Lee Ming finally came down for breakfast after Eva had already gone down. As he walked down the long stairs, he stared down at Eva and saw her eating. Guilt crept into his heart as he blamed himself for what was going to happen to her…the inevitable.

As if knowing Lee was watching her, Eva turned her head towards him and locked eyes with him. Anytime she does that, she feels something. Something strange and unexplainable. But she decided to push that thought away and give him a cute innocent smile. But this only made Lee Ming feel even more guilty, he hated this thing his father made him do. Eva never knew the deal that was made between the father and son. She never knew she was just like a ticket to more power for Lee Ming.

Lee Ming stared at her as he remembered the night his father made a bargain with him. If he makes Eva his, the position of the CEO of ESCORP and him being the ruler of the Lycans will be handed to him. Eva was just the golden ticket to get those things. He hated the fact he did this, but he had no other choice.

Besides, his father wanted him to get married as soon as possible. Eva was still the only option knowing fully well that she was the only girl Lee Ming could have contact with.

It was a win-win for Lee Ming but he didn like doing his things this way. His father wanted him to marry who he doesn love. Lee Ming never really wanted this for Eva. He felt guilt eat him up as he watched her. Getting to the end of the stairs, Lee Ming made a decision. He walked towards Eva and said ”Pack your things and leave ”.

The fork which was once in Evas hand fell on the plate as she raised her head and asked ”Are you being serious? ”. Though she had been wanting to leave his strong shackles, him saying this now to her was very shocking. Wasn he the same guy who teased her in the room few minutes ago? Why this now? He suddenly has no use of her?…many questions invaded Evas mind as she stared at him waiting for an answer. But unfortunately, she got none.

Instead, Lee Ming called for Yu Shao and asked her to get Evas things out. ”Im sure Miss Su will be glad you
e back. Also, youll finally find a good job. I mean, thats why you came to City F right? ” Lee Ming said with a faint smile plastered on his face. Eva stared at him in silence and said ”Yeah…. sure ”. She didn know why but for some reason, a pang of pain filled her heart. She felt she was leaving something important behind.

”Hwang Lu will drive you to Sus place ” Lee Ming said again before turning his back to her and started walking away but Eva stopped him by holding on to his shirt. Lee Ming turned around and raised an eye brow at her and Eva said ”Uhmm…well, though this is pretty unexpected, it was nice meeting you Mister Ming ” she said as she decided to push the impending pain aside and stretched out her hand to him and Lee Ming took it with the faint smile on his face again.

The pair stood there in silence for some time as many unspoken words were said through their eyes. Eva pulled her hand away and walked towards Yu Shao who was waiting for her with her things. ”Nice meeting you maam ” Eva said as she bowed and a million emotions filled Yu Shaos eyes. She never thought this would happen. This boss of hers is so damn unpredictable.. ahhh..she really rooted for the two but now, everything she hoped and wanted for these two had crashed to the ground.

Eva smiled and walked out of the house with her things and then walked towards Hwang Lu who was waiting outside. She smiled at him and entered the car and they drove off. It seemed Hwang Lu had heard Lee Mings orders from Yu Shao and the guy just waited patiently and performed his task without saying a word. They finally got to Miss Sus house and Eva wasn surprised Hwang Lu knew the address since Lee Ming had already met Miss Su before. Miss Su probably told Lee Ming where she was living just in case of anything and since Hwang Lu was close to Lee Ming, the guy would surely know too.

Getting out of the car, Eva wanted to say something to Hwang Lu but was stopped by him. ”Don worry Miss Eva. Everything will be fine ” he said. Though Eva was a bit confused about why he uttered those words, she nodded her head and smiled at him. He helped her carry her things out of the door and unto the front door of Miss Sus house. ”Thank you ” she said and the young man only smiled at her and entered the car and drove away. As Eva stood in front of Miss Sus house, she was mad at Lee Ming. She wasn sure why yet but she was sure she was mad at him. Her emotions were a mess at this moment.

Knocking on the door, Eva waited for someone to open up and in a few seconds, Xia Li opened the door and welcomed Eva with a bright smile.

e finally back. I bet you enjoyed your time with your boyfriend? ” Xia Li said winking at her and Eva asked in a low voice ”Boy…friend? ”. ”Yeah..your boyfriend! Did you enjoy your time at his house? ” Xia Li asked once again and Eva remembered that Lee Ming had told Miss Su that he was in a relationship with Eva, that also means Xia Li was bound to know too. Eva replied ”Ohhh..my boyfriend…yeah, I enjoyed my time with him ”. ”Great!! Let me get you something to eat. You go up first ” Xia Li said happily as she dashed into the kitchen.

Eva sighed as she carried her things and went to the room she was staying in before she met ”you know who ” Lee Ming.



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