The Villain’s Apocalyptic System

9: A deal we made Chubby

All I had seen was a pink dot light flowing beside me. I was confused as to what it was and why it was there.

Just when I wanted to ask, This dot had transformed into a human and it was the girl!

”Hes not a robot, Hes a fellow character like us ” She explained looking ahead at the Young chubby man ahead.

Staring at her, I blinked. I wanted to ask what that was all about now but then again, I had to conclude that it was because she wanted to take cover so she had to transform into something on the way.

As a gamer, I could understand the technique privilege used by certain gamers at such levels.

”So..if hes a character, what is he doing here? ” I asked.

”Hiding from the drones and all. Like I said…The robots are up to eliminate every character here and at This point, the rate of characters is dwindling rapidly and I fear that if it continues, we might be done for. At this point, There are only a few of us scattered across the city ”

”City? ”

”Yeah… There are twenty-six cities here…city A, city B, city C… ”

I watched her recite the alphabet and had Guessed that these cities were inspired and named by the alphabet.

I guess the writer was too lazy to begin creating individual names or it was understandable for me.

”Enough enough… I already know the alphabet ” I said as I looked ahead at the man who was working on some parts of the drones with some tools. To me, he looked like a mechanic.

”But Master…did you forget everything? ” she asked me again.

”Of course I did..If not then why would I ask you this? ” I said as I continued looking ahead at the scene.

”I think this young man might be of help to me ” I confirmed after seeing how experienced this man Seemed, I guessed hed be of use in making some electrical tools basic for what I need.

”How will he be? ” She asked.

”You won understand, ” I said as I walked out of hiding and then walked up to the man who had now flown into the drone for some fixing.

As I walked closer to this drone, something suddenly fell off from within the drone and then rolled and stopped before me.

I stopped as I looked at the tool before me. Staring at it I didn even seem to understand what the hell this was.

It looked like a ball. A green mechanical ball made with iron had electrical energy running through it.

Slowly I bent to pick up this slightly heavy tool.

”Hey! Who are you?! Drop that! ”

I Looked up to see the Chubby man walking out of the drone, down the drones stairs, and then stopped opposite me.

Looking at him, I couldn help but think that he was indeed Chubby! I guessed the name Chubby would match him.

”Drop that…now… Give it to me! ” He demanded.

I simply stared at him blankly ” This? ” I repeated as If I didn hear what he previously said.

”Don mess with that! Don even think of dropping it else Ill smack your face and ruin your life! Just give it to me! ” Chubby had threatened.

From the look of things, I could easily tell that this was something extremely important to him. It seemed like a tool he couldn do without.

And I had a good idea about this regarding what I wanted now.

”You want this? ” I asked.

”You…who on earth are you two, And why are you guys here after me?! Did you perhaps… follow me? ” Chubby questioned.

”Maybe… maybe not ” I stretched my neck as I stared at him with a slight smile.

”You ….who are you guys? And what do you guys want? ” He demanded.

”What do I want? Nothing ” I said as I looked at the tool and Played with it for a while as though I was going to drop it at any moment!

”Maybe I just want something to play with ” He smiled.

And I figured chubby had panicked beyond words ” No…. ” He almost squeaked ” No…you. can destroy that… Its really important to me! Ive been building this for ages now patiently and that tool is the most important. If its destroyed.. then all my efforts will be in vain! ”

”Please consider me ” Chubby continued ” Don do anything silly…We can all be friends, right? We
e all characters on the run right? ” He smiled ”So… please hand it over and I can give you something else to play with… okay? ”

I stared at him blankly like I was gonna listen, but then Continued as I tossed up the ball and caught it again.

”No!.. ” He almost squeaked again. I could feel the pain and panic in his tone. Mixed up. And it was like music to my ears .. pleasure!

”Don … don do it… please.. please ” Chubby pleaded desperately and I was convinced it was too important to him. Which made it a perfect chance to get what he wanted!

”Hmm…I can consider giving it to you… But under one…no two conditions ” I stared at him, pleased.

”Sure… sure.. whatever! name it and Ill try my best to see to it ”

On hearing him promise I simply smiled.

Who could have imagined that this would be easier than expected?

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