Sally and let her know the situation. But help in the shadows and protect them, Father won care as long as you
e not going over. But just wait for now and in time Im sure you will be able to be a part of their lives again. If you need help I am willing, but a favor for a favor. ” I finished as Poseidon gave me a hopeful smile.

”Okay I will. Thank you Artemis. You took some worry off my shoulders and I might use that favor quicker than you want. ” He said with a chuckle as I laughed a little as well. With that Poseidon left and I returned to my hunters.


”One more! ”

”One more! ”

”One more! ”

As I appeared in the camp I was quickly greeted by a very strange site. Phoebe and Zoë both stood on a table as the other hunters cheered around them. In both their hands was a bag of marshmallows and each of them had their mouths stuffed to the brim of said marshmallows. But at the sight of me everyone froze with wide eyes, and the noise stopped instantly. I could only facepalm at this scene, this is why I didn like to leave them to themselves.

”M-Milady? ” A hunter asked as I slowly looked up at the girls. The two distressed hunters with their mouths full of marshmallows seemed to be sweating buckets as well. But I just grinned and threw my fist up in the air and couldn help but scream.


”YEEEAAAAHHH! ” The girls simply lost it and the marshmallow stuffing match continued.

”Milady, Im sorry you had to see me in such a sorry state. But Im glad you
e back! So what was the meeting about? ” Said the Champion of the marshmallow match a.k.a Zoë, who had a slight blush of embarrassment on her face.

”We will be assisting the demigod camps as they search for an energy signature across the USA. More or less we will need to keep them from meeting each other and help kill monsters when needed. Ive decided we will start in Montana before the camps get to questy. So tell the hunters we will get ready tomorrow. ” With a curt nod she agreed and left to tell the other girls as I proceeded to call down my chariot and proceeded to drag the waning across the sky for the night.

In the morning when I came back to the camp everyone had a pretty impressive case of bed head after last nights late night festivities. While the hunters quickly began to dismantle the camp I saw that Zoës had already dismantled hers and was camly eating breakfast. She quickly finished and then began to help the others as I smiled at the site.

”Good morning milady. ” They all greeted me in unison.

”Get finished packing up in the next 2 hours, while I go search for a campsite. ” There were some yess and some murmurs as they all started to pack quickly as I flashed away.


After Poseidon left for his meeting, it was just me and Percy vs the world. I could only hope his meeting was going good but I had a hunch it was going otherwise. Still after a while Percy began to get fussy, looking at the clock I realized that it was time to feed him. So I started to mix some formula before his fussiness turned into crying.

After getting ready to mix it I felt a sudden wave wash over me. It was like being tipsy but only for a second. It made me blink in confusion as I steadied myself but then I felt a change. But the change was coming from my chest. It wasn painful or pleasurable, it was more tingly than anything. Like if you slept on your arm wrong. After it settled down I couldn help but look down in confusion.

Suddenly my breasts were slightly bigger. My first thought was I may have been hit by a stray spell from Aphrodite or maybe another god? Maybe a nymph or a spirit was playing a prank. But what kind of person or god would prank a person by enlarging their breasts? I even imagined Poseidon asking a fellow god to do this to me. Just the thought made me furious, were they so small that they needed to be bigger? Also wasn he an ass man?

As my confusion and anger grew, suddenly a piece of paper floated down from above me and fell to the counter right in front of me. Leaning down I found that it was a letter and quickly read it.


Im sorry to reach out to you like this but it is the only way. Please accept this gift from me, I have simply given you the ability to produce milk for Perseus. It will allow you to bond with Perseus better, like a true mother and child. I also know about your current condition and I want to say thank you for choosing him. I was amazed to see a person already connected to the gods find him. It makes things a bit easier for the future. But again thank you for choosing him, you have no idea what it means for me.

Mrs. C.

As I read the note my find was filled with questions but I knew who she was. She was Percys real mother. A feeling of sourness filled my heart a bit, if she would afford to do this then why not take care of Percy? But I didn know her circumstances that led to this huge decision.

Plus she gifted me with something amazing just to bond with Percy better. I decided that if I ever met her in the future I would give her a piece of my mind. But at the same time I could see myself getting along with her, but who knows what the future holds.

I set down the note and picked up the fussy Percy and walked over to the rocking chair in the corner. After a few tries I was successfully able to get him to eat properly as I sat there humming and watching over him. After a bit he was finally done, after a quick clean up and burping session he was once again asleep in my arms as I laughed a little.

After that was all done I walked back into the kitchen to make myself dinner. Just as I was about to start an Iris message popped up with Poseidons face on the other side.

”Hello? Sally? Are you there? ” Since he couldn see me from the message angle he quickly looked around trying to find me.

”Oh! Yes Ill be right there. ” I turned off the stove and walked over to the message. As I did I could see he had a sad face, this only made my heart drop as he spoke.

”Zeus is catching onto us, he confronted me about a child and everything. I am sorry, but for your safety I can see you anymore. ” He spoke with a strained voice as I felt tears threaten to fall from my eyes.

”I only have a couple of minutes. Ill try to sneak out to see you and Percy but I don know when I can. But I don know when Zeus will keep his eyes off of me. I also need to return to the sea for some tasks that need my supervision. Hopefully in a few months but more than likely it will be years until I will be able to see you again. For now I can do nothing without putting you in jeopardy. ” He said with a mountain of care and concern in his voice that made my heart shake.

”I understand, from what you have said in the past Zeus seems like the type to do such a thing. You must do what you must to throw Zeus off our trail. I will see you when I can, what will I tell Percy though? ” I asked as my greatest fears slowly came true.

”Tell him I was lost at sea, its not a lie but it is not the complete truth either. This way you can say you never lied to him about me. But I must go, my time is running out. I will see you when I can. I love you Sally. ” When he finished he swooped his hand through the message. I was left in silence as tears finally broke through my eyes.

With too many emotions going on I robotically made dinner and ate, my thoughts running wild when I suddenly found myself in Percys room. I looked at his peaceful sleeping face as a smile spread across my face as I stared at him. I had to stay strong for him, for my baby boy


A man sat in a room where the great Chaos sat herself. It was the very man that forced Chaos to flee this very planet in fear of her life. Around him the very space itself seemed to lose all of its color as it seemed to drain into him, turning the entire room into a mess of shades of gray. However his cloak was so black that it seemed to be out of place even, like something that shouldn even exist in the first place. In fact even the objects around him seemed to reject his very presence in this universe.

Some warping and bending at odd angles, but he didn seem to care as he sat there in silence, his covered face only revealing an evil and sadistic smile. In front of him was a screen that had a simple image on it, it was Chaos and an injured Order on their vacation planet. Even though he was injured, Order was trying to help the ever so weak Chaos. This just made the mans smile grow even more sinister.

With a thought the screen shut off as he slowly got up and walked to the door. As he exited the room he was greeted with a desolate land that was the result of his wake of destruction. The planet Aguilar seemed forever scared from this in fact as massive trenches and crevices now littered its surface. But only the continent where Chaos lived on was affected. While loved destroying things, he was a man of standards. He would only destroy if it was directly involved with Chaos herself, so he left the other continents alone.

With a thought he flew into the sky with a massive grin on his face, he had found his prey after so long and he was ready to finally strike!

”Here I come Chaos! HAHAHAHA! ” He shouted in a demonic voice that seemed to shake the very space around him.


After 36 years of waiting I finally felt Eros touch down on earth. As I watched the scenes unfold over the past week. Order said I was being creepy, but what does he know? I was surprised how kind Sally was to him. It warmed my heart seeing her with him. I knew that she was going to be a great mother. Even though her complications of trying to have children before.

She showed an attitude of someone who was ready to do anything for her child. But what totally caught me off guard was that she was the lover of Poseidon, talk about a curveball. But I smiled at what he did for her though, that baby room was genius. After his gift I thought I would also give her a gift.

So to help her bond with Percy deepen so I gave her the ability to produce milk. Though reading her thoughts after she read my letter made me laugh. She was a feisty woman indeed with a strong will, I wouldn mind one bit talking with her. I could only imagine the scene of Percy seeing both his mothers chatting while not knowing what to think.

The image brought a smile to my head. But the moment was ruined as I felt an unfortunate mental signal as I gritted my teeth in frustration. HE was coming to this planet already.

”Ill see you soon ABYSS. ” I hissed out my teeth as I quickly went to find order to tell him the news.

A/N: Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed the second chapter rewrite. I have changed a few things if you haven noticed. I have tried to move towards more… Human? Emotions for the gods. Like making Artemis a bit more focused and reserved, except around her hunters of course. Also Zeus, I know we all love bashing on Zeus but I am trying to put a bit more depth to him. Yes he is arrogant, narcissistic, and just an asshole but he is a rule. A ruler of the gods no less, Im just trying to give him a decent work mode vibe if that makes sense.

Also I have a decent idea in place for a rewrite change and I need to bounce it off someone, if you are interested and won tell anyone Im willing to tell you bare bones info and get input. Regardless, thank you all for reading 🙂

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