The Villain’s Apocalyptic System

3: It\'s no joke neither is it a lie!

[City A]

It felt like thousands of electric shocks running through my fingers, and even throughout my body. For a while there I thought I was going to get electrified totally!

But the tiny feelings of electric shock through my Body slowly eased away and it was open to open my eyes which were closed for a reason I didn understand.

Slowly and lazily, I flipped my eyes as he brought up my head from where it lay.

It was a restaurant. An empty restaurant with complete sets of tables and chairs and other requirements for setting up a restaurant. But the only thing missing was humans!

There wasn even any waiter serving meals or working nor was there any human eating out at s restaurant. It was damn empty!

At first, that didn appear to be my main problem but the fact that this restaurant had a striking resemblance to the Sunday Internet Cafe where I had always come for a game or two.

With the blue wall designs and most significant details which I couldn help but observe. I was certain about it. At least Ninety percent!

Now the fact that no person in this restaurant began bothering me. It had gotten more bothersome when I turned to look out of the restaurant through the glass wall.

The street was cold and empty!

There wasn any human passing by nor were there any vehicles! it was as though it was midnight or something. Or like somewhere totally abandoned. I found it creepy at first!

But It couldn be denied that this was the street I passed by wherever I come here. The only difference was how dry it was now!

Blinking twice, I slowly got up from the seat I was wondering how the internet cafe I had gone in to play games had suddenly become a restaurant! It was crazy.

I couldn help but wonder at This moment if I had gone into a restaurant or something. No, I didn think so because I was hundred percent sure about this.

This got me wondering and going through what had happened. I recalled getting ready to play some games and then the heavy lightning I had seen spark before my device.

I paused. Was I Perhaps dead?!

The stupid and panicked thought got me looking around the restaurant for a while because this place couldn be the afterlife, could it?!

Then I noticed the Outfit I was wearing, It was so not the Black hoodie I remembered wearing here and looked on the floor, The raincoat wasn there!

I had taken a while to admire my outfit which was kinda hard to explain. A blue top with black stripes which seemed like a racing cars unique top and black plain trousers.

On my hands were blue and black gloves and there were some details on my hands and clothes which were hard to understand so I didn bother looking at them at all!

While walking ahead to have a proper look outside the restaurant I heard a slight glitching sound and quickly turned to have a look at the person now standing before me!

It was a She, A girl who looked Younger than me. With her long curly pink hair which seemed rather unreal and her similar outfit which was rather Pink and black instead, I couldn help but admire her.

For a while, I found her cute. And she indeed was. Pretty and cute at a go.

But yet again, I couldn help but look left and right as I wondered where she had come from. I didn see her walking out from any door which made it weirder.

I then stared at the girl ” Hello…? ” I waved at her slightly.

”Master, See. I managed to get the bracelet from your experiment room. Before I got there, those rascals has already invaded it and destroyed most things. luckily I sneaked in and secured this ”

She was handing him so strange bracelet which was blue lines around it.

I was rather confused as I stared at the odd object for a while. It was strange. Similar to that equipment in the science fiction movies created by a mad scientist or something!

It was unique and fascinating as well. I couldn help but accept it from her ”What…what is this? ” I stared at the object in my hand.

”This is the tool that you ordered me to go to your lab and bring. I precisely don know its name or its use. But Since you created it, I assume you do.. ” The girl stared at him. ”Or Master… don you know what is it? ”

”Huh? This…I don think I remember it neither do I remember telling you anything… ” He paused looking at the tool.

”Huh? Master, what do you mean by that? This was what you specially told me to get just about an hour ago ..How could you have forgotten? ”

I was getting more confused than ever. Who was This girl? why was she here with me? How did she know me and even said I told her to get this for her?! And Most importantly, why was she calling me Master?!

The confusion I had reflected on my face as I looked up at her. I had questions and I was certain she could tell.

”Young Master is anything wrong with you? ” The girl asked.

I paused for a while before I asked ” Master? Why are you calling me that? ” I had to ask.

”Because you
e my master ” The girl stated plainly.

”Your Master? How am I your master?! ” I had to ask further.

”Because you made me ” The girls answer came again. Straight and direct.

”Made you?? ” This was the point that I wanted to go insane with shock and confusion. Like what the hell was this girl trying to say?

Did I create her? On what grounds is that even meant to say that a human like me made her?

It was at This point that I knew that something was indeed off about what is currently happening.

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