, “Get a sneak peak!”




The Queen Amiliana has three floors above and one below, for a total of four floors.


The Royal Suite is located on the upper three floors, and is not easily accessible to first-class passengers, let alone second- and third-class passengers.
The staircase is also reserved exclusively for the Royal Suite.

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Each of the three Royal Suites has a room for servants brought by guests, and there is a swimming pool and salon adjacent to the Royal Suite for the exclusive use of Royal Suite guests.
The restaurant where meals and tea are served is shared with first-class passengers, but room service is available upon request.




‘Soooo luxurious ……’




In Sofia’s previous life, there were of course luxury cruise ships, but she was born and raised in an ordinary family and died early in high school, so she had never seen or been on one.


Upon entering the royal suite, Sophia was surprised by the luxurious furnishings in the main room, including sofas and tables.


On the table in the main room was a bottle of champagne, perhaps as a welcome drink and a large plate with a mountain of fruit.


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The main room has a large veranda overlooking the deck on the lower floor.
There is also a bedroom and a dressing room.
There were two rooms for the servants, one next to the other.
Orion and Isolte, who were accompanying Sophia, used that room, but according to Orion, who went to check on them, the room was also quite luxurious.


While Isolte was putting away her luggage, Sophia took a bunch of grapes from the fruit that had been arranged on the table and went to the balcony with Orion.


There was still some time before the ship was to sail, but the sea breeze that was drifting in was already pleasant.
As she lay back in her deck chair with a grape in her mouth, she heard a knock at the door and looked back over her shoulder.


Was it the service staff?


But when Johannes, who had been putting away Randall’s luggage, opened the door, he found an unexpected figure standing there.


Randall, who was sitting on the sofa sipping a glass of champagne, turned to look at the person standing outside the door.



“Why are you here?”


There stood Kyle, the heir apparent of the Duke of Levord, waving his hand in a happy mood

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