The next day, when Randall went to see the king, he was surprisingly unperturbed.

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Keira told him that there was a rumor in the castle that Sophia’s real father had appeared, but he now feels that it was not as widespread as she said?


Randall wondered if the king didn’t know about the rumors, but as soon as Randall entered the chamber, the king chuckled and said:


“You came here after hearing the silly rumor, didn’t you?”


“Did you know ……”


“Yes, I have been here all morning, with the queen, the prince, and even the ministers.”


“So much for …….”


‘I know about the queen and the prince.
The queen was particularly displeased with Sophia, who had been born to her husband and a lady-in-waiting, and had vociferously opposed the King when he took her into the castle’.


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But even the ministers were against it.
Surprisingly, most of the ministers seemed to be in favor of Sophia.
The king’s eyes narrowed in amusement as he wondered what was going on.



“The ministers said there must be a mistake.
Many of them knew Riserte you know.
They said she is not such an unprincipled woman.
I also agree.”


“Then Your Majesty doesn’t believe the rumors?”


“─ Of course not.
I am sure that Sophia is my child.
Look, don’t you see her resemblance to me in the shape of her eyebrows? And her mouth?”




Is that so? The king has a fearless face, but I don’t think his eyebrows and mouth are so similar to Sophia’s.
But the king, who loves his daughter so much, refuses to budge, saying that he and Sophia have similar facial features.




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Randall responded animatedly, and then his shoulders slumped.


If the king doesn’t mind, fine.
If the king was incensed and insisted that Sophia be captured immediately, Randall had to comply.
For the moment, he was relieved.




“So, how is Sophia doing?”


“I don’t know.
The day before yesterday, when I visited her at the Duke of Levord’s house, she seemed to be in good health”.


“Levord? The duchess was the guardian of Riserte (Lyselthe).
Oh yeah, a little bit after Sophia’s engagement with you, I got a complaint from Levord that it was too early to engage you with Sophia, my daughter because she was too young.
The Duchess was angry at me and was thinking about breaking off the engagement.
If Levord had asked me before I got Sophia engaged to you, I would have accepted, and I’m glad you got engaged earlier, Randall.”


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Randall was annoyed at the king for saying such a nonsensical thing.
The fact that Kyle, the son of the Duke of Levord, wanted to get engaged to Sophia was told to him by Kyle himself yesterday.




‘……What’s so good about that?’



‘I don’t get it, and it’s annoying’.


‘Sophia may indeed be beautiful, but she is a villain who bullies Keira.
I just don’t understand it.
And Sophia is already Randall’s wife, so what kind of a person does he think he is to bring up the past now?’


The king suddenly turned a serious face and rested his chin on his hands.



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“I hear you are still sleeping in the castle.
If you neglect Sophia too much, I’ll have her divorced and married off to the son of Levod.”


“…… Is that supposed to be a threat?”




The king did not answer that, but stood up as if he remembered something.




“That’s right.
Give this to Sophia, they say they are chocolates from a famous store in the capital.
Do you mind? Be sure to tell her that you got them from me.
And tell her to come visit me at the castle once in a while.”




Randall sighed as the king handed him the box of chocolates.

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