leased with Randall’s expression.
That’s right, my Mistress is always beautiful, but today she’s all dressed up so he should be very impressed.

Isolte was very dissatisfied with Randall, who seemed to be neglecting his wife.
Shouldn’t she use this opportunity to change his mind a little?


Sophia was sent off by Isolte and others and boarded the carriage with Randall in the midst of a light rain.

Rose, the Duchess of Levaud, was a good person with a gentle smile.

She wore a dark gray dress with her platinum blonde hair tied together and a bright red color reminiscent of a pomegranate.

A little while after they arrived at the Duke of Levord mansion, Randall left with the Duke and his son Kyle, while Sophia and the Duchess were left alone in the salon.

“It’s a nice salon.”

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Sophia said after she recalled Arena’s teaching of “Compliments!”, The Duchess of Levord laughed like a young maiden.

“Yeah? I’m glad.
It’s autumn, so I tried to make the colors a little light.
It seems that it’s too light for young people and it’s unpopular with my son, but I like this red like autumn leaves.  ”

“Oh, I understand! I also like the color of the autumn leaves.”

“Oh, really? Fufufu, I thought you had similar facial features, but that kind of thing is just like your mother.”

Sophia was surprised.
She never thought she would hear about her mother from the Duchess’s mouth.

“Do you know my mother?”

“You mean Riserte? Yeah, I know her, because I was the one who introduced her as a  maid to the castle.”


Sophia realized her loss of composure and hurriedly composed herself like a lady.
Randall will get angry if she does something embarrassing.
The goal of a loving couple is still far away as it is so she can’t make more mistakes.

(But there was a connection between my mother and the Duchess …)

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The name of the Duchess of Levord has never come out of her mother’s mouth.
On the contrary, she has never heard of her mother’s family.
Her mother said she was “a lonely person for her entire life” until her death.

Sophia was wondering if she could inquire about what her mother didn’t want to talk about.
She wants to hear, but she feels like she shouldn’t.

The Duchess called the maid to bring a small portrait.
The faded portrait looked like her mother, but a little different.

“This picture is of your aunt Anne.
She was my best friend.”

When she handed Sophia the portrait, she squinted and recalled the old days.

“Anne was born to a Countess who was distantly related with me, and she used to play until she was seventeen years old when she married in another country.
Anne was married to a Marquis family of another country at the age of seventeen and at the age of twenty-five, she divorced and returned to this country, but by that time Anne’s father had died, and her brother succeeded the Count title.
The divorced sister was a shame for the family and  wasn’t welcomed back into the Count’s family.
She lived quietly in the town and raised your mother, Liserte.
I never knew that until just before Anne died of illness.
I would have helped her as much as I could if she had asked me for help.

The duchess shook her eyelashes in a sad manner.

“I’m sorry.
I invited you here because I wanted to meet you and to tell you a story about the old days.
And there was one thing I had to apologize for.”

“Apologize …?”

Sophia couldn’t think of anything that would warrant an apology from Mrs.

Twisting her head, Mrs.
Rose offered Sophia some baked goods and laughed, saying that she had a few more old stories to tell

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