rp lines of his chin.

(That’s cool.
Now if only he was nice)

 Sophia suddenly imagined Randall in the game.

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 There is also a dance party scene in the game.
When he saw the heroine dressed up, Randall’s face turned red and he whispered “looks good”.
That scene was writhing.

 Sophia instantly wanted Randall to say “looks good”.
Of course, she doesn’t expect him to say it, but she can ask him if he won’t.

“How about today’s dress?”

 Randall looked down at Sophia and then turned away again.

 Isn’t this what happened a while ago? He is distracted every time their eyes meet.
Did she do something? She shouldn’t be bothering Randall.


 Sophia asks further but Randall doesn’t answer this either.

 Sophia was moody, she stopped and pulled Randall’s arm.

“If it’s strange, I’ll change my clothes!”

 ’I didn’t think he would like this, but it’s annoying to be ignored.’

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 ”If you don’t like this dress, say so! I still have some time to spare, so I have time to change clothes.”

 When Sophia let go of Randall’s arm and tried to turn back to leave, he grabbed her wrist in a hurry.

“Wait…It’s not strange.”



“Then, do I look good?”


“Then I will change my clothes!”

“Wait! You…”

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When Sophia let go of Randall’s arm and tried to spin around on her heel, he grabbed her wrist and whispered.

“Not bad”

Sophia was surprised while looking up at Randall.

‘Not bad? Did he say it’s not bad? Then….
Maybe he is shy?’


 Sophia was almost in agony, but Randall extended his arm and said, “I’m going,” so she tightened her grinning expression.

 I wasn’t told that it suits me, but I got “not bad”!

(Isolte, good job!)

When the dance party is over, I’ll give Isolte a shoulder rub to show my appreciation.

Sophia glanced up at Randall’s profile and noticed a slight smile.

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