As the sun rays peeked through a little space in the thick curtains in the room, Eva woke up and realized she was in Lee Mings room. She was shocked but was actually cool with it. She turned to the man that was beside her and found out he was still sleeping. Eva couldn help but stare at his beautiful sleeping face. His lashes were so thick and long while his disheveled hair covered some parts of his face. Eva had the urge to remove the hair on his face and have a perfect view of his face. As she was about to touch him, Lee Ming opened his eyes.

Due to shock and embarrassment, Eva jolted and jumped up from the bed. But unfortunately, she landed on the floor with her buttocks. ”Oww.. ” she said as she landed on the floor. Lee Ming laughed as he stared down at the little miss ladybug on the floor. ”So you have started stealing glances and touches from me now Eva ” he said still laughing. His laughter was so pleasant to the ears, and seeing him grin from ear to ear for this first time so just so satisfying to Eva. She felt warmth flood her heart watching him laugh. But unfortunately, the laughter died down.

”If you wanted to touch me so badly, you know Ill give myself to you if you ask ” he said and Eva retorted ”I wasn planning on touching you ”. ”So what were you planning on doing Eva? Were you planning on kissing me? ” Lee Ming said as a naughty smile appeared on his face.

Eva was surprised at his behavior these days. It was like he had changed. He started smiling more and teasing her more. Eva kinda liked this side of him and she couldn help but blush after his silly statement. Finally standing up, she replied as she walked towards the window ”No ”. After she stood up, Lee Ming found out she was walking with difficulty. The fall definitely had an effect on her. He got up from the bed and pulled her towards him. Facing each other, eyeball to eyeball, ”Let me help you with this ” Lee Ming said as he gave a bum a gentle squeeze and Eva held and breath momentarily before saying ”No… thanks. Ill be fine in a few minutes ”. ”Are you sure? ” He asked as he used his hand to press her bum that hit the floor again. ”Ouch.. ” Eva said in a low voice. It was painful but what she felt anytime he places his hand on her bum was just…..ahhh…she really didn have words. Though his guy was offering to help her with her pain, she couldn allow him because it was such a sensitive place. Only heaven knows what will happen if she accepts his help.

”You see, it still hurts.. come here ” Lee Ming said as she pulled her towards the bed before she could even say a word. He made her lie on the bed on her chest and he hovered over her, putting her in between him. He stretched his hand and took a pain relief ointment from his bed side table and he pushed Evas shirt upward a little revealing her smooth lower back. As he was about to do the pull her skirt downward, Eva raised her voice as she said ”Im really fine Lee Ming. The pain is gone ” but the guy ignored her and still wanted to pull her skirt down. Who would have expected that the great Lee Ming was actually going to do a task go gentle?. Just the picture of him applying the ointment on her was so hilarious but romantic. But before he could touch her, Eva did her best and pulled away from him. Facing him, she said ”I told you Im fine ”. But as she spoke, Lee Ming noticed a change in her eyes. Her once black eyes turned bright blue. Just like his. The blue color in her eyes burned brightly before dying away after a few seconds. Lee Ming wasn surprised as he already knew this was bound to happen.

Eva sat on the bed in silence as she looked at Lee Ming. At that moment, she felt a strange flow of power in her body that she couldn explain. Lee Ming knew perfectly what was going on with her since he had already seen the brief change in her eye color. Breaking the awkward atmosphere, Eva acted normal and got up from the bed and walked towards the window, wanting to open the curtains properly but Lee Ming stopped her. ”Don open it ” he said and Eva turned to him and asked ”why not? ”. ”Just don ” he said and Eva creased her brows and said ”your room is too dark. It needs a little light. At least for a little while ” she retorted and opened the curtains.

The room was brighter than before but it was like as the sun rays entered, the more Eva noticed many other claw marks in the room. She was taken aback but didn show any sign of fear. She actually decided to ignore all the newly found marks on the wall and rather put her focus on the man. ”You see, the room looks better ” she said smiling. Lee Ming couldn help but shake his head. This girl was really something else…

Lee Ming stood up from the bed and walked up to Eva and whispered in her ear ”You have a really soft bum.. ”. Silence reigned for a few minutes as Eva blushed and started raining punches on him with her small hand ”Get out of here ” she said. Evas punches did nothing to Lee Ming but only made him chuckle and Eva covered her face in embarrassment.

This guy really knows how to tease women….She thought. Lee Ming then said to her ”Come down for breakfast in a few minutes ”. As he said this, he walked out of the room, leaving Eva to her disheveled thoughts.


Few minutes later

In Lee Mings study, he made a phone call to his sister. Tae Ming. She picked the call on the first ring.

”Lee? ” She said

”Evas changing! ” Lee Ming said in a worried tone and the girl on the other side of the phone stilled for some moments.

”What signs did she show? ” Tae Ming asked

”Her eyes changed its color briefly ”

”Hmmm…I really don know what to tell you Lee. But Ill only advice you to be with her when she needs you. You kinda caused this. Hopefully with the help of the ever stoic Lee Ming, she will be able to control that side of hers ” Tae Ming said chuckling at her last statement and Lee Ming ended the call.

Sighing, Lee Ming said ”I told you to stay pure and not be like me but….now… now, your change is inevitable ”. After he said his, he banged his hand on the table which was in his study and the legs broke and the table fell apart.


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