However, as expected, as one of the main leads, Randall has a hard time opening his heart to Sophia.
Far from opening, she complained to her father, the King, and managed to get married, but he never returned to his residence.

This is a terrible situation.

If they continued to live apart until two years later, they would never get closer, and she would be doomed.

So Sophia decided to get a ladies’ education, hoping that Randall will see her in a new light.

Fortunately, the servants of the duke’s household are very fond of Sophia.

If she said she wanted to be a respectable noblewoman for Randall, they would wet their handkerchiefs and say, “Wonderful, madam!” and become cooperative.

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Sophia consulted with Johannes, the butler, and decided to make it a priority to practice dances and tea parties now that the social season is in full swing, and thus she is practicing tea parties with Orion, her best friend from her previous life and Sophia’s current bodyguard, and Arena, another reincarnated person, whom she has not known in her previous life.

(… I don’t know about tea parties)

Arena should be exaggeratedly impressed with the ladies’ bragging stories and rumors, but what’s the fun in doing that?

“In the case of Sophia, it’s unlikely that you’ll be invited by maidens, so it’s better to learn how to treat older married ladies.”

As Arena said, many of the noble ladies who are close in age to Sofia are Keira’s cronies.Therefore, they have always had a bad impression of Sophia, and it was unlikely that they would willingly invite Sophia to a tea party.

“For the time being, my day has been going well, don’t ruin it.
I’m not the aunt in charge of matchmaking.”

As Orion repeated the story, Sophia was miffed and chewed on a cookie.

“What should I say then?

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“Just say, It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

And if it’s a tea party in the garden, it’s a nice garden.
If it’s a salon, it’s a very elegant and relaxing salon.”

“Don’t forget to praise the tea and sweets served.”

“Complimenting dresses and accessories will put them in a good mood.”

I see, should I just line up all the crap?

“Hey, what’s fun about tea parties?”

Sophia asked, feeling that the tea party was just an exhausting gathering, to which Arena replied with a cool face.

“You’ll get used to it, and one day you’ll be able to laugh at the ignorance and the thick make-up.”

Unlike Arena, Sophia thought that day would never come.

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