You spilled red wine on Keira’s dress?’

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 Randall said, but Sophia didn’t do anything like that.

(Red wine ……, no way! The red wine incident)

 The event “Red Wine Incident” occurs in the game “Snow of Grasstona”.
It’s an event where Sophia humiliates Keira by spilling red wine on her dress, but the event happens two years later in the game, and Sophia has been here all the time and hasn’t approached Keira.

 Sophia was surprised that she was suspected, but the Randall was in front of her furious and unlikely to hear her out.

“What on earth did Keira do to you Why did you harass her like this!”

 People begin to gather arround Sophia and others on Randall’s side.

“I didn’t do that …”

“Do not lie!”

“It’s not a lie”

 Even when Sophia tried to defend herself, Randall still refused to listen.

 But Sophia has been here all along.
She hasn’t even picked up a glass of red wine.
All she got was a glass of cocktail from Randall.

First, it was Randall who told her to stay quietly here.
Sophia stayed here all these while following his instructions.
Why does he doubt her?

Sophia was stunned but the ladies who were a little further away, moved close and affirmed Randall’s accusation.

“I saw it! Sophia sprinkled red wine on Keira’s dress!”

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“Yes, she was very fierce!”

“Keira-sama didn’t do anything to offend her”

“That’s because she grew up with the common people!”

Sophia is appalled by the accusations hurled at her by the noble ladies one after the other.
She didn’t know why they said that she has “sprinkled red wine” when she hasn’t done anything.
So fierce? She didn’t even say hello to Keira today?

At the words of the the noble ladies, Randall seemed to get angrier and angrier.

He grabbed Sophia by the wrist and almost dragged her away, but he was stopped by an unexpected person

“Sophia hasn’t done anything.”

Lady Arena Spoke aloud as she gracefully tilted her champagne glass.

“Sophia has been talking to me here all along.
So how did she spill red wine on Keira’s dress?”

 It must have been surprising that Lady Arena defended Sophia.
The ladies who were blaming Sophia flinched but quickly retorted:

“Before she started talking to you!”

“Oh, she was with the Duke of Voltio here before she had your chat with me.
Many of you may have seen them dancing

“Oh, before that!”

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When the lady said before that again, Randall thought it was strange, so he let go of Sophia.

“… My wife has been with me ever since we entered this venue.”

 That’s right.
It was only a few moments ago since they entered the venue, she has been with Randall and when he left, Sophia had no time to be alone because she started speaking with Lady Arena shortly thereafter.

Lady Arena drank her champagne and smiled slightly.

“Sophia hasn’t done anything.
If Keira’s dress was spilled with red wine, it would be the work of someone other than her.
If so, that person is a fake pretending to be Sophia.
You have to look for the imposter her immediately and punish her her accordingly.

 The momentum of the ladies diminishedd compared to that of Lady Arena.

“You there.
You said you saw Sophia spill red wine on Keira’s dress? Can you tell me more? I have to find the culprit who tried to set up Sophia.”

When Lady Arena looked at one of the noble Ladies who had denounced Sophia, she looked flustered, she turned to leave quickly, saying, “, “I might have misunderstood,” trying to leave in a hurry, she was followed by the other noble ladies who had also denounced Sophia.

Arena gently grabbed Sophia’s hand, Sophia was still surprised by her help
“It’s getting noisy.
Why don’t you come to the break room?”

“Uh, uh, ……”

Sophia looked back at Randall.
The look of dismay on his face was a far cry from the anger he had felt a moment ago.
When their eyes met, he looked away, and Sophia thought it would certainly be better to move away from him a little..

 As she headed to the break room with Arena, she confirmed that no one was in the room and locked the room.

‘Phew, that was a hell of an eye opener.’

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Yeah, yeah, ……, um, thank you so much for your help.”

“No, no, no.
I had a few things on my mind as well.”

 Lady ArenaA sat down on the sofa and took a piece of chocolate that was on the table.

 As Sophia sat on the couch opposite her, LadyArenaA d gazedat herher, rolling chocolate in her mouth.

“It’s surprising after all.” 

ArenaA, who closely observed Sophia’s appearance, chewed the small chocolate and brought her face closer.

“Sophia, I’m going to say something strange now, but even if you don’t understandI am sayingunderstand, please don’t listen to me.”


“Snow of Grasstona”


Sophia widened her eyesArena and A grinned at Sophia’s expression.

“After all, I felt like that.”

“Then, Arena-san …”

“withArenaA it’s fine.
Yes, I’m a reincarnated person.”

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Sophia took a deep breath and stood up unintentionallyArena while A ate a second chocolate.

“I was surprised when I remembered my previous life and I can’t believe that Sophia is also a reincarnated person.
I have nothing to do with the story, but you were reincarnated in Sophia, .
That’s a disaster.”

“You can surecall me , but how did you find out?”

“The first thing I thought was strange was when I heard that Sophia was married to Randall.
Randall and Sophia were engaged but not married so I thought it was just a different story.
I was convinced that it was because Sophia and the character in the game were too different.
Did you marry Randall to change the story of the game? ”

When Sophia nodded, LadyArena also immediately nodded, “I see.”

“I don’t like the ruined end”

“That’s right.
I want Sophia to be happy too.
It’s like this, I liked the characters in the game, but I didn’t like the heroine, Keira.
She’sShe always played the victim, cried all the time and only asked people to help her.
So, is it going to be okay after marrying Randall? ”


Sophia explained to LadyArenaA what has happened so far.
When LadyArenaA finished listening to her, she turned her eyebrows to reveal her discomfort.

“Keira isn’t that bad and Randall doesn’t seem to have any good feelings for Sophia.”

“Yeah, I think he’s just keeping an eye on me.”

“It’s only two years before the game starts.
By then, it will be all be little tough if you have only Randall on your side.”

Arena stroked her chin as she thought, then raised her face and smiled.

“I just wanted to see the characters in the game from a close distance and have fun, but this is getting interesting.
Sophia, let me help.”

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