I was relaxing on my bed with my 120 Gold coin on my side. I was enjoying my new rich life. Then I started to think I Should go to west continent year from now on. Im currently twelve and had four year before I face mc . The power that is in west will be found by semi-villain in second year of academy so I have time.

”I have to get stronger in physically. ”

This body is still developing and duke household should give me much better materials for my growth.

”Hmmm, Yes I should grow stronger in 1 year and then I can go to west continent. ”

I decided that it will be wrong If I go now. Im not the mc or supporting character so I won be have luck like them so I have to be careful with what I do. starting from right now will be good idea. I get out of my room and was Infront of huge door.

Seriously, Are all the door are this big?

I knocked the door and hear a voice Come in. I entered the room and saw duke was working on a paper and lot of parers where beside him. Next to him was Alberu standing. Alberu give me a light bow.

”Come have a seat. ”

”Thank you, father. ”

”So is there anything you need? ” duke said while looking at me.

”Yes father, I want to learn sword. I want to get stronger. ”

I told duke what I wanted. Duke said nothing as he keep staring at me like he was studying me. After some moments of silent duke asked.

”Can I ask why you want to get stronger? ”

”Father Im the heir of the great Cruz family. I want to grow stronger because I want to succeed my family. If I stayed weak I will be only burden for my family and will bring only shame for it. ”

(I had bring the family name no matter who you are as long as you are Nobel and something that will benefit your family you will accept it. I don see any reason for you to say no kekekek.) I was laughing inside my head but kept a sincere face.

( Man I should have tried to be actor in my old world. Im so good at acting.)

”Hmmm, I see you want to grow stronger for our family. I don see any reason why not. ”

Duke leaned on his chair and was thinking something.

”Fine I will get you are instructor soon and anything else you need? ”

”That all I need father. ”

”Then you can go now. ”

”Thank you, Father ” I said while give a bow then left room.

”Everything Is going as I want, I suppose. ”

I was now thinking about my plan ahead. I got permission from duke. Now I have to get the cheat items. I can have the cheat items of hero I suppose. so I have to get cheat item of villain and supporting characters. I got to my room and seat to my study table and took my note book again.

”If I keep all things balance then I won be problem. I will take 3 item from hero support and 3 item from villains so it will be balance. ”

I started to write all the items on the note book that I will collect.

[ Hero Support Items ]

1) Charm necklace

2) Instead Ring

3) Element earrings

[ Villain support item ]

1) Mana Ring

2) Storage ring

3) Seek orb

Those are the items that if I take from them then its won hurt them and won break balance. I need to make sure I don get to greedy. Hero items are on my range. They are on east continent so I can have them. But all the villain items are on west continent.

Charm necklace is the item of heroine or should I say my fiance Julie Alcatraz. She will get that item on the way to academy, When her carriage had a problem they will stop Infront of a lake. Sphe will go to lake and accidentally into the lake and then she will find that necklace.

”Julie Alcatraz, huh? ”

I have no interest to be ntred. So I have to end our engagement even before its come. Im not engaged to her yet so I can just avoid her. Charm necklace is waste for her anyway she is already beautiful. I need it even if I grow handsome I need charm to Woo womans. I give a devilish smile on my face.

”Since I have knowledge of this world is from Novel only, I should read books to learn about this world ” I said and started to read the books of my bookshelf.


In the office of duke was thinking something and said

”You are right Alberu, Some is wrong. ”

”Yes, Young lord is acting strange. ”

”sigh, I want that child to live as he want. I don want his life to be like mine ”

Duke started to remember his whole life how his parents always put pressure on him and how he had a political marriage. His life without love or joy. he doesn want Richard to have that life.

”Get the best sword instructor and materials to help him grow. I will support him whatever decision he make for his life. but twelve year old kid to want get stronger. Well for now just watch over him for now and give me report of him time to time. ”

”Yes, lord. ”

”And don report anything about Richard to Alice. ”

”Lord, may I ask a question? ”

”You may. ”

”Do you think madam had done anything to young lord. ”

”Nah, No matter how our relationship is Alice won do that to her child. ”

”Then I shall take my leave and prepare everything. ”

”Yes go. ”

After Alberu left duke returned to do his work


Alberu was walking on the in hallway then he met with a person with long blonde hair and blue eyes. that person was non other then duchess. As Alberu saw her he gave her a bow.

”Did something happen to Richard, Alberu? ”

”No my madam nothing happened. ”

”Well you won say anything even if something happens anyways. After all your loyalty is with that bastard. ”

”….. ”

”Well, I don care about anything in this house happen anyways but if that bastard thinking about using my child I will make him pay. Pass this massage to him. ”

Duchess said all she wanted and left. Duchess left and Alberu let out a deep sigh. both of them are parents that love their child but hate each other.

”What a mass. ”

Alberu started to walking again to complete his jobs.


Please tell me in comment if I did any mistake on anywhere. Criticize is allowed if reason is valid. Im new in novel writing so I hope you guys will understand.

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