The Villain’s Apocalyptic System

1: When the Hacker works from Plato!

”The Game has officially been hacked! ”

That one statement leads to a heavy uproar sending the whole of the staff working late at the 3D League Game production company into a messy run.

As late as 9:30 PM, The 3D League Game production company still had lights on in the company with various staff of various departments working tirelessly while running up and down as though their lives depended on it!

For a Game production company as big as a 3D league, This and more were expected. A handful amount of work and panic activities. Especially now that Their biggest and main game hit has been hacked!

It was crazy to believe! especially since the game was from this big company. No one would ever imagine that one day, the great 3D league company which all expected was guarded with maximum protection and security Ready to drive a hacker insane would be… Hacked!

This had to be written in the book of history for whoever had done this had done the impossible! But as expected, This person was anonymous! For even this companys greatest trackers couldn find the heck where this hacker was!

The Tracking department was filled up with experts running their hands tirelessly on the keys of the computers.

”Tap, tap, tap! ”

The atmosphere was filled with more tapping than actual words.

”Has anyone gotten any lead? ”

A man had walked in. Dressed in black like most of them, this man seemed more desperate to start with!

”No…At first, we thought we got something but we didn expect that we were riding on the jokes of This crazy genius! He fooled us into spending hours tracking down a location that doesn even exist! And now we are lost! ”

There was the basic problem of the people here.

The man in black placed a hand over the seat of one of the workers and leaned closer to take a look at the mathematical numbers and rhymes running through the Green screen!

He didn seem to understand anything at all.

”Quick question then …Can you find him? ” He asked as the worker stopped and then looked at his screen for A while.

”No… ” He had to confess for this sudden situation had taken them unawares!

They never expected anything like it! They didn even imagine such a thing. It was just like an automatic hacking, exactly at 9:30 pm, This mad genius had done his assignment and boom! all were thrown into Chaos without hope of finding this mad genius for it was as though he had done the Job from Plato!

And not to mention the other departments who were running Helter skelter trying to make repairs to the breakdown but their effort Seemed fruitless!

With no ray of Hope coming from any department, The man in black made his way into the elevator and made his way down to the other departments to check out on other progress or anything.

With the elevator running down, He could hear the sound of the thunderstorm and lightning having its parade Outside.

It was obvious raining cats and dogs outside. Just a good day to get surprised! He thought sarcastically.

And not to mention that it was night, Just when he was getting ready to leave off work!

Almost rolling his eyes, he got out his phone from his pants and placed a call on the first number that appeared there letter ”BOSS ”

”Hello, ” He said.

On the other end of the line were a middle-aged man sitting in an office room which was with paper works on the table and game design sketches attached to the wall.

There were images of game characters and game worlds designed and placed on the walls there, giving a unique feel to the environment.

This man had sunglasses over his eyes as he slowly Leaned on his office seat, rocking it gently. Back and forth.

”Yes…so what did you find out? ” The mans deep voice asked. Deep and relaxed.

” the moment. Nothing. The trackers couldn even find a place where this hacker could be. It Was Like he works from outer space and not to mention how cunning he is ” The man said.

”At the moment, the whole company is a mess while working on this tirelessly. Most of our Esteemed workers and working from home but there just doesn seem to be any good news ”

” But at least… Luckily it didn affect other games of ours. Its just like this hacker is targeting this particular game for no damn reason ”

The midd

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