When I Opened my eyes I was in a Novel.

[Way Of The Hero] novel I loved to read. The story is about our male Protagonist [] and his beautiful heroines and his heroic adventures.

haah, I loved this novel, I loved this novel so much to a point I alway wish it to be reincarnated or transmigration into [Way Of The Hero]. now I truly regrets it.

The character Im in can be considered villain/extra.

Rich and spoiled brat Richerd de la Cruz of a duke family. he is only child of duke so he was given everything that he wanted that had make him arrogant, prideful etc.

he is you typical spoiled young master.

he will face mc in academy, he will try to insult mc only to get beaten by mc and that will also be the plot of mcs growth so as well as his first heroine will join his party. First Heroine Is non other then my or Richerd de la Cruz fiance Julie Alcatraz.

But you know what, like hell I be beaten by mc. I have to find my own way. I will have (The Way Of The Extra)!

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