It was when Randall put down his quill to finish his work that Duke Levord paid a visit to Randall’s private chambers at the castle.

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 The Duke of Levord is a slender and tall old gentleman about sixty- something years old.
Randall twisted his neck to stare at the Duke as he arrived, his short dark gray hair brushed back and a stylish walking stick in his hand.

 The Duke, who had been sick for two years, must have been recovering in his territory.
When did he come back? Having been unable to have children for many years, he has only one son of the same age as Randall, who was born when the duke was old enough to manage the ducal residence in the royal capital.
He thought he would just give up his title to his son and live a retired life in his territory.

“Congratulations on your marriage, though it’s coming late.”

“Thank you.
Is the Duke all right?”

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My health improved.
It sucks to be sick.
My wife wants to go to the royal capital this year, so I decided to stress my body a little.”

 The gentle smiling Duke of Levord, is famous for his love for his wife.
He is vulnerable to Mrs Rose, who is four years younger than he is, and often seems to be swayed by her willfulness, but he is always happy.

‘Well, the duchess wouldn’t exert him if the Duke wasn’t strong enough to move, so he probably recovered to the extent that he could.’

The Duke of Levord’s territory has a hot spring, and the recovery of his health may have been as a result of that.

 Randall walked towards the seats with the Duke and asked the castle maid to make tea.

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 The Duke dropped a piece of sugar into the tea and stirred it, asking Randall a question that seemed difficult to answer.

“How is life as a newlywed?”

 The Duke of Levord was in his territory until very recently, so he doesn’t seem to know that Randall has been living in the castle since he got married and hasn’t returned to his Residence, the Duke’s estate(Mansion).
Randall was full of answers and vaguely replied, “it’s okay.”

 Randall, who hasn’t returned to the Duke’s residence since he got married, has no idea about newly-married life.
Or rather, he doesn’t even feel married,

 Randall still thinks Sophia is a fake princess, and he married her just for surveillance.

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“I heard that Her Royal Highness Princess Sophia lived on the streets until she was 14 years old.
I’m sure she must have gone through some hardships.
It may be none of my business, but please take good care of her.”

 Did the Duke of Levord come all the way to say that? Does he know that Randall hasn’t returned to the Duke of Voltio Mansion? The Duke of Levord and the King are on good terms.
It is possible that he came to advise Randall after the king complained to him.

 Randall felt uncomfortable because he couldn’t read the thoughts of the Duke of Levord.
With a smile, the Duke gave him a letter.

“My wife gave this to Sophia.
She said she wanted to hold a tea ceremony because she returned to the royal capital.
By all means, she wanted to invite Sophia.
Of course, you too, Duke Voltio.”

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“… me too?”

 Women often hold tea ceremonies, but their husbands rarely attend.
The Duke laughed a little, he was also wondering why even Randall was invited.

“You look surprised, though it’s called a tea ceremony, only Sophia and you are invited this time.
It’s just that my wife would like to meet Princess Sophia.
I thought it might make you feel uncomfortable if I invite your wife alone, so I invited you to join us.
” Women chats are long and sometimes boring, while your wife and Sophia are talking, you’re with me and my son.
How about we play chess? “

 ’It seems the Duke doesn’t know why his wife was interested in Sophia, but would be rude for him to decline.’

 Randall recalled Sophia’s face, which he hadn’t seen in a long time, and agreed that it couldn’t be evaded

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