Chapter 1: I Hate My Second Life

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Roxana’s Past – The Start

At first, I didn’t know that I had been reincarnated as a character in a novel. 

I remembered my past life, I had been a senior college student walking home after another exhausting night at the library.
I was still thinking about my thesis as I walked one step at a time through a blizzard.
It was just my bad luck that a car skidded off the road and struck me.

I became someone else when I woke up. 

It wasn’t too horrible at the start. 

“It’s a girl this time.
What a pleasant surprise.” Warmth and tenderness radiated from my mother.I instantly felt adored in her arms as her new baby.
Her remark also got me to thinking—apparently, I had at least one older brother in my new family. 

Realizing that I had passed away and would have to live another life again was obviously devastating, but I quickly came to terms with it.

What else could I do? No matter how much I missed my old life, it was already over and there was no turning back.
I was brought up in Korea as a realistic child, not a softie. 

My new mother was a lovely woman with Eurasian features.
Her beautiful blue eyes reminded me of a deep lake, and her thick, blond hair fell lightly over her shoulders like dazzling gold.
She resembled a princess from a fairy tale. 

Wow, I thought.
My father must be thrilled to be married to someone so beautiful.
Throughout my childhood, I could picture myself gazing in awe at her face. 

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Was my entire family equally as lovely? I became even more eager to meet my prospective older siblings.

My mother was told by a man, “So this is the child.” “She reminds me of you.”

It turned out that, in an unexpected way, my father was even more attractive than my mother.
His attractive features hadn’t first piqued my interest for some reason.
I cast a solemn look at the face hidden by the black hair.
He stood at ease in this dark chamber, yet seemed to radiate a deadly air.

My mother gently said, “Her eyes make me think of you.”

I was now anticipating catching a glimpse of my reflection.
Both of my parents were very attractive.
It would only make sense that I would be beautiful as well. 

“Roxana.” My father spoke with a powerful, deep voice.
“Roxana will be her name.” He left the room after giving my birth name. 

I quickly understood his personality.
He was used to being obeyed.
When my father looked down at me in my mother’s arms, he saw me as an insignnificant being.
I was barely acknowledged as his daughter.

“My lovely baby,” my mother said with a sad smile.
She didn’t appear startled by how my father was acting.
“Please grow up into a strong and wonderful Agriche.”

When I discovered that my last name was Agriche, I felt dread.


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The name seemed familiar. 

It was clear that the name was foreign.
Now where was I? Although my parents hadn’t been using Korean or English, I somehow managed to understand them.
That was one blessing I had been granted following my reincarnation.

I soon found it difficult to avoid dozing off.
Babies sleep a lot, therefore the feeling of exhaustion I experienced was not a dream.
My mother lovingly massaged my back as I curled my arms around her neck.

That name stayed in my mind.

I was in a terrible situation if this was associated with the same Agriche family that I had read about.
Reincarnating into a fantasy world was insane, but even if I did, there was nothing I could do to stop it at this point.

I didn’t have just one brother. 

Polygamy was accepted in this world.
My father had five kids in all when I was born, including me.
One son was born to his senior wife, his first wife.
My mother was his fourth wife and had given birth to me and my older brother, Asil.

“Sana, my adorable younger sister.” Asil had reassured me in a whisper, “I’ll protect you.”

In contrast to me, who had a combination of my mother’s blond hair and my father’s red eyes, Asil was an exact replica of my

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