an angel.
Too cute.
To put it simply, it was love at first sight for Kyle.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the girl is only fourteen years old and has just been brought to the castle.
The girl was seven years younger than Kyle, and if he suddenly asked her to marry him, it might surprise her.
And if a twenty-one-year-old man asked a fourteen-year-old girl to marry him, he would probably draw a lot of attention.
It would be better to wait a few years.
Kyle thought so and sent a letter to his parents, who were living in the territory, stating that he wanted to marry Sophia someday.
His parents, especially his mother Rose, were so happy that they decided to wait until Sophia was at least sixteen years old to ask him to marry her, but Randall snatched her away from them.

‘I can’t tell you how frustrated I was at the time.’

He didn’t see that coming from Randall.
In fact, he had thought that Randall loved Keira so much that he was going to take her as his wife.

But Kyle was willing to accept it if it would make Sophia happy.
The Dukes of Voltio were one of the most prestigious families, and Randall was the nephew of the current king.
Sophia would be happier than if she married him.

But Randall had neglected Sophia by staying at the castle instead of returning to the duke’s house after their marriage.
That alone was enough to make him angry, but what made it worse was the dance party hosted by the royal family at the end of last month.

Randall denounced Sophia in front of everyone.

The reason was that Sophia had poured red wine on Keira’s dress.

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Even if that were true, where was the need to denounce Sofia at that moment?

Besides, it was hard to believe that Sofia would do such a thing.
It would have been more appropriate to say that Keira had poured red wine on Sophia’s dress.

Countess Arena Legato, who was by Sofia’s side at the time, proved Sofia’s innocence, but if it had been a little later, Kyle might have grabbed Randall.

Randall is my friend, and I don’t want to do anything to break our friendship – but Randall is not a suitable husband for Sophia.

If Randall had believed the rumor that claimed someone else as Sophia’s father and blamed her for this incident, he would have taken her by any means necessary.
But Randall was suspicious about the matter and did not seem to have any intention to blame Sophia or to divorce her, so it was all right.

“Oh, it does spill if it’s held like that.

Kyle followed Sophia with his eyes, flustered.

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If Kyle had been able to identify the man claiming to be Sophia’s father as a fake, would she smile at him?

Kyle clenched his fists tightly as he imagined Sophia’s smile.


But first.

‘Excuse me.
One barleywine.”

‘For some reason, I would like Sophia to smile as she serves in a cute dress.’

Kyle raised his hand a little and placed an order while smiling at Sophia.

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