It was the next day that Isolte went to have an audience with Randall, who was still spending time in the castle.

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“That’s right.
I want to buy a dress for my Mistress for the dance party.”

Isolte did not give up.
She was proud that she had a beautiful mistress and wanted her to wear a beautiful dress and be the focus of everyone’s attention.

“It’s the social season and I want to buy my Mistress some dresses.”

It is not uncommon for aristocratic daughters and ladies to renew their dresses for that season of the year, rather, it’s common sense.
What’s wrong with getting it all done now? Isolte naturally thought that Randall would agree, but he immediately frowned.

“Did she say she wants that?”

The Mistress said she didn’t need them, but is there any inconvenience if she said “yes” to getting new dresses?

Isolte was a little annoyed by Randall, who was looking reluctant.
The Duke of Voltio has plenty of money and should have received a lot of dowry from the royal family when Sophia married him.
The dowry is his wife’s money, what’s wrong with using it.
He shouldn’t be stingy!

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“It’s a waste”

“… Excuse me, Master.
My Mistress has never been shopping since she got married, and you said that she doesn’t need a new dress this time but you can forget about it being a waste!”

Isolte knows that Randall doesn’t care for Sophia but Sophia is such a lovely and beautiful wife.
He was ignoring Sophia because Sophia wouldn’t complain, but he can’t continue ignoring her.

As Isolte stared at Randall, he became uncomfortable.

“Why does she want a new dress when she doesn’t need it?”

“Because my Mistress will be embarrassed!”


“Women’s dresses worn at dance parties are, so to speak, combat uniforms! Even more so, the Mistress is a Princess.
The dresses must be the latest fashion! They must be perfectly beautiful! That is our responsibility as handmaids.
It’s our pride.
You may not know it, but it’s very important! ”

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“That’s right.
I won’t say anything to Master anymore.
I’m going to ask his Majesty to pay for the Mistress dress!”

“Do not be silly!”

“I’m not being silly!”

Isolte did not back down even if Randall glared coldly at her.

The Mistress is pitiful.
Not only does Master never come back even though they are newly married, but she is too unlucky to be married to a husband that is reluctant just to buy her a few dresses.
She is such a wonderful Mistress, she should be able to choose a nicer and kinder husband rather than Master!

“…Do what you want”

After the glaring contest, Isolte got the victory and returned to the Duke’s house, humming.

“… Isolte”

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“Yes, what is it Mistress!”

Isolte smiles mischievously.

The next day, Madame, the most famous tailor in the royal capital, came to the Duke of Voltio Mansion with an array of sample fabrics and some off-the-shelf dresses.
In the meantime, Sophia was measured all over her body, and she noticed that she was supposed to buy one off-the-shelf dress and three full-order dresses.

When Madame took her leave from the Mansion, a jeweler came, and while Sophia was still stunned, she bought two necklaces, three brooches, one bracelet and two rings.
It wasn’t until the jeweler departed that it dawned on her.

“… I said I didn’t need a dress.”

“It’s for Master!”

“For Randall?”

“That’s right.
If Mistress isn’t dressed up beautifully, your husband will be embarrassed!”

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“Is that so?”

“That’s right!”

Oh really.
Then it can’t be helped, she can’t humiliate Randall.

“… Isolte, you’re gradually getting to know how to handle Sophia.”

Orion whispered from a little further away, but did not reach Sophia’s ears.

The full-order dresses will not be ready for the day of the dance party, so it seems that Madame will make some adjustments to the dress that Sophia brought when she got married.
Sophia is struck by the excitement of Isolte, who is enthusiastic about maximizing the beauty of her Mistress.

“Come on, Mistress!It’s time for today’s dance lesson!”

Sophia was scared by how much money she had spent today when she saw the glittering jewelry on her desk.

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