be family, he wanted everyone to step on this illegitimate son, so the bastard child would become the circle’s punching bag.

The System was still urging him in his mind, almost about to threaten him with electrocution, but the more it was like this, the more Lin Sui was like Six Dynasties mountain, majestic and unmoving.

It was just that, when the whip in Yan Zhou’s hand fell down on the young man’s body, the space between his eyebrows twitched, and he somewhat unexpectedly stood up.

Yan Zhou’s hand had not been light, and he stared at the wound on Yan Qin’s body, his face carrying twisted pleasure, but he suddenly realised that the surrounding voices had withdrawn and it had become strangely quiet.

He subconsciously turned his head, seeing that ancestor, young master Lin, watching him with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, and he subconsciously shivered.

“A-Sui, was I being too loud for you? It seemed to me like you weren’t too happy just now, do you want to vent your anger?”

Yan Zhou’s attitude immediately made a 180 degree turn, the anger in his face completely fading, and rather flatteringly handed the horse whip to Lin Sui.

The tall, curled up young man lifted his head, exposing a pair of cold, deep eyes.

Although his whole face was bruised, one could see that he was pretty good-looking.
With a tall and straight nose bridge, sword eyebrows and star eyes4, even though his difficult position was difficult to hide, he gave off a feeling that was particularly unlike everyone else.

Lin Sui looked at the bruises and traces of a beating on his face, lightly curling his lip.

He had a beautiful face, and he looked good when he smiled, but instead of moving people’s hearts, it caused the spines of everyone present to tremble.

“What a sorry mess, ah.”

Lin Sui crouched down and used the horse whip to lift Yan Qin’s chin, carefully scrutinising his appearance, and sighed with what seemed to be a feeling of pity.

The first time he and Yang Qin met, he had also been in a mess like this.
Yan Qin, wearing black clothes, beheaded the monster he had been in the middle of hunting, throwing him a bottle of wound medicine and saying: “The human cauldron constitution isn’t suited for this.”

He knew Yan Qin had good intentions, because it was possible for him to die at any time while hunting monsters, but Yan Qin didn’t understand.
Knowing he couldn’t do it, but wanting to do it anyway, was sometimes not due to stupidity, but rather an unwillingness to resign himself.

He was greedy when other people were afraid, and his ambitions would not end even in death.

Coming in contact with his beautiful, obsidian eyes, Yan Qin only felt nauseous.
This kind of false concern was no different from crocodile tears.

Lin Sui caught sight of Yan Qin’s deeply hidden hatred and derision, appearing like a faintly pulsing cold flame.

Lin Sui knew that he must be holding a grudge.
He was like a weak young wolf who was waiting until he grew strong to expose his fangs and tear his prey to shreds without the slightest hesitation.

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“How about I help you dig out your eyes if you use them to look at me like that again?”

Lin Sui beamed as he spoke, looking like he was having a friendly discussion.

System: [Watch your words!]

Lin Sui innocently said: [I’m playing the role of my character.]

He had no interest in really hurting Yan Qin.

A chill ran down the spines of everyone around him, because they knew that the little devil could do what he said he would to do.

Yan Zhou looked excited, he didn’t dare speak in case Lin Sui changed his mind, but he was looking forward to Lin Sui making a move.
How could a blind person vie against him? Moreover, this wouldn’t be of his own doing.

Yan Qin lowered his brows, hiding his malice and viciousness.
He couldn’t directly face Lin Sui yet.

“Fairly sensible, but did I let you lower your head?”

Lin Sui was still praising him with his first words, but changed his face with his last.

He pressed his hand against Yan Qin’s nape and pushed him down towards the ground.

Yan Qin’s face was pressed against the pasture, the pressure against his nape made him unable to lift his head.
The clumps of grass densely clustered together blocked his breathing, causing his face to quickly turn red, and the threat of death was particularly vivid.

He struggled miserably, and the strength behind his back suddenly loosened.
He greedily sucked in fresh air, and his somewhat blurry sight watched the still crouching young man who was smiling by his side.

He watched as the young man wiped his fingers as though they were dirty, then threw his handkerchief on his face.

When the soft cloth touched his cheek, he heard the young man’s distinctively irritating voice.

“Yan Zhou, lend him to me, my family’s Wuyun just passed away.”

Wuyun was the young master’s most beloved German shepherd, who had died of old age a few days ago.

Yan Qin looked at the young man’s slim back, and a rusty taste emerged in his mouth.

Lin Sui.

He repeated this name in his mind, filled with eerie malice.

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Lin Sui didn’t look at the person laying on his stomach on the ground again, his face unchanging as he entered the club.
It was only when he walked inside the restroom of the private resting room that he leaned on the sink and retched.

The System was really ruthless, ah, he almost passed out from the shocks.

The System cursed him without restraint: [You (beep——) what are you doing! Who told you to treat him like that! I knew you weren’t a good thing!]

Lin Sui listened as his brain was filled with blocked words, washing his hands unhurriedly.

If the System had a material form, he reckoned it would jump out to point at him and curse.

“Of course I’m not a good thing, haven’t you always known?”

Lin Sui watched his pale face on the mirror, slowly hooking his lips.

“As far as protecting him…..
I’ll protect him like the original host protected Wuyu, isn't that a right and proper thing?”

His beautiful brows overflowed with doubt: “Am I doing it wrong?”

The System knew he was doing it on purpose, and it was so angry it nearly had a stroke.

Lin Sui listened as it’s words became chaotic, and his smile became even more pure.

Even if it was the Heavenly Law, it shouldn’t order him around.



1 成王敗寇 lit.
succeed king, lose bandit.
From the longer ‘called a king if successful, called a bandit if defeated’ Meaning that, in a struggle for power, the winners are legitimised and the losers are vilified.
Like the saying ‘A thief passes for a gentleman when thieving has made him rich’. Top.

2 Text says 點家修真文里 which I think is referring to a cultivation novel from the website Qidian? I used the word ‘xuanhuan’ since apparently Qidian is popular for its fantasy/cultivation adventure novels aimed at a male audience. Top.

3 Human cauldron/furnace or vessel.
Basically a type of person whose constitution dooms them to be used up by other cultivators and drained of their vitality, and who can’t really cultivate on their own. Here’s a slightly longer explanation. Top.

4 Describes a handsome, heroic appearance.
Sword eyebrows are thick and straight, star eyes are bright and piercing. Top.


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