Chapter 1: Transmigrated into the Book

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Fengshu Internet Café is located in the back alley of Jincheng High School.
The location where it is built is superior, along with the elegant and quite environment.
As soon as you step in, you will be surrounded by green leaves and flowers, which makes one feel better.

It’s a pity that most of the students who come here are students, who are addicted to skipping classes or don’t like studying.
No one has the patience to appreciate the beauty of this place.
They were all immersed in the thrill of fighting in-game battles, because of which one can always hear, unrestrained and excited noises coming from the café.

In this boisterous environment, a youngster in a white t-shirt sitting in the corner of the Internet café has a completely different atmosphere around himself.
The computer in front of him was playing an online mathematics class instead of a game.

The boy had donned a pair of black earphones, only showing half of his handsome face.
He was watching it very seriously.
He didn’t take off the earphones until the video ended, and stood up while massaging shoulders and moving his neck sideways.

A boy about the same age as him, sitting next to him while killing a group of players in the game, noticed the movement of the person beside him.
He turned his head to look at him, and asked doubtfully, “Brother Juan, where are you going?”

Jiang Juan took a few steps before answering him, “The bathroom.”

After Jiang Juan left, the boy looked at the paused screen on the computer beside his with a look of pity and admiration in his eyes, and then he turned his attention back to the game and continued scolding his teammates through the headset.


Jiang Juan stood in front of the sink and washed his face with water.
He straightened up and shook off the water droplets from his hands.
As soon as he looked towards the mirror, he saw the image of a young man facing the sink.

The boy looked around sixteen or seventeen years old, a fair and delicate complexion with warm glowing eyes under his slender eyebrows, high nose bridge and rosy lips.
Although he has not yet become a fully grown man, one can already see the shadow of his astounding beauty of the future.

Jiang Juan is very familiar with the person the mirror.
It was him, but he was much more immature than he remembered.
This was him in his youth.

But, this is not Jiang Juan’s dream, nor did he travel back to the past, this is a world within a book.
The boy in the mirror is him, but also not him.

This book is a called “Occupy You”, as you can tell from the name, this is a romance novel, which is very suitable for relaxing or passing the time.

When Jiang Juan was bored in his spare time on the weekends, he randomly opened the recommendation tab of a novel reading application.

The genre of this novel is youth and love.
It tells the story of a lonely, cold-tempered male protagonist who, accompanied by the female protagonist, warms up his cold heart, discovers and embraces love.

Although he has a poor background, but as a male protagonist, he is not weak and has a indifferent temperament.
Like most novels, the male protagonist is an expert in fighting.
If he really decides to be ruthless, even the school bully has to recognise him as his big brother.

The male protagonist not only good at sports, but also has excellent grades, ranking first in the grade all the year round, which is very compelling.

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But this can also be understood as the protagonist’s halo.
Everything is for the sake of plot.

The story begins when the female protagonist transfers to the high school after one month of the start of the second year of high school, where the male protagonist was studying, due to her parents’ transfer.

The female protagonist surrounds the male protagonist with her gentle and kind nature.
Naturally, the male protagonist cannot resist such tenderness.
He quickly falls in love with the female protagonist.

Although there are a bit of twists and turns in the story, it was still very enjoyable.
The love between the male and female protagonists makes everyone feel envious, the campus life of the students is good, the friendship between the classmates and the relationship between the teachers and the students is very admirable .

“Occupy You” is a sweet love story.

The male protagonist has a cold and indifferent temperament, is unpredictable and always wears a long face.
Of course, this is in the eyes of others.
In the female protagonist’s view, the male protagonist has always been the embodiment of beauty.
He is gentle and kind.

The male protagonist also perfectly maintains a gentle and harmless mask in front of the female protagonist.
The attitude of the male protagonist of this book can be explained in one line.
My tenderness is only reserved for you.

In the end, the male protagonist completely changed his personality for the female protagonist and became a gentle person.

I have to say that the storyline of this book is a very common troupe, but it is also very popular with the readers.
One will always find the readers, who follow the book, screaming in the comment area.

Jiang Juan, on the other hand, transmigrated into the body of the vicious villain in the book.
He shares the same name and surname as the villain, but his temperament is completely different.

Jiang Juan is gentle and polite while speaking with others.
His temperament is gentle and without any arrogance, which is highly appreciated by people around him.
But this is not the case with the Jiang Juan in the book.
He was doted on and grew up sheltered since he was a child.
He is arrogant and bossy, but has no brains.

In the book, Jiang Juan and the male protagonist are classmates.
Because of his jealousy, he always ordered his lackeys to find trouble with the male protagonist at the school.
They used to either throw away the male protagonist’s book, put nails in his water glass, or lock him up in an empty room.
They used to trap him in the utility room, shame him in front of the crowd, or block his road on the way to school, just to teach him a lesson.

In the book the villain did many vicious things to the male protagonist.
In the end, he failed to harm the male protagonist before the college entrance examination, but gained a lifelong disability himself.
He met a very miserable end.

Of course, it was something he deserved.

Transmigrated as a vicious villain, Jiang Juan didn’t feel much depressed.
On the contrary, he had died in a car accident in his original world, and being here was a second chance at life.
Although the original owner was a bit stupid, but when he got here, as long as he didn’t provoke the male lead, he would be safe.

He thought it through.

It’s been two days since I came here.
After the initial surprise, Jiang Juan had adapted very well.
He continued to eat and sleep well, but his body always felt inexplicable pain.

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Especially this morning, the joints of his right fingers were hurting even more, as if they had been punched against a hard wall.
He even wondered if his fingers were broken.

But there were no scars on or around his fingers.
Under the bright light, his fingers were slender and white, and there were no calluses on his palms.
At first glance, they looked like a pair of carefully cultivated hands that had never done any rough work.

Jiang Juan’s family background is similar to that of the villain Jiang Juan in the book, rather even better than the villain Jiang’s family.
His mother came from a scholarly family, and his father was from an aristocratic family.
Although his parents doted on him, they were

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