The Villainess Wants to Get Married (1)

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Sophia was surprised.

‘Did he just ask, ‘past life’?’

Sophia got up on the bed and stared at the small, dark-haired escort.

Orion is Sophia’s escort in the otome game―

“Perhaps… Do you remember yours too?”


As Orion nodded in response, Sophia clasped her hands.

“No way! Then, can you help me out a little? I don’t want to be a villainess! Ah, my name is Kaon Shinohara in my past life! You had played this game too, right?”

Orion’s eyes widened.

“…Kaon Shinohara?”

Orion covered his mouth then looked up at the ceiling and muttered, “Wow”.

“Is it really you, Kaon? I can’t believe it.
What kind of coincidence is this? Well… it’s true we we’re together when I died but…”


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“What I meant was, I also got caught up in the road collapse due to land subsidence.”


Sophia snapped her hands.
The cause of death in her past life that she couldn’t remember! It was said that the road suddenly collapsed several meters on the way to school, and Kaon, who was going to school, fell head on and died!

‘Hmm? Then―’

“Eh? Wait a minute.
But I was with her at that time…”

Sophia pointed to Orion with her quivering finger.

“Is that you Yukina?! You’ve been reincarnated as a man!?”

“No, I’m not a man.”


Orion sat down on the edge of the bed and began to untie her long black hair.

“Well, when I realized that I was reincarnated as Orion, instead of a man, for some reason, I’m still a woman.
My family has been escorting the imperial family for generations, right? When my father heard that my mother was too weak to bear too many children, he decided to raise me as a man.”

Orion regained her memories of her past life when she was ten years old, and decided to pretend as a man and enjoy herself as a mob of the game as Orion.
Orion is Sophia’s escort, and since Orion was not punished or killed in the ‘Glastona’s Snow’, she decided to consider herself lucky to be able to see the game up close.

“…Good, you.
in Orion.”

“You are a disaster, in Sophia.”

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Sophia was frustrated at Orion who said it as if it were a trivial matter.

“Don’t use the word ‘disaster’ to describe it! I let it stay this way, I’ll be on my way to ruin!”

“Ah, yes, I’m sorry for your loss.”


Sophia tightly grabbed Orion by the collar.

“Fine, fine.
Calm down.”

“How can you take this lightly!”

“Now, now… Woah!”

“Do you take me for a fool?!”

Orion managed to pull Sophia’s hand away and said, “That’s not what I meant”.

“You’re lucky you regained your memories.
The game started when you and Keira were eighteen, so you still have four years to go! If you manage to ch

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