The Villainess attracts attention at a ball party (5)

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The inside of the carriage was silent from earlier.

After exiting the break room and leaving Lady Arena there, Sophia didn’t feel like returning to the dance hall and decided to return to the Duke’s house, but Randall chased after her as she tried to get into the carriage.

Randall was returning to the Duke’s Mansion today.
Even though she didn’t want to meet him because of the awkwardness, she couldn’t refuse so Sophia went home with Randall.

Randall was looking out the window of the carriage, where the rattle of the wheels echoes strangely.
The outside is completely dark and he can hardly see anything.

Sophia stared at Randall’s profile and sighed silently.

As expected, today was terrible.

It’s not uncommon for Randall to blame Sophia, but he was angry in front of many people he is familiar with, Randall was the target of the heroine’s capture, and Sophia knew that she was the villainess.
The soft and gentle Keira, the heroine, is important to Randall.

The dance lessons she worked hard on and the beautiful dressing all seemed silly.

How foolish Sophia was, soaring because of a single smile that Randall showed.
He just laughed a little but she didn’t get to his heart.

(… I wanted you to believe me)

She knew Randall hates Sophia and that it’ll be hard to conquer Randall but her heart was about to break.

What could Randall be thinking now?

Lady Arena already has proved that Sophia wasn’t the culprit but he is still suspicious of Sophia?

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Sophia turned her gaze to the window opposite Randall’s gaze.

Sophia’s face reflected on the window showed the terrible expression on her face.
She still had her make-up, but that couldn’t cover her terribly dark look, and she wasn’t glamorous anymore.

It wasn’t too far from the castle to the Duke’s house, but it felt like the journey took forever.

She wanted to go home early, take a bath, and sleep quickly to forget the unpleasant event today.

Sophia gently closes her eyes.
She wondered why she was”Sophia” and wanted to cry out loud.

“… I’m sorry for today.”

Sophia opened her eyes.
It was a very small whisper that reached her ear, she thought she had misheard it.

Randall turned back then  continued speaking as he stared  outside through the window.

“I doubted you, that was wrong of me.”

(Randall … apologized?)

Sophia silently tried to recall if there was ever any scene where he apologized, but there’s no scene in the game where Randall had to apologize, and Sophia didn’t make the right choices in the original plot.

Sophia was confused but she nodded and replied, “Okay.”

Silence fell into the carriage again, but mysteriously, she felt suffocated even though she was breathing.

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Randall regretted what he did today, he silently stared at the darkness outside the window.

After they  finished dancing, when Randall left Sophia and talked to an acquaintance, Randall was called by a lady who said that was Keira’s friend.

”It seems that Keira is crying.”

Hearing that his dear Cousin was crying, Randall hurried to one of the break rooms where Keira was.

When he entered the break room, Keira was crying and wiping her dress with a handkerchief.

“What happened?”

Randall called out, and Keira, who raised her face, said with tears streaming down her face.

“Wine on my dress … Sophia spilled red wine on my dress.”

“Are you sure it was Sophia?”

I’m sure it was Sophia, she  hates me …”

Randall was stunned by Keira, who sadly shook her eyelashes.
She was quiet and calm, but the “commoner” seemed to do terrible things to Keira repeatedly.

Randall hurried out of the break room in anger to question Sophia.

When he blamed her for spilling wine on Keira’s dress, she looked very confused, but Randall thought she was trying to pretend to fool him, because Keira herself said it was Sophia who spilled red wine on her dress.

To support Keira’s accusations, Keira’s friends all testified to  him that they saw Sophia spilling red wine on Keira’s dress.

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Arena’s terribly calm voice struck Randall’s ears when his frustration peaked at Sophia, who was not willing to plead guilty to all the accusations.

“Sophia hasn’t done anything.”

It was the lady who was tilting the champagne glass next to Sophia.
He’s sure, she’s the daughter of Count Legato, Arena.

“Sophia has been talking to me here all along.
So how did she spill red wine on Keira’s dress?”

Randall frowned.
Did Sophia chat there all the time with Lady Legato? But Keira said Sophia spilled red wine on her.
What was going on?

When Count Legato’s daughter, Arena asked Keira’s friends, they began to panic and when he heard Keira’s friends say she had spilled the wine before Arena came to chat with her, Randall realized that the culprit was not Sophia because Sophia had been with Randall until then.

Immediately, Randall became upset.

It wasn’t Sophia.
However, he became unreasonable and accused her.

He was unable to look at Sophia and turned to the side while Sophia was taken by Lady Legato to the break room.

Randall was then called by the king who heard the turmoil and reported the details; he was rebuked by the king immediately after he arrived.
The king was watching the party from a higher place–or rather, watching Sophia, but he said she never saw Sophia approaching Keira.

Finally, Randall became depressed.

He had no idea why Keira misunderstood that it was Sophia who had been the culprit that spilled the red wine, but without further investigation, Randall suspected her.

He was rebuked endlessly by the king, but Randall never took it lightly .

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(… Was she crying …?)

Randall couldn’t forget Sophia’s hurt expression that she showed when she left.

When he hurried to the place where the carriage was waiting after receiving a report that Sophia was leaving, she was about to get into the carriage with a gloomy expression on her face.

Randall was planning to stay at the castle today, but he couldn’t help but board the same carriage saying he would return to the Duke’s house.

However, although it was okay to get on the carriage, he didn’t know what to say, and there was a heavy silence in the carriage where only the sound of the wheels echoed.

As he stared at the window he saw Sophia turning her face to the window on the other side of the carriage.
Through the glass, Sophia’s  reflected  face on the  window on the other side can be seen and he felt a sudden pain in his chest.
She looked like she would cry at any moment.

“… I’m sorry for today.”

Even if he apologized, the fact that he doubted her earlier will not disappear but he couldn’t stay silent, so Randall obediently apologized for his mistake.

“I doubted you, That was wrong of me.”

Looking back, Sophia had a surprised look.
Randall thinks she doesn’t have to be so surprised.
Was he like an unreasonable person who can’t even apologize?

Sophia remained surprised for a while, but then nodded a little, “Okay.”

And again silence falls upon the carriage.

Randall looked at Sophia through the reflection on the window’s glass and contemplated on his actions from the bottom of his heart

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