I was Infront of the huge door left alone as Alberu opened the door I Saw A Huge Dining table. At the Corner of the table A man with Black heir and red eyes seating. He is without A doubt duke Cardis de la Cruz father of this body. He look young for a man on his 30s. Next to him is woman who had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She look beautiful but had a cold look on her eyes. She is non other then Alice de la Cruz. Mother of Richard and duchess. She is also former princess of the kingdom.

I should greet them first just like Nobel would. I thought in my mind.

”Good Morning Father, Good Morning Mother. ”

”You are late today Richard. ” Duke said while looking at me.

”Sorry father it took me longer than expected to be prepared. ”

”Its ok, sit down. Don be late next time. ”

”Yes, father. ” I said and seated across the duchess and next to duke.

After I took my seat maid started to serve the food. When the food was served I was like drooling inside. On the table was juicy steak and egg omelette with orange juice and bread. I was on battling inside for not to attack on food. Nobel are serious about dining manner and the higher the noble is the higher they take seriously. I know it because I had read many novel so far.

(Thank you all the author who wrote the novels. If you guys don show how aristocratic society works I would have a rough life here. thank you all author-nim except you (The way of the hero) author. You bastard not only Im stuck in your novel also Im a extra who is supposed to be beaten by your mc. I curse you when you go to bathroom your phone fall into toilet.) I was cursing author in my mine then I hear duke was calling me.

”Richard why are you not eating and why are you so lost in your thoughts today. ” Duke asked

Both Duke and duchess was looking at me. Duchess don have that cold eyes now. its has changed with worries. she was looking at me with worried gazes.

”Is there anything that making you worry dear. ” Duchess talk to me first time

”No mother, Im ok. ”

It seem like both Duke and duchess care about Richard. We started to eat our food I have to say all of these food were finest that I have never eaten in my last life. Meat was juicy and tender as well as other food. I was enjoying my food while not showing any mistake on manner. I was enjoying my food but I notice something, In whole breakfast no one talked to anyone nether duke, nether duchess. only time they talked was me or servants. They did not talk to each other not even once.

(It seem like they don have good relationship, Well not like I care.)

After finishing my breakfast I got to my room and seat on my study table.

”Lets recall all the events in the novel that I remember. ”

I took a note book and started to write all the events of the novel.

”I should just write the important thing right now I will think about hero after I go to academy. I should just write the things that is important to me right now. ”

I opened the note and started to write [this world had 2 continent. East continent and west continent.]

”Im currently in east continent but I need to go to west continent. There I will found the thing that will make me strong. ”

I was tapping on the table and was thinking how will I go to west continent. In order to go to west continent I have go by journey because mages can make that long teleport magic.

”I have many problems to face if I want go to west continent. First I need money. Second I have to get permission from duke. Third Im in twelve year old kids body. ”

I let out a sight and lean on chair. how will I go there.

”Should I run away? yes its possible for me. I just need money and I can collect that from duke, So I have to do is prepare things that will help me for my journey. ”

Its seem 2nd day of the month so Richard should have his monthly allowance. I should call Alberu first.

I ring the bell that was next to me and moments later a maid come and I asked her to call Alberu. When Alberu come I asked how much my allowance is.

”My lord, Its 30 gold coin. ”

(30 Gold coin are you crazy!! 1 Bronze coin can be call 0.30 Dollar. So 1 Silver = 3 dollar, 1 Gold = 30 dollar, 30 gold coin = 9000 dollar. Who gave a twelve year old kid 9000 dollar monthly allowance.

Ooh Wait Im in novel and top of that Im dukes solo son so its understandable I claim myself and asked.

”Ok, Give me MY monthly allowance. ”)

”My lord you have been saving you, Should I give you that too? ”

”How much is it Alberu. ” I said while keeping expression of my face normal. I was dancing and singing in my mind because if I just save 3 months of allowance then I can go to my journey to the west. Wait isn ( Journey to the west) is a movie name? Well never mind.

”Its 90 gold coin. ”

”Oh just 90 I thought mor…. Wait did you just said 90!! ”

”Yes my lord. ”

”….Are you sure? ”

”Of course my lord. ”

”HOLLY MOTHER OF GOBLIN!!! ” I shouted without caring that Alberu was here. I mean anyone would shout right? Its 90 gold its 27000 dollar and if I plus 30 gold coin it will be 120 gold coin or 36000 dollar. Im rich I don think I need to do anything in lifetime if I had that money on my previous world.

I was so shock and happy at the same time I forgotten existence of Alberu for a moment. I got myself calm down then I turn to see Alberu with a confused and complicated face standing.

”O are you shock I was just checking how loud I can shout ” I hope he believes it. alberu did not said anything as he keep standing there.

”Alberu give me all my monthly allowance and saving. ”

”Yes, I will bring it right away. ”

As Alberu left the room I jumped on my bed and rolling on the bed.

(Sorry For cursing author-nim. Im happy now that Im rich Im freaking rich hahaha.) I thought as I was keep rolling in the bed


Alberu mind was complicated right now.

”Something is wrong. ”

Alberu had taken care of Richard from the birth. Richard was a silent and non-interested child. He did not care about anything. He always do what he want. He like to stay alone. All he care about his manner and dignity as noble. But Richard today was nothing like Richard he knew.

”I should inform the duke first ”

Alberu walking in the hall. only his footsteps can be heard. alberu slowly muttered.

”Something is not right. ”

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