Lee Mings sexy deep voice echoed in her ears and Eva froze momentarily.

”Lee Ming stop playing with me ” Eva said within breaths. The heat from his mouth danced on her ears when he said those words almost making her loose control.

”Who told you Im playing? Can I ask my girlfriend to satisfy me? ” He said emphasising on the ”my ”.

”Or do you want someone else to do it? ” He continued and Eva subconsciously imagined another girl kissing Lee Ming with her hands all over him and she cringed at the imagination. Just the thought of him being in the arms of another woman made her angry for some reason.

Little did she know that shes the only woman apart from his sister and mother that can touch him.

”Okayyy.. lets just eat first before the food turns cold ” she said ignoring his statement and pulling herself from his arms.

Lee Ming sighed as he watched his prey run out of the room.

He finally went down for lunch and Eva was already seated, eating as fast as she could.

He sat on his chair and watched her stuff her cheeks with food.

She looked like a rabbit in his eyes. A white little rabbit that was afraid of being caught by the big bad wolf.

Lee Ming watched her for a while before he started eating and Eva took her plate and went to the kitchen. At this time, the man was confused and a little annoyed.

Is she trying to stay away from him?

In a few seconds, she was out of the kitchen and went straight to her room without even sparing Lee Ming a glance.

He abandoned his food and went straight to her room. He knocked on the door but no one answered. He tried opening the door but it was locked. The thought of breaking the door came to him but he changed his mind so he won scare her more.

He sighed and went back to his room, a bit annoyed.


”Doctor are you sure this operation will work? ” The woman with a very worried expression asked

”I am 101% sure maam. You don need to worry. Your husband would be fine ” the young doctor said to Mrs Kelly Watson as she stared at the unmoving body of her husband in the hospital bed.

”Maam we need to commence the operation now and you will need to leave this room and wait outside. ” The doctor said leading the woman out of the operating room.

Soon, two other doctors walked into the operating room and started doing their job.


Two days ago, Tae Ming called her doctor. Not like she needed one but for the sake of Evas father, she called an oldtime friend who is a doctor. Dr Lei Huang, the best doctor she knew.

”Lei, its nice to hear your voice over a long time. ” Tae Ming said on the phone with Lei Huang.

”Tae Ming what do you want? I know you only call me when u need something. ” Lei Huang said dryly.

”Ohhh please don be so cold to me. You know i call sometimes even when I don need anything from you ” Tae Ming said in a playful tone but the man on the other end was unmoved.

”Get straight to the point Tae Ming ” Lei Huang said almost getting tired of the call

”I want you to help me treat a family friend ” she said sounding serious this time

”And why do you think Ill do that? I have other important things to do than treat those weak humans ” he said sounding frustrated

”Are you seri… ” But before Tae Ming could finish what she was about saying, she heard a womans gentle voice on the other end of the phone

”Lei Lei… aren you done yet? ”

Tae Ming creased her brows with annoyance deep inside her ”ohhh..I see the more important things you want to do other than saving someones life ” she said as she cut the call.

Lei Huang sighed where he was and returned to what he was doing.

After the woman who was with him was gone, he called Tae Ming back

”Sorry for what you heard before…who do you want me to treat? ” He said a bit sympathetic

”A man in City A. Ill text you the address later. Bye ” Tae Ming said as she cut the call.

She was very angry for some reason.

Lei Huang scolded himself for what he had done. He and that woman did absolutely nothing just now. The woman was actually his cousin who he made say those words when he knew it was Tae Ming calling.

He simply wanted to make Tae Ming jealous but it seemed he went too far.

Lei Huang and Tae Ming had met each other once at a meeting between their families. They then went out a few times after that and soon, Lei Huang caught feelings for Tae Ming slowly and unknowingly.

Until the day Tae Ming playfully said she was leaving city F to another city, he didn realize his feelings for her.

A year ago….

In a park, the two were having ice cream together and Tae Ming said she was leaving City F, Lei Huang broke internally at once but didn show it. Then Tae Ming laughed and said she was only joking.

At that moment, Lei Huang felt like his whole world will crumble when she said she was leaving but she wasn . Its then he realized he can not live without this goofy and annoyingly cute person Tae Ming.


Since then, he tried the show her how much he cared about her but all his efforts were in vain since she only took him as a friend.

So today, he tried this trick and it seemed to get some reaction from Tae Ming but he knew he had annoyed her really and he didn want her to see him as someone who sleeps around.

But Lei Huang knew Tae Ming felt something for him thats why she ended the call that way.

Was he right?

She did feel something for him?

No no no….he won put his hope on her feelings but rather, he will do his best to make her his. Permanently.

After a few minutes, Tae Ming sent the address and Lei Huang flew to City A the next day and met the Watson family and his patient. Mr Watson.

The old mans case was critical but it could be treated. Low class doctors will surely say theres no cure for the mans disease but there actually was and it required an operation.


City F

Lee Ming was restless on his bed and decided to text Eva.

”Hey ”

He waited for a few minutes and got no reply. She had read his message but didn reply

Lee Ming couldn take her new character anymore and went straight to her room and kicked the door open….


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