The Villain’s Apocalyptic System

7: He\'s certainly not a robot

”Now wait, what the hell are you talking about here?! ”

I agree that this strange girl who I couldn seem to figure out how she appeared out of nowhere might to be pretty but the fact that she was talking trash made me consider her mentality!

”Im not saying nothing but the truth ” she had confirmed straightforwardly making things much more confusing for me! And her expression didn seem like it was putting up an act or anything!

”How can you say a lie that plainly… What do you mean I made you? Do I look like a God?! ” I had to question her.

”Although you
e not yet to the level of a god you
e at a demi-god level, Also powerful and skilled and able to create. So youve taken your time in Cultivating and creating me into existence that is why I stand before you and will always serve you till the end! ”

Now, this was getting awkward and I had to say! What was all this and why was this girl persistent in talking trash?! It was getting creepy at the moment and I didn think I could stay here any longer!

”Well…You know what? ” I said casually looking around for a while ” You can stay here and do whatever you want okay? Ill be off. I have practiced! ”

I handed her the bracelet as quickly turned and walked away heading to the door.

”Master! Where are you off to?! Don go out there, Its dangerous! ”

I could hear her urging from behind but I didn think I was in the mood to play such pretend games with her or whatever!

I was simply worried as to how long Id been sleeping here and why I ended up in a restaurant?!

Casually pushed open the exit door and let me out into the bright daylight. I couldn help but look around through the familiar street I remember taking once in a while.

It was still familiar but with certain changes that weren so significant.

But the fact that it was cold dry and empty was another thing that was hard to understand!:

I looked around wondering where everyone had gone to and why it was so dry like they all had abandoned the town behind!

Causally standing in the middle of the road, I looked up at the signboard which was before the restaurant or preferably saying an Internet Cafe.

I had to spend the next minute blinking and staring at the blank billboard because there was nothing written on it. Unlike the one, I knew Where the name ” Sunday ” Was inserted on it.

This was strange but another thing which I observed next and found stranger was the fact that all shops around didn have any tag names on their billboards and even if they had, They were a bunch of numbers that didn make any sense to me!

”Master come in here! The robots are on patrol around here and they might find you! ”

I could hear her urge again but this time she was standing at the restaurants entrance trying to call me in. I had to ignore her once again. Certain because I didn understand the damn thing she was saying!

Robots?! She was indeed not in her right mind!

As I stood there looking into the streets and randomly trying to understand what the hell in Jupiter is going on here! I overheard some glitchy sounds again.

I had to turn back to see some clear glitches happening in the air followed by appearances which I certainly didn expect!

my jaws almost dropped open at the sight of all rectangular-shaped robots with two bicycle-style legs and thin mechanical hands which they used in grabbing their weapons. I guessed their weapons were strange-looking guns to start with!

They had thin necks which connected them to their circular heads. Eyes made of red laser glasses and ears made of black balls attached to the ear part.

They had no mouth!

For a while, I thought I was dreaming of watching these objects with their guns held firmly in their hands!

I pinched myself but nothing Changed. Was this real was I having a super dream or something? I couldn help but panic at what was happening! It was stupidly insane.

Itd be a good idea to run but how could I do so when I don even understand a thing here? All I could do was stand blankly and watch Five of these identical robots approach.

At this point, I didn hear that girl calling out to me. I had to wonder if she had run away so soon!

”Search the area, Eliminate all characters ” The robot in the middle kept repeating in its robotic tone as they approached me. It wasn long before they stood before me.

And the next thing I saw was red light running through me. From head to leg. I could tell they were scanning me.

But why on earth were they doing that?! the thought of it bothered me and I had to admit that I was scared at this point! Heavens know what would become of me!

The supposed scanning took over a minute before its light went off. I panicked wondering what the next action was!

I wasn even aware of the reason for the scanning so I couldn tell if I was guilty or innocent of anything!

”Scanning completed, ” The robot said as it Bowed down to me with the other robots.

I panicked in confusion. What was it now?! Was it a method of the so Called eliminating?!

”Greetings to the god-gamer! ” They all bowed casually ”Give us your order! ”

The synchronized method of speech gave me hills but what was more confusing was what they were saying! God gamer?!

No, I was lost for life!

But these robots were still bowing there obviously waiting for my so Called order so I guessed I have to say something at Least!

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