The Villain’s Apocalyptic System

6: I need This and that to escape

I stared blankly at my breast pocket for a while. A bigger part of me didn even want to know where the hell that sh*t went to!

I didn want to learn further about what was happening and how it was happening because of the little I have seen and heard. I could only come to a single illogical comprehension.

I have just entered the game I recalled always playing. The League of Apocalypse!

Crazy right?! Yeah, it certainly was because of a rational concept who would believe that one could enter his or her game?

Well of course I wouldn believe it if anyone told me. But looking at all the stuff and happenings around me. Who am I to deny the fact?

”Master? Are okay? ” The girl asked.

I didn know who she was basically because the game was rather a role-playing game where random people online picked a unique character and go on an endless mission of levels and tasks which increasingly got difficult with every level!

”I am .. ” I said as I looked at my breast pocket again ” maybe it fell off? ” I suggested.

”But thats impossible! The barges can fall off else one is striped off of their level or dies! ” She explained and I guessed that was fair enough.

”Master could it be… ”

The girl paused at her statement now staring at me. blinked, Looking at her wondering what she had come up with this time!

”Could it be that you have also lost your Prestigious level as well as your memories?! ” she questioned.

Now that was something that could at least make sense but sweet Heavens! I wouldn wish to lose my supreme level of power now Im stuck in this game world!

It would be his only source of survival in this unpredictable world so losing it would be making me a useless handicap!

”Its Only logical that you did… ” She continued staring at the position Where my badge was supposed to be.

”I don think so… maybe. Ive become some special person that it won show ” I stated

”But had it Just an hour ago when I left ” She explained ” Master…why don you let me see your power level, ” She said.

”Huh? How do I do that? ” I asked.

”Open your palms and concentrate on unleashing your power level… Itll show up with a barge and your level at least ” She explained.

Is that easy? I guess I could do that. I opened my Palm which was basically covered with a glove and then stared at it. I was deeply concentrated on pulling something out and who knew that I succeeded!

But…what came out was rather a number floating in the air nothing else! No barge which itd be inscribed on!

”A zero?! ” I repeated almost losing every inch of my pride. what in the Heavens was this?! In all my years of playing this game, I haven seen any gamer with such a level! The basic, lowest, and beginner level in This game was a 1!

Seeing this almost gave me a heart attack because at this point I was stuck in a game world where power was all for survival and I was simply useless!

”Master….what happened?! ” She asked looking at the embarrassing number in my hands…I quickly closed my hands.

”Maybe its some kind of glitch in the system. Im sure itll be restored soon! ” I wanted to believe what I said too!

”How is there a glitch? ” She asked as she opened her hands and her level appeared.

She was at level 45 with a silver! At the sight of it, I was simply amazed. it was indeed amazing yet embarrassing to me!


=Basic leveling system=

There are a total of 100-point levels in this game! From 1 to 100. And each level is more powerful in terms of ranking and difficult in terms of upgrading.

In terms of grouping based on medals, From level 1 to 39 point level is termed the Bronze level.

From 40 to 79 point levels are els.

And from 80 to 99 point level are Gold badges!

Then a 100-point level is mostly diamond.

Then break it down more into level tags,

From 1 to 9 level points are beginner levels.

From 10 to 19 point levels are Pro Beginner levels.

From 20 to 29 level points are tagged Intermediate levels.

30 to 39 level points are called Pro intermediate levels.

40 to 49 Level points are Advanced levels.

50 to 59 level points are Pro Advanced

60 to 69 level points are then Ace level.

70 to 79 level points are Pro Ace level.

80 to 89 level points are Demi/Semi god level.

90 to 99 level points are Pro Demi/semi-god level.

Then a 100 was considered a god! and it was rather impossible to find one but the ruler!

This is the basic Ranking in this gaming system.


”I don think its a glitch master…I think something is wrong with your leveling. ” She pointed out ” Are you sure nothing happened? ”

I didn know what to say. What could I say has happened?!

It was just then that something struck my head. and that I could say was rather a more reasonable explanation for what happened here.

If I could recall clearly what happened, I would say that it was when I had headed last night to Play this particular game on that stormy night!

Logically speaking, Lightning had descended on the building and I could swear that I had seen a flash of electricity go through my computer system.

For a while I stood, staring into thin air as I wondered if that was the reason why I ended up here?!

Based on those Webnovel and stories of transmigration. It was logical to say that it was the reason!

So now if I had to give it much thought, I would say that it was also logical to say that since I was brought here through that method, I Can only say that if I wanted to go home…Then I could as well use that same method and go home!

That was a smart move and I have to commend my thinking! It was logically perfect and might end up working!

Now all I had to do with finding the requirements!

”Master! ”

Now I looked at the girl who had called me for a while! ”Huh? ”

”You don have to be worried about anything and don let yourself lose Your mind because of this, Keep cool. Okay? ”

” And Don worry, Since Youve taken care of me, protected m, e, and helped up, Ill surely repay you by protecting you! Ill be your guardian and keep you safe from all and won let anyone hurt you! ”

I stared at her again. r was .irl say .e was going to protect you! And not to mention the fact that I was as weak as anything and couldn even fend for myself in this world!

But still, he wasn going to let a girl protect him ” No… You don have to. Im not that weak ” I said ” So you don have to look down on me ”

”Im not looking down at you Master. I would never do so. I was just eager to protect you ” She stated.

”Its okay. Its nothing much ” He said with a faint smile ” Its just that…I think I have an idea to go back ”

”Back? Back Where? ”

Poor girl, I felt bad having to wave her head confused all these While in tho his she wouldn understand.

”You won understand. But I need to ask you if it ever rains here? ” I stared at her.

”Huh? Rain? Well. Its not up to us. Its the god who can bring that as well since he controls the place. But some got the special level skills system to activate a fake rain as well ” She explained.

”Oh… Curse that god guy! ” I had mumbled beneath my breath. Does he always have to have the upper hand in all?

Now I felt terrible being this weak. Itd be nice to be the strongest in this world just like how the MC in those cliche books becomes the best with the Highest systems.

I was the opposite.

But how those Robots called me god. For a while, it felt good being Called the god who was the highest ranking and creator. But then again, I still didn understand why I was misunderstood as such.

But anyways, that wasn my main issue now. I had to find a way to return home as soon as possible.

”If you still had your level, You could easily wave a rain and storm. But why do you need the rain? ” She asked.

I sighed, Of course itd be great to have the same character level I had become. too bad!

”That… ” I hesitated ” And again, Where is the nearest Internet Cafe here? ”

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