As it turned out, the camera was not ready.

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However, Arena’s persistence was so great that on the day of departure, she took the trouble to see her off at the port of Avila, where she introduced her to a young man.



“He is an aspiring painter.
We couldn’t get him a ticket for the royal suite, but we were able to get a ticket for a second-class cabin, so please take him with you.
Don’t worry, I won’t disturb the newlyweds.
He will just paint throughout.”






Sophia’s eyes darted to the dark brown, shaggy-headed young man around 20 years old.
The man’s name seemed to be Raqqa.
Randall was also astonished, but neither Sophia nor Randall had the right to refuse him boarding the ship because the tickets were prepared separately.


Raqqa scratched his shaggy head and smiled happily.



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“Oh it’s like a dream come true to be able to board such a luxurious ship.
I’ll make sure I paint you a picture of our trip!”




As expected, Randall was too stunned to say anything at Raqqa’s passionate line, but Johannes, who was to accompany him on this trip, responded smilingly

“I’m glad to hear that,” he said.
“If I find one that is good enough, I would be happy to buy it and hang it on the wall of the Duke’s house.”


“Johannes, don’t talk nonsense..”


“Oh, with all due respect, Master,” said Johannes.
“In the Duke of Voltio’s family, for generations, when the head of the family gets married, he and his wife’s picture will be hung on the wall, Master seems to have ‘inadvertently’ forgotten about this and has yet to put up any pictures.
Of course, he will have to prepare a formal one, but if there is a good one, there will be no problem to display it as well.
We have plenty of space.”




Randall’s face instantly became pouty.

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However, he was dealing with a painter whom Arena had prepared for him.
There was no way he could refuse, so Randall said reluctantly,


“If you don’t go in and out of the room without permission, I’ll allow you.”




Raqqa’s face lit up and Arena clenched her fists.


Sophia felt like she could hear the voice of Arena in her head saying, “Get a sneak peak!”




The Queen Amiliana has three floors above and one below, for a total of four floors.


The Royal Suite is located on the upper three floors, and is not easily accessible to first-class passengers, let alone second- and third-class passengers.
The staircase is also reserved exclusively for the Royal Suite.

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Each of the three Royal Suites has a room for servants brought by guests, and there is a swimming pool and salon adjacent to the Royal Suite for the exclusive use of Royal Suite guests.
The restaurant where meals and tea are served is shared with first-class passengers, but room service is available upon request.




‘Soooo luxurious ……’




In Sofia’s previous life, there were of course luxury cruise ships, but she was born and raised in an ordinary family and died early in high school, so she had never seen or been on one.


Upon entering the royal suite, Sophia was surprised by the luxurious furnishings in the main room, including sofas and tables.


On the table in the main room was a bottle of champagne, perhaps as a welcome drink and a large plate with a mountain of fruit.


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The main room has a large veranda overlooking the deck on the lower floor.
There is also a bedroom and a dressing room.
There were two rooms for the servants, one next to the other.
Orion and Isolte, who were accompanying Sophia, used that room, but according to Orion, who went to check on them, the room was also quite luxurious.


While Isolte was putting away her luggage, Sophia took a bunch of grapes from the fruit that had been arranged on the table and went to the balcony with Orion.


There was still some time before the ship was to sail, but the sea breeze that was drifting in was already pleasant.
As she lay back in her deck chair with a grape in her mouth, she heard a knock at the door and looked back over her shoulder.


Was it the service staff?


But when Johannes, who had been putting away Randall’s luggage, opened the door, he found an unexpected figure standing there.


Randall, who was sitting on the sofa sipping a glass of champagne, turned to look at the person standing outside the door.



“Why are you here?”


There stood Kyle, the heir apparent of the Duke of Levord, waving his hand in a happy mood

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