The Villain’s Apocalyptic System

3: It\'s no joke neither is it a lie!

”But…Master had ordered us to eliminate all human characters…and she is a human. So we must follow your order and eliminate her! ” The robot in front had explained.

I blinked. I wasn sure I said anything like that and this made him feel like these bots had mistaken me for someone else.

But either way, as long as I benefited from it. Its okay!

”Me? Then don listen to that. Because she is a part of you can harm her ” I told the robot hoping it listened.

The robots stared at me for another second before saying.. ”Just as Master Orders… Well leave this character ”

The robot had said as they turned and all rolled away to whatever they were going. I didn even know and didn care.

As the robots glitched and disappeared into thin air…I had a satisfactory smile on my lips. Even if I didn have powers in this world, at least this privilege was enough to compensate!

”Master… what was that just now…how is it possible that you… ” The girl looked up at me. I simply shrugged.

”I don know either. It just happened. I guess its a privilege I get for losing all my skills ” I suggested.

”But…this isn normal! They mistook you twice for the villain god-level gamer! ”

”Huh? Whos that? ”

”Hes the god In this world who controls everything. And also the one who controls these robots to do what they do. Its rather absurd that they think that you
e him… ”

I raised a brow staring at her.. ”You don need to give it much thought. At this point, I only have a problem. And thats finding at least something had of electric which can generate electricity or something… ”

It was at This point that another idea flashed through my mind and then I realized that I lost something.

With a blink, I looked at the spot where the robots had disappeared and realized that robots were also tools that I needed.

”Whats it, master? ” She asked but I didn think Id be explaining because I had just realized that robots themselves could serve as what I needed!

”Nothing…We need to find a robot as soon as possible! ” I started looking at Her ” Do you know where any of them stays? ”

She shocked her head ”we
e running away from them…so we can be certain of Where they are. at least I don ” She explained.

I stared at her. She knew nothing and I couldn believe that the person who programmed her or something didn even try Making her a nerd or something!

”Then I guess Ill have to do the finding myself, ” I said as I turned to leave but just like luck had visited me, I saw a robot passing by.

I stiffened as I watched the robot branched at a street and made its way out of sight. I blinked.

”We can miss that brat of a robot! we have to catch it and make it work! ” I snapped as I took off towards the direction I had seen the robot branching into.

The girl behind me did follow because I was too busy to notice!

As I branched as well, I had seen this robot again and this time it was heading straight in a particular direction that I didn even know. It was moving forward alone.

I had to follow up with it and that was just what I did. I followed it behind closely and closely until it finally got to what seemed to be his Destination.

In my opinion, it was merely a garage-looking environment Where mechanics did their job. There seemed to be tools and working stuff littered there on the floor but what would rather grab anyones attention was the huge object there.

At first glance, it looked like a spaceship or maybe a huge green drone. And so I was convinced with it. A drone looks like a spaceship with legs helping it to balance on the floor.

Yeah, It had to be it!

But this wasn what surprised me Later on, It was the fact that as I stood from a distance peeping through the end of a wall watching as this man approached this drone, a sudden and unexpected transformation took place before my eyes!

This robot whom I was hundred percent certain was like its fellow robot had suddenly begun transforming! just like those classic robot slash car transformers I remember seeing in movies.

This robot had instantly transformed into a human. A chubby-looking man was in a green and black striped top and and and and black trousers.

His clothes were Similar to mine, but only for the fact They were green. Staring at him, I was confused. What the hell was happening here?!

”Is he human? ” I asked hoping the girl whom I believed would be beside me would answer but I got nothing for a while.

I had to look to my side only surprised to see something else!

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