robably didn’t notice the cold stare Randall was giving Sophia. ‘What an easy-going King he is.’

‘I hope Randall will like me.
Though unlike the game, I don’t know how to capture his heart.’

Sophia let out a small sigh, then remembered what Orion had told her.

“―Look, if the King told you about the engagement, what would you say?”

Sophia gulped, deliberately made a sad expression, and uttered the words as Orion had instructed.

“Oh, dad.
I’d like to get married sooner than later.
Actually… the Queen is not happy with the idea of me living here.”

‘Behold, the acting skills I developed in my past life in the drama club!’

Sophia moistened her eyes and begged the King.

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Then the King clasped Sophia’s hand tightly and suddenly began to cry.

” Sophia..! I’m sorry for giving you a hard time because your father is unreliable..!”

‘You’re absolutely right.’

But there was no way she could say that, and shook her head.

“No, you’re not.
I am grateful to you, father.
I don’t know how I was going to survive after my mother died.”


The King was so overwhelmed with emotion that he hugged his daughter tightly.

‘He is too easy.’

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‘This is why he is under the wraps of the Queen.’

However, Sophia’s performance was still ongoing.


Sophia hugged the king back and chased him.

“It’s difficult for me to leave you father! But if I stay in the palace any longer, I will only make you suffer… This is the only thing I can do for you..!”

“Yes, you’re right, Sophia! Your father can’t stand to see you get hurt any more than you already are! All right, just wait, I’ll have you get married to Randall in no time!”

Sophia made a guts pose in her mind and pretended to cry, “Father-!”.

Sophia’s begging strategy was successful and six months later, at the age of sixteen, Sophia and the young Duke, who was twenty-three, were married in the cathedral of Glastona.

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