“Well, I am okay I guess….”

 Her legs were still shaking, and her heart was beating fast.
She was shivering and scared.

‘I thought I would really fall.’ Sophia thought silently

‘The dance really got my nerves up….Thanks to Randall, I got things done, but I hate myself because I was panicking.’

 Randall laughed a little as he quivered, Sophia was surprised when she raised her face to this sight.

“Your desperate face was interesting.”

(He Laughed!)

 Randall laughed.
He laughed for the first time in front of Sophia!

 Sophia was so shocked she almost dropped the glass she had in her hand.

 The tune suddenly changed and the dance was difficult, but it was worth the effort if Randall’s smile was obtained.

(Why is there no camera in this world? I would love to capture this moment!)

 Sophia’s legs became weak.
‘If I had a camera, I would save this moment forever’.

 When Sophia was still stunned, Randall was called by someone and went away.

 ’It’s sad that he was called away from my side, but I was able to get a smile.
I am very satisfied today’.

(Let’s brag to Orion later!)

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 When Randall left, he said, “stay here quietly,” and suddenly someone called out to her as Sophia was drinking a cocktail while leaning obediently against the wall.

 When she looked up, there was a lady in a pink dress with dark brown hair standing nearby.
Who might this be?

 Embarassingly, Sophia doesn’t know the faces and names of the aristocrats.

 She may be a noble lady since she is here, but as far as she can see, she looked like she wanted to get close to Sophia.
Many of the ladies of this age all surrounded Keira.

Sophia was a little wary as she remembered that Orion had told her to be careful because she didn’t know what would happen.

(Don’t let your guard down)

 Sophia, the Villainess, must always be vigilant.
This world is a game world, but presently it’s not a game.
She has to be cautious in her choices since she can’t undo them.

 The Lady introduced herself as Arena.
Arena Legato.
She is the daughter of Count Legato.
Her age seems to be the same sixteen as Sophia.

 ’What is the purpose of the lady getting close to her?’
Sophia shivered lightly at this thought.

Lady Arena stood close to her and started small talks.

“Congratulations on your marriage, Sophia, ”

“Oh, thank you very much.”

“How is your newlywed life?”

“Well, everyone has been kind and I’m having a good time.”

“Is that so? Is the Duke of Voltio kind?”

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“Yes, he is”

 Randall isn’t kind at all, but she can’t answer honestly, Sophia nods, but it seems surprising to Arena.

“That’s right …The Duke is kind.”

 Sophia traces her memory and tries to remember if this noble Lady, Arena, was a character that appeared in “Glastona’s Snow,” but she doesn’t remember her appearing in the game.

(…This isn’t a red flag, right?)

 The game world hasn’t started yet.
Besides, she has already begun to change the plot of the game.
Meeting her here is not part of the game story plot.

 Lady Arena received a glass of champagne from a nearby waiter and tilted it with a gentle smile.
“No, nothing”

(… something will happen)

While she was wondering why a lady of the same age approached her, she looked up at Arena with a surprised look.

 Immediately Sophia Noticed her gaze, she followed her gaze and was surprised to find Randall heading towards them looking angry.

(What? I was quiet as I was told …)

 All she did was talk to Arena.
He didn’t say she shouldn’t speak.

 Randall walked over to Sophia’s and said in a low-pitched voice.

“Why did you spill red wine on Keira’s dress?”

 Sophia eyes glistened with tears immediately.

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