The Villainess Wants to Get a Sympathy Event Picture (4)

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 Sophia apparently did not wake up in the night.
 Randall lay in his bed for the first time in a long time and stared at the ceiling.
 Johannes came to check on Sophia without even asking.
It seemed that the fever hadn’t gone away yet and she was having nightmares from time to time.

“She deserves it.”

 Randall muttered and rolled over.
 Not only Johannes, but also Isolte turned to Randall and accused him, “Aren’t you worried about your wife?”.
It had been a little over a week since Sophia had arrived at the mansion.
In this short time, the imposter seems to have tamed the servants of this mansion.
 Randall closes his eyes.
In the back of his eyelids, he saw his cousin Keira, the first princess, with moistened sky blue eyes.

 -She splashed water on my dress!
 -She almost pushed me down the stairs today!

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 -Father is completely fooled by her!
 -Listen, Randall! She pulled my hair today!

 Keira was small and frail, and looked sad whenever I saw her.
It all started when Sofia came to the castle.
 Randall immediately went to report to the king.
Sophia is bullying Keira.
He advised him to get her out of the castle immediately, since there was no proof that she was the princess.
But the king refused to listen to him, saying that there was some kind of mistake and that Sophia was the one who was in trouble.
 If that’s the case, why is Keira crying?
 Keira said that Sophia was bullying her.

 -You’ll regret it if you make assumptions before you’ve faced them properly.

 Suddenly, I remembered what Johannes had said to me this afternoon.
 ’Facing each other?’
 Why would I need to face a fake from who-knows-where?

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 Randall married Sophia, and as soon as we have proof of the fake, I’m going to disown her and kick her out of here.
There’s no need to face her.
 You don’t.

I can’t sleep…

 Randall opened his eyes and sat up groggily.
 It’s all Sophia’s fault.
 Randall went to her bedroom to watch her suffer from a high fever.

 Randall quietly opened the door to Sophia’s bedroom and walked up to the bed where she was sleeping.
 He could hear her breathing hard, as if she was suffering from fever.
 Randall lit the bedside lamp and looked at Sophia’s small profile.
 This was the first time he had ever taken a good look at Sophia’s face.

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 Sophia has a small face with a pointy chin.
Randall knew that when her eyes were closed, they were covered with long lashes that opened to reveal large emerald eyes.
 When he had gone to the city to pick her up, she had looked pale, as if she had not been well nourished, but now her skin was white and translucent, and her cheeks were as red as apples from the fever.
 Randall suddenly remembered what he had seen yesterday afternoon, when Sophia was soaked all over.
 The wet dress was sticking to her petite body, and the lines from her slender shoulders to her feminine round body were clearly visible.
 Heat instantly gathered on Randall’s face.
 I’ll admit it.
Sophia is beautiful.
But she’s a fake and a pain in Keira’s ass.
 If Sophia had not been welcomed into the castle as a princess, but had been the daughter of some nobleman, Randall shook his head at the thought.

What am I thinking about…?

 It was all because Johannes had said something unnecessary.

 -She is the Master’s wife.

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 I know that even without being told.


 I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.
 I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.
Randall noticed that a towel had fallen from her forehead.

“…I can’t help it.”

 Randall took the towel, dipped it into a container of water on the side table, squeezed it hard, and placed it on Sophia’s forehead.
 As he did so, Sophia’s eyelashes quivered slightly and her eyes slowly lifted.
 Her moist emerald eyes intersected with Randall’s hazel eyes.
 Involuntarily, Randall’s heart trembled loudly.

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