“What was that all about?”

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Sophia asked after Randall walked out of the room, she was puzzled.
and Orion next to her started laughing hysterically.


“Ah, I saw something interesting!”


“What’s the matter?”


“What’s the matter? You didn’t notice? He was absolutely jealous”.






“Yes, I saw it too”.



In the end, because Randall was gone, there was one cup of tea left over, and as Isolte put it away, she smiled happily, “Uh-huh”.

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Isolte giggles happily as she puts it away.
“Master is jealous because Mistress fed Orion sama chocolates.


“No way.”


Randall is a husband who avoids Sophia and never comes home.
He never comes home to avoid Sophia.
And the other party was Orion.
It was just impossible.


But Orion and Isolte grinned, perhaps remembering Randall’s behavior.



“Master has a certain attitude, but he cares about his wife, doesn’t he? I’m a little relieved”.


“…… is that so?”




Sophia was happy to hear that, but she was skeptical because she always received nothing but coldness from him.


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“I’m sorry, I was completely interrupted by Randall’s arrival,” Sophia said.
“What do you think about Theo, Orion?”




By Theo, she meant the black-haired boy who had visited her earlier.
He was one year younger than Sophia.
He is a boy who lived in the same neighborhood with Sophia when Sophia lived in Ichii.


Theo did not know that Sophia had been taken in by the castle, but had come here in a hurry when he heard Sophia’s name and learned that she had married Randall at his father’s tavern, the Crescent Moon Tavern, just recently.


Theo, wearing a dirty shirt and pants, was almost turned away when Sophia, who happened to be looking out the window, noticed him and let him in.



“I can’t help feeling that this is getting a little fishy”.


“I think so too”.



Orion and Isolte, who were listening to the conversation with Theo, also nodded their heads.

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Randall had sent a notice to the duke’s servants (his servants), instructing them to turn away Gassur if he appeared.


Theo had come to see Sophia about Gassoul.



he said, “You mentioned my name and told me that Gassur said, ‘Now he will have enough to eat for the rest of his life.'”



Gassur was apparently a regular at the Crescent Moon Restaurant, which was run by Theo’s father.
He was a gambler and was always being chased by debt collectors, but recently he has been in a good mood, and he goes home every day after eating fine sake and meat.


When one of his regular customers asked Gassour why, he replied, “I have a daughter named Sophia, and thanks to her, I will never have to worry about food again.



He said something like, “I have a daughter named Sophia, and thanks to her, I will never have to worry about food for the rest of my life.
How could such a man be Sophia’s father?




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Isolte put down her teacup in exasperation.




“If that’s the case, it’s strange that he’s already so well off.
Because Gassour and Sofia just met the day before yesterday, and she didn’t give him any money.”


“That’s right Orion!”


“So you mean there’s something fishy going on?”


I don’t know…..Theo said he would also investigate Gassour, right?





Theo is a boy who has always been kind to Sophia.
He himself was a kind of a big kid who was in charge of the young people in the neighborhood until just before Sophia was taken to the castle, but now he seems to have calmed down and is helping his father who runs the store.


Remembering the boy’s face as a child, with mud on his cheeks and missing teeth, smiling and saying, “I’ll protect Sophia for the rest of her life,” Sophia let out a deep breath, hoping he wouldn’t do anything reckless.

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