The Way Of The Extra

New Parents | New World

I have a Good sleep today. Its been a while since I last slept this well I really don want to wake up right now.

But that wish did not become True, I could feel someone gently tapping my body. The rough hand made me think of hands of my parents. It was that warm.

”My Lord, Please Wake Up. It Is Morning. ”

But the voice was elegant. At that moment Wait a minute, my parents are dead when I was 16 and if I recall correctly I don have any relatives. I also live alone in my house so how did someone entered in my house is he thief. I was thinking in my mind. I slowly started to open my eyes to see A Old man at his mid 50s brown hair brown eyes was standing beside my bed.

”Its rare to my lord to wake up at first call. ”

That man said with a smile.

I got up to analyze whole situation Im in. First thing I noticed is I was seating on huge bed with soft pillows, No wonder I was sleeping so well today Next thing I notice room is was big room. Room was decorated with luxury stuffs that I don have. as I was looking my surrounding I heard a voice.

”My Lord, are you not feeling well. should I can a doctor ”

”No, Im fine. Can you bring me some water? ”

”Of course, my lord I bring your water right now. ”

As that man left the room I started to analyze room. On second look this room look like mid eighteen century Europe tradition. I looked ceiling it was designed with expensive looking marble. I was analyze my room I saw a big mirror on the corner of the room as I get off my bed I some how kind of feel I was smaller then I was. When I stand infront of mirror I was shock in mirror it was not my reflection of 20 year old man with black hair and black eyes but rather it was twelve year old boy blonde hair and red eyes. well I have to say this boy looks good but why do I look like this as I was thinking about this I hear sound of door opening as door opened that old man with glass of water on his hand.

”my lord here you water, o My you got off the bed please drink this water after this I will change you cloth. ”

”whats my name? ”

”excuse me! my lord should I call a doctor? ”

”I asked whats my name. why you don know my name? ”

”O-Of course I know my lords name its Richerd de la Cruz. ”

As I heard that name I felt like hundred of thunderbolt fall in my head Richerd de la Cruz the villain/extra on my favorite novel (The way of the hero). hah Im mass-up aren I. The man in front of the twelve year old boy asked

”My lord are you sure you are ok this butler Alberu is worries about you ”

I see this old mans name is alberu, hmm I think he said he was butler. he is butler of this Richard brat I thought and said

”Im completely ok Alberu. so why are you here? ”

”Im here to prepare you for your breakfast with duke and duchess. ”

”I will first wish to take a bath. prepare for hot water ”

”As your wish my lord ”

After alberu prepared my bath water is dope myself in bathtub. at the moment when I was alone I started to think.

”it seem Im in the novel. huu what should I do ”

(The way of the hero) It was a POV type novel. It was a novel you can feel character and there POVs as well as you can feel character development. Its was a great novel a novel I loved to read. Richard de la Cruz

He was a villain/extra. Because (The way of the hero) have pov even for villain but this brat don have POV. He can be said to be extra at the same time he was antagonist who will help hero growth by getting beaten by hero.

”Im in a mess, totally mess. ”

As I closed my eyes I started to think about my life. my whole life was mess up and I don think I want to return to my real world. I don have anyone there so this is pointless to return.

”Lets give it a try ” I said

If I don make mess with mc and avoid him I can have a great life here. Im dukes heir, I have money, I think this Richard brat will grow with handsome face too, So I can give a try in this body. I will live my life happy. the happiness I don have in my old world I will have it in here.

”For that I need to become strong ”

Yes I need strength. in Novel only thing Richard had was money and family name. he was just a ordinary boy.

”Since Im 12 its seem like there 4 year more left ”

”4 Year left to enter academy, 4 year to meet mc. I have to grow stronger in this 4 year ”

I said that and left bathtub wearing only tower to cover my lower half. as I get out of bathroom Alberu started preparing my regular clothes that looks lavish. I wear the clothes and alberu was prepared rest for me. I got out of my room. I and alberu ware walking in hall. servants and maid saw us give a deep bow. its feel little strange as I was looking them bows there head. at some point alberu stopped infront a huge door. Alberu turned as he bows and opened the door

”Please, enjoy you breakfast my lord ”

I then entered in that room.

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