The Wandering Ghost

Chapter 1: Where is the exit?

”its all right sir, you no longer need to worry about anything.

Everything is under our control, so relax and tell us everything about what happened here ”

A group of people have gathered around a place that used to be the base of a very notorious bandits, it was a place where you could only hear screams of people and smell fresh blood no matter what time of day it is

But for some reason

This very place is no longer how it used to be.

You can still see blood and dead bodies everywhere, but it is not just innocent peoples dead body that could be see around the place, rather you can see the dead bodies of those bandits also



No matter how many times I try to firm my heart, but I am still not able to swallow this horrifying scene. ”

”Yes, even I can believe the way he and other people are killed could be something that a human could do


I knew that these people would surely pay the price for their crimes someday, but I never thought they would pay it this way…. Just who did they all mess with

Did you ask the merchant about the person who did this? ”

”Young master is asking him ”


The black clouds are gathering in the sky, they are creating noises as if a storm is coming,

”Sir, please calm down

We need to know what happened here

Please calm yourself and tell us everything. ” A young man asks an old man who is wearing a luxurious cloth on him.

The old man is a merchant, must be kidnapped by the bandits for ransom but… right now, he is the only person who is alive among all people in this place

And surely, he is the only one who knows just what happened.

The old mans whole body is trembling crazy, his whole body and clothes are wet but the trembling is not due to the cold

But something else

”Ghhhhhhhhhhost ”

”What? ”

”gggghhhhooooosssst ”

”I am not able to understand you sir, please be clear ”

The old man is trying to say something, but he is unable to speak properly.

”Give him a healing pill, that will calm down

We can know anything if he keeps acting like this ” a elderly man told the young man

The young man nods and takes a pill out of his pocket and gave it to the merchant.

After swallowing the pill, the old man finally calms down.

His trembling stops, there is still some stuttering in his voice but people can understand him now

”Are you alright sir? ”

”oooone person… ”

”What? ”

”One.. ppperson

A Raaaaainy night

Eeeyes… fffiled with angggger

Gggghost ”

”again this? ”


GHOST!!!!! ”

”Ghost? ”

”He will kill meeee!!!

Save me!!!

NOOOO!!! ”


The merchant vomits and fells on the floor, unconscious

”What was that? ”

People around the place heard what the merchant tried to say, but no one understood what exactly he meant


*tip tip*

No one understood what the old man tried to tell them, but the expression of merchant was enough to tell them one thing

”A storm is coming

A big storm ”

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