Shortly before Randall’s squire went to report to him.

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“Oh my, this dress is pretty! If you look closely, you can see little floral patterns on it!”


“Yeah right? The dresses are nice, but the number of cute clothes for the common people in the castle is increasing recently.
I sent my maids to buy them, but they liked them so much that they bought some for themselves.”


“I understand.I want one too.
This pink dress is perfect for Sophia.”


“Isolte would look great in this pale blue dress.”


“Arena sama would look great in this emerald green one.”


“Orion would look great in this black and white gothic lolita.”


“Gothic Lolita?”


“The frilly ones like this one.”


“Heh! So this kind of thing is called Gothic Lolita!”

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Sophia and Orion were looking at Isolte and Arena, who were making a lot of noise in front of the dress Arena’s maid bought at the clothing store for commoners


“… I really don’t like Gothic Lolita,” Orion said.



“Is that really the fashion on the streets right now?”


“Well, ……? When I lived there, I used to wear simpler dresses.
Well, maybe it was because my family was too poor.”


“So, what do you want to use that dress for?”


“What do you think I’m going to use it for?”



Isolte, who is always on the lookout for cute things, got excited and the two of them started making a fuss together, but Sophia and her friends had no idea what she wanted to do with the dress.


Since it was Arena’s idea, she probably meant something by it, but from the atmosphere of the conversation, it was certain that she would be made to wear this dress.
Sophia, who usually wears dresses, is still fine, but I can understand why Orion, who always wears a shirt and pants, would be horrified by a “gothic lolita” style dress.


Orion, even before she was reincarnated into this world, was basically a Tomboy.
Sophia has never seen Orion wearing skirts except for her high school uniform.
And now, suddenly, she was asked to wear “gothic lolita”.
Of course she didn’t like it.

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“So, Arena-sama.
I really agree with wearing this dress, but what do you do with it?”



Isolte asked the question that Sophia and the others did not ask because they felt it would be too horrible to ask.


Arena giggled happily as she held the emerald green one-piece recommended by Isolte against her body.



“Of course it’s because we’re going undercover at Mikadukite!”


…… What?”


Sophia’s eyes involuntarily widened.


“Didn’t Arena just say something amazing?”


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“I don’t think that’s a good idea because if she’s going to wear that dress, won’t she stand out in “Mikadukitei”? It would be a bad idea to be so conspicuous.”



“Yeah, if you four maidens enter the store wearing such a dress, it would be too conspicuous for you to conduct an investigation.”




When Orion said this in a reasonable manner, Arena snorted.




“Oh, we’re not going in there as customers,” she said.


“Then what are you going to do?”


“I know what we are going to do, we are going to serve as waiters!”


“……as a café maid!”

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Orion placed her hand on her forehead and exhaled.




“I told the owner of Mikadukitei, that I would like to work there for a day as part of my community service, and he answered yes immediately.”




It seems that she has already obtained the approval of the owner of the “Mikadukitei”,.
However, it was obvious that she was working for Sophia’s benefit, and although she was indeed uneasy, Sophia could not say no to her.



“Come on, change into this quickly! I’m going to change your hairstyle to a commoner girl’s hairstyle! Sophia’s face is well known in the area, and I want to use this wig and make up to change her face, and these glasses!”


Sophia received a dark brown wig and round glasses from Isolte, and her shoulders slumped as if she was ready for the next step.


Orion, on the other hand, continued to resist, “At least give me a simpler one-piece dress!” Orion continued to resist until the very end.

Translators Note

“Mikadukitei” is also called cresent moon pavilion.
Cresent moon pavilion is the English translation

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