shes came one after another.
Dong Gao took the lead to raise his glass and said with a smile, “Come on, let’s celebrate the excellent performance of our class in the sports meet.
Everyone has worked hard these days.”

  The beer was cold causing the inside of the mouth to feel cool, Jiang Juan couldn’t help but narrow his eyes in satisfaction.
He raised his lips and smiled.

  Some of the guests sitting around them were about their age, apparently students, who came out to relax during the holiday.

  Jiang Juan, Dong Gao and the others chatted while eating, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

        They were all youngsters still in the period of growing up.
You toast me at the wine table, and I’ll toast you.
There was no distinction of status in mind, nor was it asking for help, or for flattering anyone, they were enjoying this time entirely from the bottom of their hearts.
They were comfortable, they were happy.

  The atmosphere was also very relaxing.

  Xie Jingxian sat there with a light expression on his face.
As courageous as Dong Gao was, he didn’t dare to tell him to drink, but Wang Tuo had a drink with him.

  Xie Jingxian was somewhat of a stranger to most of the people sitting here, but Jiang Juan was different.

  With his good performance during this period, Jiang Juan was very famous in the Class 2.
One by one, after toasting almost everyone, Jiang Juan had already finished drinking three glasses of beer, and Dong Gao smiled and said, “One more.”

  He opened a new bottle and was about to fill it up for Jiang Juan.
At this moment, a slender white hand stretched out to cover the mouth of Jiang Juan’s cup.

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  Dong Gao looked at Xie Jingxian who was sitting beside Jiang Juan in confusion.

  Xie Jingxian’s expression remained unchanged, and he said lightly, “He has a bad stomach, so he can’t drink anymore.”

  Everyone present was stunned.
Their faces filled with doubts.

  It was Dong Gao who was the first to break the silence and said with a smile, “Ah, that’s it, then don’t drink it.” Then he said, “Jiang Juan, you should have told me if you have a bad stomach.
I would have just got them to get a glass of watermelon juice.”

        Jiang Juan was startled, and then thought that Xie Jingxian was also thinking for his body, if he refused, it would be too much.

  Jiang Juan was in a good mood, but was suddenly interrupted by Xie Jingxian, so he could only smile bitterly.

  Seeing Dong Gao getting up, Jiang Juan stopped him and said, “Wait, please ask for one more cup.” He pointed at Xie Jingxian beside him, “For him.
Get one at a room temperature.”

  The one beside him was the one who really had a bad stomach.

  The silent atmosphere broken by Dong Gao came out again, and everyone’s eyes fell on Jiang Juan and Xie Jingxian, as if they wanted to ask something, but were holding themselves back.

  Wang Tuo coughed lightly, “Well, Dong Gao, everyone should have a light drink.
I also want to drink it.”

  As soon as they heard this, the others also came back to their senses, “Yes, yes.”

  Look at that, if anyone saw them right now, they would think that these boys of their class seemed to be eating melons on the frontline [1].However, looking at Xie Jingxian’s appearance, he should be unaware of the things going on in the forum, so he also acted as if he didn’t care.
Anyway, when the female lead comes, these rumors will anyways be crushed.

  After a while, Jiang Juan got up and went to the bathroom.
When he came out, he saw a few people surrounding their table.
One of the tall men stood in front of Xie Jingxian with his head down, seemingly talking about something.

  Xie Jingxian just sat quietly, he did not even lift his eyes to look at the person talking to him.

  While looking at Wang Tuo, Dong Gao’s raised his eyebrows, and the expressions on the faces of the people sitting around them were filled with excitement, obviously knowing that those people were looking for trouble.

  To be precise, they came for Xie Jingxian.

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  Jiang Juan walked over and hooked his fingers at Zhu Xu and Bai Guang who were looking worried.
The two of them saw it and walked over quietly.

  Jiang Juan raised his chin and asked, “Who are those people and what are they doing?”

  Zhu Xu also looked puzzled, as he shook his head, “I don’t know, these people just came out of the store and saw Xie Jingxian.
Then they came here and said that they wanted to toast with him.”

  Jiang Juan glanced at them and saw that those people were holding wine bottles—white wine, that too with a high degree of concentration and a very strong taste.

  Didn’t they know that they were students, just drinking some beer and relaxing, what’s the matter with drinking liquor? Furthermore, Xie Jingxian had a bad stomach.
After drinking such a strong wine, won’t he end up vomiting blood.

  Bai Guang held Jiang Juan’s arm and whispered in his ear, “I know this person.”

  Jiang Juan said “Huh?” Bai Guang said, “It’s the boy on the ground that day, he seems to be called Wang… Wang Ping.

  As soon as Bai Guang finished speaking, Jiang Juan saw the man tilt his head.
Looking at his side profile, it was indeed the boy he had seen on the ground that day.

  Jiang Juan thought for a while, and realized that there was no such character in the original book, so he asked, “What’s wrong with this person?”

  Bai Guang had already noticed Wang Ping when he was looking at the photos in the afternoon.
He was from the same class as Su Ruo.
When he saw her for the first time at the school gate, he feel for her.
Immediately after that he began to pursue Su Rou, but unfortunately he was rejected.

  After Jiang Juan heard this, he sighed and said that he understood.

  That day, Su Rou brought water to Xie Jingxian, which just happened to be seen by Wang Ping.
The goddess that he couldn’t get, turned around and sent water to others and was seeking his attention.
He was jealous, but he couldn’t do anything to Su Rou, so he naturally hated Xie Jingxian.

  He coincidentally met Xie Jingxian here today, and came to look for trouble.



↑1 Thirsting for gossip

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