His Majesty loves you, because he is like that, but you were not very comfortable in the castle, were you ……?”

‘It was indeed uncomfortable, but that was not something that the duchess would be bothered by.
I am sure that she has been concerned about me ever since my grandmother’s case’.
Sophia felt like she could see why her mother didn’t want to rely on the duchess until the last minute.
She didn’t want to bother her because she was kind to her.

When she stood up, she moved next to Sophia and gently clasped Sophia’s hand.

“I don’t have a daughter.
I’d be happy if you could come and visit me again.”

“Yes, by all means, I would love to”

Sophia squeezed her hand back.

For her, it might be a way of making amends for not having been able to do anything for Anne and Riserte.
But Sophia was happy.
She was happy to be able to talk about her mother, whom she had not been able to ask her father, because she felt that it was wrong to do so, and she was happy to know that her mother was so dear to her heart.
She enjoyed chatting with her as if they were mother and daughter for as long as time allowed.

“Please do come again”

With a hug from the Duchess; Lady Rose, Sofia left the Duke of Levord’s mansion.

The carriage was parked outside the gates of the ducal residence.
The rain that had been falling when they left the Duke of Voltio’s house had stopped before they knew it.

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Walking the short distance to the carriage, Sophia quietly steals a glance at Randall.

(…… something is wrong, he’s in a bad mood.)

Somehow, she feels that Randall is irritated.
He has never been one to smile when he’s with Sophia, but he’s even more crestfallen than usual.

Did something happen when he was with Duke Levord and Kyle? But those two are so good-natured and calm that it is hard to imagine them saying or doing anything that would make people uncomfortable.

Sophia had met the Duke of Levord for the first time today, but she and Kyle had talked a few times at the castle.
They had only exchanged a few words of greeting, but I had the impression that Kyle was always smiling and seemed to be a kind man.

‘Yeah, it must have been my imagination.’

There was no way Randall would be in a bad mood with those two.

She stopped worrying and was about to get into the Duke of Voltio’s carriage with the help of her servants when Sophia heard a voice calling, “Sophia!”


Sophia looked up at the sudden voice and gasped as she saw a man running toward her as if he were a wild boar charging toward her.

The man rushed to Sophia and tried to hug her, but Randall seized him before he could.
She looked at the man, whom she had never seen before, and twisted her head.

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The man had dull blond hair.
He was of medium height.
He was probably around 40 years old.

She asked, “Um, ……, do I know you from somewhere ……?”

Sophia had no idea who he was, but when he called Sophia’s name, she wondered if she had met him before.

The man seized by Randall looked up, his eyes moist with moisture.

“Sophia! I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable!”


Sophia tilted her head, becoming more and more confused.

But the next moment, the words the man said made her head blank.

“Don’t you understand, Sophia! I’m your father!”

–I’m your father!??

Translators Thoughts

Riserte is Sophia’s dead mum’s name,This is the name I will be using from henceforth

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