The Wandering Ghost

Chapter 4: At least the golden cage is safe

Xiao Xue is right now sitting as far as possible from all the dead bodies and no matter how hard he tries to think, he is unable to understand where he is right now.

For a whole hour, he kept on trying to find a LOG OUT button but he found out nothing.

He found no button or any type of user interference like he used to have while playing the game

There were many doubts in his mind about him being Isekaid or transferred to another world but he still believed that this is all a new update of the game until his mind calmed down and then he noticed that he can smell the burning body and woods, feel the hotness of blood and much more which is pure impossible considering that no such advance technology has come to the VR industry.

He is in a real world.

No no no no no no no no no no

This cant be possible, there is no way that such fantasies could be true.

There is no way that I could be in another world. Xiao Xue said in his mind as he tries to think just what in the world happened to him and what is going on here

He knows that he is in another world, but still tries to deny it because the scene in front of his eyes is no joke.

The main character in the novels and mangas he had read in his free time, were either born or transmigrated into a body of someone who is in a place that is not dangerous

If they were in a dangerous place then they all most probably had some knowledge or some super natural thing like system


That is not the case here

The scene in front of Xiao Xues eyes is way more than just a horror, there are bodies of men, women, elders, kids and animals that are being burnt down as if they are some garbage

There are dead bodies who hold the expression of shock even after being dead and the vultures are tearing apart those dead bodies and eating their flesh

The smell around the place is so worst that Xiao Xue had vomited several times, that is why he is not inside some house but far away from the place.

The whole place, or rather the whole village, holds not even a single living person that could communicate with him.

This is whole scene, it can be said in words.

Xiao Xue is a someone who is born in a rich family, studied in the most expensive schools and colleges, and also, he lives inside a mansion where each room is as big as a small house.

In his whole life, he has never seen a dead animal in person let alone a human, but today he is seeing a big mountain of dead bodies, he can handle the scene and he is trembling with fear.

I don know just how long it has been but seeing the sky turning orange, it will be soon night time and I need to find a place to stay where I could be safe from the danger

But the question is, where?

Xiao Xue looks around him, except the forest around the empty village, there is nothing else.


If things were already bad, now it started turning worst when Xiao Xue heard the sound of his empty stomach.

It has been hours since Xiao Xue has found himself in this unknown world and so far, even though a huge black smoke is rising due to flames, there is still no sign of help coming to this place and soon, it will be darkness and things will get dangerous.

Above all of this, Xiao Xue don know what timeline is going on in this world

Clothes on his body, on dead peoples body and seeing the structure of houses tells that its an old china timeline, but Xiao Xue is not completely sure about it has he didn dare to explore the village

He is scared

What should I do???

What should I???

Xiao Xue is becoming desperate, he is all alone in this unknown world with no food and water.

There were times when he was alone when he was in his real world, but that was a different story as he could get whatever, he wanted to have with just one call

But the same is not here.

While Xiao Xue kept on thinking, hours passed like a second but still Xiao Xue is confused about what step he should take.

Xiao Xue, born in a world where he had servants around him who would do everything for him, since he was a baby

For the very first time in his life, Xiao Xue is stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no knowledge about survival.

The night is coming; I should make my decision to weather stay in this dead village and wait for help to come or find my way to help


Which one is the right choice?!!!


Xiao Xue is confused, his empty stomach keeps asking for food and he is also starting to feel dryness in his throat, he is starting to feel desperate and finally he made a decision

I can live in a place where there are dead bodies everywhere, who knows what would be inside these houses.

I should go and look for help myself

I am not a kid; I can handle this situation

And so, Xiao Xue leaves the unknown village in search of help.

. . .

[Is the decision he took right one?

What would you do in this situation?

Will you stay in the place where you can see dead bodies everywhere and the whole air is filled with smoke?

Or will you also search for help even when you have no knowledge about survival?

Also, do not forget that you may have a soul of an adult, but your body belongs to a teen kid, can you survive the night?]

. . .

To be continued-

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